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Letters to the Editor

Jessica Alba

"I don't have much to say only that I think all the movies that Jessica Alba has played in they have been good. I liked Into the Blue the most.  I think Paul Walker is hot, and I'm not the only one, I can tell you that.  This is not going to be long b/c I need to go watch a show.  Really all I have to say is one day I hope I can meet Paul Walker, even though I know that it would never happen.  Last I can't wait to see the other movies they're going to be in. Bye Bye.  Love"  Kim

An American Haunting

"My name is Tiffani Laws and I'm 13.  Ever since I watched the movie it's been stuck in my head.  It really distracts me during school.  The movie just replays in my head during class.  But it is a great movie and I don't really like horror movies.  The actors were great too!Tiffani Laws

American Head Charge

"Hey, whats up?  My name is Nick and I have been a fan of American Head Charge for a long time, I just didn't know much about them. Your site is cool and helped me learn a little more about the band and its members.  I grew up in Minnesota and I'm pretty sure that AHC came from Minneapolis, but I'm not entirely sure. Do you know if this is true? You have a cool site and I like it.  I was just wondering if there is anyway that I could get a screen saver or background of the band somehow?  If so, let me know. Thanks.  A Big Fan,"  Nick

Glad you enjoyed the article.  Yes, AHC is from Minneapolis.  For more background info and computer artwork, check out their website at www.headcharge.comYou may also want to check a ticket agent for concert tickets when you are down south.

"American Head Charge's CD is the fuckin' best and I hope they make another CD as good as this.  L8erz!"  BBallplay

For you old folks wondering, I'm pretty sure L8erz means later.  Thanks a lot Avril Lavigne!

"Pretty cool story on American Head Charge.  THEY FUCKING RULE!"  Vilas

"I think American Head Charge is the shi*!  I love their music, and I really think they should come a little closer to Lancaster.  (Yeah, right!)  But if they ever do, all my friends are gonna be there.  Peace and much love to AHC, and great article.  We love you guys!"  MudvayneMan

"Hi, I write to talk about American Head Charge.  I just bought the album a few days ago , cuz I live in France and things seem to take long to reach our continent, and I think it is wicked massive shit. I am amazed by this band.  I was waiting for sumthin like this a long time.  The last good American band was System of a Down according to me.  I am quite impressed that these guys resist to the temptation of being commercial...for now at least.  The only shit that dissapoints me (according to ur article) is that they have nothing political.  It's a pity, since they have such a name.  Burning US flags is provocative but it would be more intelligent to have words behind it, Cock has really good lyrics, why not talk about politics?  Doing sumthing becuz it looks cool is really gay, but...they are so talented!  I'd love to see one of their shows but not until they are more famous (Europe) and I hope not with any mtv or any commercial shit.  Bye."  Francois

"Hi.  I am a big AHC fan. I live in Minneapolis, MN so I have seen AHC since their days of playing shows at First Ave. and other small clubs.  If you like The War of Art, I really think you should look for Trepenation.  It is their first CD and my favorite.  I just thought you might like it."   NSMarty

"I personally have seen these guys a few times...all at First Ave. [in Minneapolis.].  They may be the best live show I have seen in a long time. Being a long time listener to Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal, AHC is a breath of fresh air. Their music is almost hypnotic to a point, and their live shows are a mix of enthralling physical abuse and a religious experience....not for the weak body or mind.  In an industry of over powering riffs and drum sequences, mixed with non comprehendible lyrics and vocals, AHC puts themselves far ahead of the pack. They are, in my mind, the most under rated band to emerge in the last 5 years.  I also agree with the article, and Hanks by saying...You have to see them live...no doubt, if you see them once you'll see them twice, they are like a well placed disease...contagious!  Thank You, a Friend and FanChad~The Punisher 

"I recently saw them live and they rock. I forgot what they sounded like for awhile until my rock station WQLZ started playing their song 'Loyalty.'  It made me go crazy. I had to have the album so I bought it. It rocks so bad. i recommend anyone who likes crazy heavy music to get their album The Feeding. THESE GUYS RULE. GO CHECK 'EM OUT.Knotfan

American Wedding

"What type of dog was in the movie American Wedding?  Not the Pomeranian, the other one.  Thanks," Sharon

Haven't a clue.

Baha Men

"Hi I am trying to buy the song 'Move It Like This.'  I read it was supposed to be released in Oct. 2001 but I can't find it in stores or on Amazon.com.  My daughters' dance teacher was going to use the song for their dance school.  Do you have any clue where I can buy it or when it will be released.  We only hear it on Radio Disney.  Thanks" Amy

The new Baha Men album was delayed a bit, but from what I hear it is supposed to be released in March 2002. Also, the song will be the single from the soundtrack to the Frankie Muniz film Big Fat Liar. If you can't find it the Baha Men album at local stores, you should be able to get it through Amazon.com at the following link: Move It Like This.

"Hi.  I need some information.  Can you please tell me the year & date the song 'Who Let the Dogs Out' was released on the radio?  Is this song a remake?  Are there any other groups that sing this song and if so, who?" Laurie Guerra

"Who Let the Dogs Out" was originally written by Anslem Douglas.  He recorded the song sometime in the late 90s, though to my knowledge it was never released in the US.  Rapper Chuck Smooth also used the chorus in his song of the same name in 1999.  The hit single version was released in the summer of 2000 by the Baha Men.

"Could you help me find the name of a song I have heard?  I'm told it's by the Baha Men but I'm not sure, some of the words are 'Doctor Doctor can you help me with my belly ache?' And a different singer says you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.  That's all I know.  Do you know the song?  Thanks sooooo much."  Gail  

The song is called "Coconut" and it's on the Baha Men album Move It Like This.  It's a remake of an older song by Nilsson, who also recorded the song "Without You" which was remade by Mariah Carey a few years back.

"I think the Baha Men's new song is the bomb!!!"  Cameron

"What are the Baha Men's names?"  W.B. Lackey

The band has seen several lineup changes through the years… finally settling on the current lineup that includes: vocalists Rick Carey, Omerit Hield and Marvin Prosper; guitarists Herschel Small (who is also the band’s musical director) and Patrick Carey; percussionists Anthony "Monks" Flowers and Colyn "Mo" Grant; keyboardist Jeffrey Chea; and bassist and group leader Isaiah Taylor.

"Hello, darling men.  I'm Natalia, from Russia.   I like 'Who Let the Dogs Out' very, very much. Just super!!!"  Natalia

"I'm a big fan of Baha Men.   They're so cool.  I love their songs."  Mistress

"I love the movie, My Father, The Hero... and I saw on your site that the Baha Men have an older CD that has one of the songs from the movie.  I am not sure, but they do one song where the lyrics are something like this: 'I'm going back to find her, in the land of sea and sun...'  Do you know which song I am thinking about??? I have looked and looked for it...  Please let me know.  Thanks a bunch."  Bonny Seese

Yes, I know that song.  It's called "Land of the Sea and Sun" and it's the last song on the Baha Men's first album Junkanoo.  It's still available at many record stores, or you can buy it at Amazon.com.  It may also appear on the upcoming Baha Men compilation Greatest Movie Hits.  I haven't seen a listing of what is going to be used on that album, but this song was a movie tune, so it's quite possible.  Good luck in finding it!

"Do the Baha Men make up these songs or get them from different islands?"  MeChristlin

The Baha Men mostly write their own songs, but they do also usually record at least one or two songs an album written by other artists.

"Yo, this is Billy, the Baha Men's no.1 fan.  I love the song 'Who Let the Dogs Out.  My girlfriend Jen does also.  She loves the guys.  Sincerely,"  Billy and Jen

"Took my eight-year-old grandson last night to see the Baha Men at Great Adventure-Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.  We both thought they were the greatest.  This was the first time my grandson saw a group in concert.  I saw them last year.  They put on a great show.  I see they will be in Atlantic City.  Hope I can get tickets to see them there."  B. Ernst

"I think 'Who Let the Dogs Out' is cool.  We always have it at our school discos.  It is wicked."  Anna Wilcox

"I would like to know if Baha Men have a song out called 'Summertime Girls.'  This is the song from American Wedding, just when the bachelor party starts."  J.J. MacKinnon

Yes, that song is "Summertime Girls" by the Baha Men in the movie.  MTV also used the song in its promos for the film.  Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the song has never been released – it is not on any of the Baha Men albums, nor is it on the American Wedding soundtrack.  It's possible that the song will show up on the band's next album Holla which is due to come out later this year (2004), but more likely it is just a song that was recorded specifically for the film and will never be officially released.  (Ed. note 9/04: The song WAS included on the Holla disk.)

The Bangles

"I think it's great that they got the band back together. There was a video of a song that the Bangles did that had them all in black dress's that were either pleated or in strips. When they all moved in time with the music, it was particularly effective. I don't remember the name of the song.  Best wishesChris Bebb - Australia

"Wasn't there a band member, the cute one, who was nude in a movie?   If only I had her...  Where's the pics?Tom B.

I'm not sure which band you are writing about, we've interviewed dozens of bands. On a guess I'd say you're probably talking about the Bangles. If so, Susanna Hoffs never appeared nude in a film, but she did have one scene in panties and a t-shirt in The Allnighter. I've got no idea where you could find pictures of it though.

"Great all round girl group.Miriam

Barenaked Ladies

"Hello there.  My name is Alexandra, and I have a question for you. You see, I am doing a school project for media studies on the Barenaked Ladies (cuz they're so cool!) and my teacher said she'd really like to know how the band came up with their name.  Being the suck up that I am, I wanted to find out, if you know the story behind that I'd really appreciate you replying to this email. thanx for your time."  Alexandra

In the past the band has said that they came up with the name when they were first starting out because they thought it seem exotic and would get them noticed.  A lot of bands take on sort of outrageous names early on and then have to live them down later, and I think the guys kind of feel that way about the name now. 

"Hi, just want to know if Brian Wilson in the song of the same name is the guy from the Beach Boys or the other guy that has a radio talk show in the US.  If it is the second one, why did they chose to make a song about him?   Never heard from him before.  Thanks and just bought the Barenaked Ladies greatest hits. It's GREAT!"  Denis and Josée

Brian Wilson is absolutely about the Beach Boys leader.   The lyrics quote from some Beach Boys titles (like "Fun, Fun, Fun" and "Smiley Smile.")  The line "Lying in bed like Brian Wilson did," refers to a period in the 70s when Wilson was under the influence of some serious drugs and refused to leave his bed for months.  Wilson was apparently impressed enough with the song to do it on his album Live at the Roxy Theatre.  I'm not familiar with the talk show guy either.

"Hullo!  I have a project out of the Toronto area, in conjunction with sister projects out of NYC and Austrailia, which would be right up the BNL charity alley.  It involves teaching kids peace.  I have no idea or clue how to contact them, via a manager or agent.  Can you be of any help in directing me to one of those avenues?  To contact them directly or indirectly...I simply need to contact them.   This is very exciting stuff and they would be perfect for it coming from Toronto themselves.  Any/all help would be appreciated."  Lynn

Your best bet would be to contact their record label Reprise Records.

"My family and I first heard Barenaked Ladies music on a TV commercial.  The song 'One Week' was used in a Mitsubishi Lancer ad.  We live in Perth, Western Australia.  No one I asked had ever heard the song or knew who performed it.  After weeks of searching about I finally found their CD.  The whole family thinks its great.  My 9 year old daughter makes us play it in the car all the time.  Maybe one of these days they could come to Perth!  Anyway, just thought I'd let you know we like their music."  Peter Hodgson

"Working on a project with High School students. I need to know if the is anything in the material of The Barenaked Ladies music group that parents would take offense to. If not the students will be writing some reviews to be publish in some popular publications. Thank you," Barbara Hausenfluck, Editor - The Brag Rag

I don't see any reason that parents would have a problem with students listening to Barenaked Ladies.  Their name is about as suggestive as they get.

"Good morning, we have always enjoyed the Barenaked Ladies' music.  I thought the name was great, not degrading, but catchy.  My daughter is doing a project for school, she had to choose a song and then answer a lot of questions about the group.  She has decided to choose 'If I had a $1,000,000.'  My question for you is what year was it that the mayor of Toronto would not let the guys play New Years Eve in front of City Hall because of your name.  This has been her favorite song since she has been young, we lived just outside of Barrie at the time and I can not think of the year.  This would mean a lot for her if we knew the year.  Thank you for your time and all the best in the future.  Sincerely," Susan Karsten

I believe that the problem the band had with the mayor of Toronto was in 1991.

"Hi guys!  The year you made 'If I Had A $1,000,000' (Nov 1992 to be exact) 4 of us (all nurses and moms) won $1,000,000 in the BC49.Your song was our theme song. We are coming to your concert in Kelowna B.C. 0n Mar 31 to celebrate one of our group's 49th birthday (front row!!!)   It would make our day if you acknowledged her at your concert. Whadayathink????? !!!!!"  Colleen, Andrea, Kim and Patti

Sorry, we're not the band, we're just a web mag that interviewed them, but best of luck.

Michael Beck

"Fabulous interview. Michael is outstanding in The Grace of Jake."  Shirley Hale

Jessica Biel

"In your interview with Jessica Biel, you quoted her as saying: 'That pisses me off.'  If she has no better vocabulary than that, it is no wonder she can't finish at Tufts.  Here is the sum total of a Gen X conversation: 'I'm pissed.' 'Let's kick butt' (translation: let's walk in an air-conditioned mall). 'I'm pissed off.' 'That's kickass music.' 'I'm still pissed.' 'I will kick your butt.' Tedious and stupid. John Taylor

Blue Oyster Cult

"Thank you for putting the interview up. I really enjoyed reading it - Buck Dharma is an intelligent, thoughtful person, and articulates very well the ideas behind his band's music. He does a great job at dispelling some of the misconceptions about Blue Oyster Cult, and also takes a well-aimed shot at today's pathetic music industry. Best regards,"  Eliott Minkovitch, Montreal

Eric Bogosian

"Hey, I really like all of Eric Bogosian's plays/monologues and was wondering what other stuff is similar to him. As a theatre student I have a hard time finding stuff I can somewhat 'relate' to. Any suggestions?Kevin

Well, there is no one exactly like Bogosian, but if you enjoy him you may want to check out Henry Rollins (his spoken word performances), Wallace Shawn (more for plays than one man shows) and the late Spaulding Gray and Bill Hicks.

Wilford Brimley

"Having trouble locating information on Wilford Brimley. What was the TV show he was on?? Thanks," Ted

While Brimley certainly did a lot of TV work over the years, and did have a short-lived series called Our House, he is better known for working in a series of popular movies in the 1980s, including Cocoon, The Natural, Tender Mercies, Absence of Malice, The Thing and Brubaker.  He was also the long-time spokesman for Quaker Oats in a series of TV commercials that ran for years.

Jonatha Brooke

"Great job on the Jonatha Brooke interview. I'm a long time fan of hers, and your article/interview was excellent. Thank you so much!"   Kerri Arista

Marc Broussard

"I'm from Louisiana and think Marc Broussard is a wonderful singer and he will go far in his career. I'm looking forward to seeing him at a local festival we have."  Allison McElligott

"I've just read the bio on Marc. This young man ROCKS! It would be nice to hear more of him on the video shows. I don't feel he is a country performer, but I don't care who plays him. The first time I heard Home by this boy I found myself standing in the floor tapping my foot, and wondering how one so young had developed that voice. I am a mature soul sister, raised on R&B, Soul, and Jazz. Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley. Emerson Drive, SugarLand, and Marc Broussard, now have me watching Country videos. Reba, Billy Currington, Wynonna, Blake Shelton, and Brooks and Dunn to name a few, have become voices I recognize when I am not in the room with the television. This year I watched the CMA,  for the first time and enjoyed it. These young folks are doing songs that my daughter and I both can relate to. That is a good thing. I love the opportunity to vote for the 20 Countdown. Thank you for allowing me a venue to voice my pleasure in this music."  EM Simmons

"Hey, I'm in Ireland and got Marc's album Carencro last summer when I was in San Diego.  Just wondered if you guys knew that Kelly Clarkson covered 'Home' (the stand-out track in my opinion) on her Addicted Tour during the summer of '06?  It's how I heard of him and I'm sure I'm not the only one to have been introduced to his music through Kelly.Elaine in Ireland

Kaci Brown

"I saw Kaci in concert in Phoenix, Az. and she was absolutely incredible. I know her mother very well as I grew up in Sulphur Springs also. I praise her motepdafor all they have and continue to do for Kaci. I am very proud of little Kaci Brown as I remember her growing up. Keep writing and keep performing.  Sincerely,Donna

Peabo Bryson

"I've been listening to Peabo's music sincSaul is a criminal attorney and can be found in the yellow pages of Albuquerque, NM. More Stuff Here. His made up name "Goodman" is a play on words for attracting clients: "'S'all good, man!" He is known for low-budget TV commercials, where he advertises the tagline, “Better Call Saul!”s doing, but his song "I'm So Into You" came at a time I was falling in love for the very first time. It gave me a very warm feeling of love and wanting to be loved. Everytime I hear that song, I remember Renita, my very first love... for I was so into her.  I'm sorry to say that I never had the opportunity to see or hear Peabo in person, and can you believe that he and my other favorite singer are in concert together tonight. My job is killing me by not letting me off to go hear them in San Diego, Calif. The other singer is Oleta Adams.  You tell Peabo that before he stops singing I will get to one of his concerts. Relive old memories and let his songs of LOVE carry me to a place in my heart that only his music can do.  Thank you, Peabo Bryson for more than twenty years of wonderful music of love. As the seasons change, our lives change too. Some good and then there is the bad, but I'm glad glad to know that Peabo's music will always carry the same message, and that is love will lead the way to Our happiness. Peabo continue to reach for the sky, for when I look at the shining star's I know that the one shining bright is yours.  For God puts the stars in the sky and I know he is well pleased with your songs and you." Michael B. Davis

"I really enjoyed the great article on Peabo!  I have an autographed copy of his first album with Bang Records. I met him when he was a guest on James Brown's FUTURE SHOCK back in the mid seventies.  I was in a group called Teakwood.  We had recorded a song that I composed called 'Suddenly You're My Life' and were getting the runaround from James Brown about getting on his show.  A few weeks later and a visit from our manager did land us on the show. Of course, we were young and dumb and didn't realize, at the time, that our record deal was a one shot production, not  a legitimate long term contract and we didn't own the production.  Consequently, when we recorded our first album a year later, it did not include the song we did on FUTURE SHOCK.  Ironically, we negotiated with Bang Records for months, but were never signed.  At that time, Brick, Peabo and Paul Davis were doing well for them.  Anyway, thanks for a great article on Peabo.  His singing style influenced two compositions that I know He could do a masterful job of singing; 'Love Me Love' and 'Lisa, Feel My Love Surround You.'  I wish him continued success!  He is really a down to earth kind of guy!  Musically yours,"   Fred Forsh ASCAP

"I was reading the bio of Peabo Bryson. I remember an album the title was Peabo to me that was his best work. But no one makes any reference to the album at all. It's like it never exited. If memory serves me it came out in 1974 or 1975. I still say that was the best album of songs I ever heard. Could you give me information on that period of time and the album? Thank you."   Alaine

The Peabo album, which included Peabo's early singles "Underground Music," "Just Another Day" and "I Can Make It Better" was Bryson's debut album and came out in 1976.  It was Bryson's only album on Bullet Records, a subsidiary label of Bang Records.  Bang was a big label in the 60s with artists like Van Morrison and Neil Diamond, but by the 70s it hit hard times and closed down.  Bryson moved over to Capitol Records and became a star with the "Reaching For the Sky" album.  Peabo has been long out of print although you can still find vinyl copies of the album at used record stores.  Also, the three singles mentioned above were included in the 2001 2-CD "Peabo Bryson Anthology" that was released by the Right Stuff, Capitol Records' reissue division.  That album should be widely available at record stores.  You can also get it online at Amazon.com at this link: Peabo Bryson Anthology  

"Haven't seen Peabo lately and wonder what he has been up to.  We are in NYC. Will he be coming here soon?  Thank you and have a blessed day!"   Peggy Tyler

Peabo's still touring regularly, he is currently in Japan, though he was just in Atlantic City, N.J. about a month ago.  He usually plays New York City at least once every year, so keep an eye out for him.  He is also still recording, but I'm not sure what the status of his record label is since Private/Windham Hill was swallowed up by RCA.  It would appear that the Private label was closed and all its artists (Peabo, Barry White, James Ingram, Jeffrey Osborne, etc.) freed to find other labels, so I expect he will show up on another imprint rather soon.

"I have been a fan of Peabo's for years, even before there was a Luther.  Peabo's voice is so soothing, mellow  and sexy! I am sorry that he hasn't  been to the Chicago area to perform solo lately.  Back in the day listening to "Feel the Fire" with that special someone was almost perfect."  Susie

"I really enjoyed reading about Peabo Bryson. He has been a favorite of mine for many years now. I also know he will be my favorite for many years to come. I really enjoyed his last album, Unconditional Love. When I heard it for the first, it went right through me. I have grown to love him through his music." Dame Venus

"Would you know if Peabo's coming to Miami anytime soon?  My birthday's next month and seeing his concert would be a grate way to celebrate.  I notice he rarely comes to south Florida."  Jess Rodriguez

Sorry, I don't know of any Miami shows anytime soon. You may want to check out the web site of his booking agent at: http://www.delafont.com/music_acts/Peabo-Bryson.htm.  You may also want to check with a ticket agent to find out about tickets.

"I am Annie Fields from a small town called Mason, in Tennessee, about thirty miles north of Memphis.  Peabo is one of the best singers I have ever heard.  His voice is so clear and strong.  Very romantic.  The songs he sings are so beautiful, especially 'Feel the Fire' and 'Can You Stop The Rain.'  I tell my friends all the time, 'I love me some Peabo Bryson.'  I would love to see him here in Memphis at the Orpheum Theater."   Annie Fields

"It was entertaining reading the article on Peabo Bryson. I recently stumbled into one of his older albums and I can't stop playing it. I recall as a teenager how Peabo's voice was so powerful and words were expressive. Truly mesmerizing.  What a joy to hear that Peabo has a new album out. I look forward to listening to the new album. Thanks for the info."  Pmadi

"The Peabo Bryson interview was very well written.  Nice job.  I recently got to meet Peabo and I must tell you he is a gentleman!  What a wonderful man as well as artist!  Where can I get a tour schedule for him?  I would love to see him perform again. It was the first time I had seen him. It was incredible!"  Colleen from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the article.  As far as touring dates, the above Delafont.com link should give you upcoming tour dates.  There is also a fan page that keeps pretty up-to-date on Peabo's touring at: http://www.hometown.aol.com/pbofan/

"Hi, my last name is Bryson.   I'm supposed to be related to Peabo, but I doubt it.  While my cousin Jackie is supposed to be working for Peabo as a wardrobe consultant, my aunt Judy claims to have met him and he does bear a strong resemblance to my father, I'm still just not sure.  Maybe someone could e-mail me and help me find out it we are truly related or not. I am really curious to find out.  There are just so many of us...and I am really JUST curious."  Bryson

I'm sorry, we interviewed Mr. Bryson about his music, but we really don't know much about his family, so we'd have no way of saying one way or another.  I don't know why your aunt and cousin would lie about it though, but it should be easy enough for them to prove if its true, with photos or mementos or whatever.  Good luck in finding out.

"Mr. Bryson was in the past and still is wonderful, and beautiful.  He was on the Sears Soul Train Christmas show.  As usual, he was amazing.  I don't listen to R & B anymore, because I am now a Baptist preacher.  However, Peabo brings back pleasant memories of  the past.  I love the way he looks and sings.  Love,"  Renee

"I'm a big fan of Peabo Bryson.  I saw him in a musical play about four years ago called The Wiz in Oakland, Ca.  I didn't get a chance to grab a copy of the soundtrack that night. I have been trying for years to find a copy.  If someone can help me I would appreciate a return email.  Thank you."  Kwane Gatlin

I don't believe that there is a recording of the Peabo Bryson-Grace Jones tour of The Wiz, but the original 1975 Broadway Cast CD with a young Stephanie Mills, and the movie soundtrack with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson are still in print so should be available at local CD stores.  You can also get both at Amazon.com at the following links: The Wiz Broadway Cast or The Wiz Motion Picture Soundtrack.

"Hello, I'm looking for an old album titled Live and More.  It was done with Roberta Flack.  My favorite songs on that album are 'Love In Every Season' and I Believe In You.  I can't find this music anywhere."  Benjamin O. Davis

Sure, I'm familiar with Live and More. It is a great album. The two-disk live album was released on vinyl in 1980. On record it is still pretty easy to find used copies of the album at used record stores and sites. It was also very briefly released as a 2-CD set by Atlantic Records (the serial number was Atlantic #7004-2.). This is more difficult to track down but you may be able to find it at used CD stores or auction sites. It is currently available at Amazon.com at the following link: Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson - Live and More.

"Hi.  Can you help me?  Do you know if the Peabo Bryson duets album exists on CD?  Also I have been searching for Peabo's first album on the Bullet label.  Any info you can give on either of these questions would be gratefully appreciated.  Thanks."  Gof

Peabo has actually done three duets albums – two with Roberta Flack (Live and More & Born To Love) and one with Natalie Cole (We're The Best Of Friends).  All three were briefly released on CD in the 90s and while they are tough to find, they aren't impossible.  Born To Love is actually relatively easy to find in used record stores.  I just checked and all three are available at Amazon.com.  You can click into Amazon's Peabo Bryson titles through the web link on our Peabo Bryson article.  Mr. Bryson has also done many other duets with artists like Celine Dion, Regina Belle, Melissa Manchester, Chaka Khan, Patti Austin, Linda Eder, Jasmine Guy, Nancy Wilson, Sandy Patti, Lea Salonga, Cybill Shephard, Paige O'Hara and others.  There has never been an album that collected all the duets together, beyond the Flack and Cole albums his duets are on his solo albums, soundtrack albums or albums by the other artists.  The first Bullet album has never been released on CD, but a few songs from the record, as well as some of the duets are on the 2-CD set The Peabo Bryson Anthology which is widely available in record stores, and again on Amazon.com.

"I am glad to hear he is back.  He was missed by this fan of 20 years.  He always calmed after a stressful day."  Kathleen Gardiner

"Wow! I just read the article on Peabo Bryson.  It was excellent and informative. Tonight I pulled out my Peabo collection on wax and entertained myself to the Nth degree. I'm missing a few, but own several copies of the majority of his albums.  Thank you so much."  Yvonne Muramoto

"I found your piece on Peabo Bryson to be extraordinary and intriguing.  I have listened to Peabo Bryson's music since I was in middle school, back in 1980.  It is very refreshing to see that he has not compromised his music in any way, considering today's artists' and their music.  Peabo is truly an original; he has that quality and style that it hard to find in today's artists.  I thank Peabo everyday for making wonderful music, and pray he continues his music excellence for many years to come.  Sincerely,"  Ms. Lauvell Johnson

"Hi. I had just recently found a Celine Dion tape and accidentally played 'Beauty and the Beast.'  Peabo's influence on the song was astronomical and after listening to his extraordinary singing voice I couldn't go back.  Well that's all I have to say... Bye"  Wade

"BIG Peabo fan here. I loved your article. I've bookmarked your page."  James

"Aloha.  Just wanted to say I love Peabo.  Thanks for his story."  Ms.Micki Fine

"Hi.  I have been a fan of Peabo's for about 20 years since his magnificent duet with Roberta Flack 'Tonight I Celebrate My Love.'  I have seen Peabo in concert twice; once with Regina Belle at Westbury Music Fair in 2000 and solo at the Blue Note in NY.  I had the opportunity to meet him twice at those times and he was a perfect gentleman.  I think he is having label problems unless he did find a new one which is such a shame because he is so underrated.  Well this is my story."  Frank DeMaio

Thank you for your note.  I'm glad you enjoyed the story.  As far as we know Peabo is currently between labels.  His most recent label Windham Hill/Private Records was sort of swallowed up and downsized by RCA/BMG records and most of the soul artists on the label, including Peabo, James Ingram, Barry White and Jeffrey Osborne were dropped from the Private Label (in fact, as far as I know Etta James is the only artist who was on Private who was kept on.)  Meanwhile he is doing live dates and I have no doubt is recording towards a new album.

"Please give me an update on Mr. Bryson.  I have been a fan since 1975.  Is he signed to a label?  Is he touring?  What happened to the Windham Hill relationship?  Please let me know.  I miss his music."  James Doycheff

We're huge fans too.  The above note will hopefully answer your question.

"Peabo is the only one. I have been a fan since he first came out, and have never stopped listening. I have all his albums and see all of his concerts if physically possible. There is not another voice like him. On American Idol, Ruben Studdard sang Peabo's 'If Ever You're In My Arms Again.' I was upset. If you are going to sing a Peabo Bryson song, you have to do it correctly. No one comes close."  B. Darbeau

You know, I saw that performance, too, and while I do like Ruben Studdard's voice I have to admit I compared it to Peabo's as he was singing the song, and Ruben couldn't even hold a candle to him. A good thing about it is that Ruben has sang two of Peabo's songs on the series (he also did 'A Whole New World' earlier in the season) and he said Peabo was the best singers ever on one of the biggest shows on TV, so hopefully that will get people thinking about the original again. I know that in the week after the show, the hits on the Peabo interview nearly quadrupled, and the hits are still well higher than they were before that exposure. I figure anything that can get people talking about Peabo is a good thing.

"I'm not sure if you are able to help me or not but I was looking for a song that Peabo had a video on the BET channel.  I don't know the title of the song.  The only thing I can really say is that in the video he was walking around inside of a house.  Images of a woman were appearing and disappearing.  I believe this is a more recent video.  He had his hair braided all the way down.  I'm not sure if that's any help but if you can, please give me the title to that song.  I need it for a wedding.  Thanks."  Drew

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the video was. I don't think I've seen it. The most recent singles Peabo did (to my knowledge) were "My Heart Belongs To You" and "Somebody In Your Life" from his 1999 Unconditional Love album. I believe they probably had videos, but I never saw them. Other older videos (other than the obvious Disney hits, which were neither anything like you described) he did included "Can You Stop The Rain" and "Lost In the Night." It's been years since I saw the "Can You Stop The Rain" video but that description doesn't sound like I remember it (although all I really remember was him singing in front of a window with falling rain) and I've never seen "Lost In the Night" either. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

"I often listen to slow rhythm music. In fact, that is all I listen to. My favorites are the Isley Brothers, old and new, or anything that might have been recorded in the 70's or early 80's. But as I get in my car and listen to a CD that I purchased at a yard sale, I realized just how much I love this man. His words, his calming voice, the one that relaxes me every time I listen to it. I had listened to 'If Ever Your'e In My Arms Again,' 'Tonight I Celebrate My Love,' but, I was very young at that time and didn't understand music and how much words meant, like I do now. By now you must be wondering which CD I lucked on at that yard sale, it was Peabo Bryson Really Love, and has been my favorite listening for several years. I look foward to this man's voice for years to come and I wish I could see him in concert... a real concert... unfortunately I'm in the wrong area."  Trasne

"This was one of the best articles that I have read about one of my favorite singers.  Thanks!" Jay Cee Dee

"I've always liked Peabo, since I heard him in the late 70's.  I was drawn to him because of his awesome way of conveying feelings that I felt were somehow a great part of him.  I always wanted to find someone that could be in touch with their feelings in such a way.  I think Peabo (as you've stated) said things that went beyond the 'ohhh baby you titillate me and I want you' kind of mentality.  I felt he said things that went far beyond that.   I thought it to be very uplifting, kind and considerate.  There is a proverbial saying 'Out of the abundance of the heart doth the mouth speaketh.'  In his case 'sings.'  I had the opportunity to meet him and Roberta when they came here many years ago to do a show at the Kennedy Center, as well as Roberta's mom.  I agree that with Peabo about her.  She was very gracious to me when I met her backstage.  I had mentioned to her that I was a singer and she told me to send a tape.  She even gave me tickets to see her show.  Where have all the Peabos, Robertas, Anitas and so forth gone? Keep doing pieces on artists like them."  Yvette

"I went to a Peabo Bryson show recently and I must say that he is a top class act!  Totally professional, from Peabo himself, to the band, to the awesome background singers.  It was much more than I expected.  What a voice, what passion for the songs that he sings!  I wish Mr. Bryson all the best with his career, and hopefully he will be making beautiful music for a long time!  Thanks," Brenda Hearst

"I simply adore Peabo Bryson and just found out that he will NOT be performing this year at Ruth Eckerd Hall before Christmas!  I am so disappointed!  That is how I usually begin my Christmas season.  Do you know if he'll be performing somewhere else!  It was called Color of Christmas and I've been the last four years and truly loved seeing him and others perform with him. Please let me know if you know he'll be performing somewhere else. Thanks,"  Donna

I have checked, and there are definitely supposed to be Colors of Christmas shows coming up this year.  So far, I've only seen three shows scheduled, at least one featuring Peabo, Sheena Easton, Christopher Cross and Irene Cara.  But I don't know if the whole tour has been booked yet, nor do I know whether Peabo's legal problems this week with the IRS will have any effect on the tour.

"What an extremely well written article about one of my favorite singers!  I have several albums and CDs by Peabo and Roberta Flack.  I had the opportunity to hear Roberta Flack live in 1972 when she was touring college campuses.  I've seen Peabo twice live in Chicago.  They're both extraordinary artists.  Thanks for the update and biography about this phenomenal artist."  Eileen

"I think Peabo Bryson's voice is beautiful.  He is my favorite male vocalist.  I have most of his albums that are available.  I wish he would do more."  Evelyn Black

"It was really amazing going through the article about Peabo Bryson. He is a voice that I adore. I can't just keep my mind off 'Beauty and the Beast.'  It is really wonderful knowing more about this legend. Thanks for bringing me closer to the voice I love.  Keep me informed about this LEGEND.  Thanks," Johnson

"I want to know if Peabo has any Christmas music out."  Alida

Yes, Peabo has actually recorded quite a bit of Christmas music.  He released an album of Christmas songs called Peace on Earth in 1997.  He has also appeared on the Christmas compilation albums Colors of Christmas (1998) and David Foster's Christmas Album (1995).  He also did a cassette of Christmas songs with Sandy Patti for Hallmark in the mid-90s, which is a little harder to track down, but you can still find sometimes.  Most of these should still be available at music stores around holiday time.  They are also available on Amazon.com at the below links. Peabo Bryson - Peace On Earth, Colors of Christmas, David Foster - The Christmas Album.

"Peabo Bryson has been my favorite singer since I was in high school. He is classic!"  Jorlane

"Hello.  I was looking on the web and found your site with a write-up on Peabo Bryson.  I'm hoping you or maybe someone you know can help me.  For years, I have been desperately looking for a copy of Peabo's Don't Play with Fire recording from 1982.  My original cassette is worn completely out, and it holds a lot of sentimental value to me, as my wife and I listened to it all the time before we were married.  Can you point me in any direction to possibly get a copy of this recording again?  I'm willing to pay whatever it takes, just need a lead. I really appreciate it, and thanks for your website."  Greg

Yeah, Don't Play With Fire is a fantastic album.  Unfortunately, like most of Peabo's Capitol albums, it has never been released on CD.  But, you should still be able to track down used LPs or cassettes of it (that's how I got the album.)  If you know any good used record stores, you may want to check them out.  I don't know if you still have a turntable, but on a guess it'll be easier to find on vinyl than cassette.  I did a quick look online and found a few used record sites that say they have it.  http://www.musicstack.com/search/bryson,_peabo.html, http://dragongntx.tripod.com/buyrecords.html, http://www.recordsbymail.com/static/artistSearch.php/artistFirst/PEABO/artistLast/BRYSON,

"I really enjoyed reading this article on Mr. Bryson. Great job! It's a good thing to hear from him every now and then.  Keep up the good work.  God bless."  Patent

"I am overwhelmed that some feels like I do about the music of Peabo Bryson.  It's not the haunting melodies or the great orchestration that is heard on his records, it's the absolutely wonderful words that are sang.  Sometimes I smile, other times tears fall when I listen to Peabo, but there is never a week that goes by that I don't listen to one of his CD's.  I have burned his CD's to form my favorite travel music!  Your article has made me believe that Peabo Bryson is appreciated by others.  I miss his touring, but can't wait for his next CD.  Thank you for a great article."  Debra Ann West

Thanks for the nice note. You had said you missed his touring, I just wanted to let you know, Peabo will be doing a Colors of Christmas concert in Chicago on December 13th at the Chicago theater.

"Peabo is one of the best artists in the world.  His music and composition with his wonderful personality are awesome.  I recently say his performing at the Brotherhood Crusade Dinner held for Magic Johnson at the Beverly Hilton on Friday, November 7, 2003.  He was so romantic and personable coming down into the audience singing an then toward the end of the entertainment.  He passed out red roses in the ladies.   Unfortunately, I  wasn't down front to receive a rose, but I sure did enjoy Peabo.  He's like a light in the dark, when you think that maybe love will never come you way again, Peabo reassures you through his sensual smooth voice that maybe love will come again.  I love Peabo and my wish since I was in my early twenties was to wish that Peabo would sing a private concert held just for me."  A.F. 

"Hi there.  I just want to say that I am a big fan of Peabo's music.  His music is very inspirational, mature and long-lasting.  May it live on!  The only problem is I never get to see it readily in shops..?  I also read somewhere two or so years ago about some songs that were done in conjunction with other artists to celebrate the UN 50th anniversary..? Somebody please tell me more about those songs?  For curiosity's sake, does Peabo have a wife/children?  Thanks,"  Kaputo

While many of Peabo's albums are not currently in release, there are several good compilation albums out there, and his last few CDs should also be found easily in records stores. Also, just recently, they rereleased a CD that had the two albums Straight From the Heart and Take No Prisoners together on one CD.  I'm not sure about the UN songs.  I don't believe Peabo is currently married, though he has children and grandchildren.  Last I heard, he was involved with Angela Thigpen.

"I recently was able to see Peabo perform in Boston.  It had been 11 yrs since he was here.  The way I found out that he was coming was listening to my favorite classic R&B station. The musical intro to 'I'm So Into You,' was playing in my car.  Immediately, I started screaming,  got the ticket information, and within 24 hours had two Peabo Bryson tickets.  I am a registered nurse, my schedule does not permit too much flexibility. But I had been waiting for 11 yrs to see without a doubt my favorite all time singer, and those that know me KNOW that.  Nothing was preventing this rare occasion.  If only once in a lifetime, I did see my favorite singer.  This would and did put a smile and a tear on my face for a lifetime."  Bevon

"Hi my name is Cheryl, and I was wondering if you can tell me where I can find Peabo's tape called Paradise, and there was another one made with the song 'You' on it.  I have been looking for years for these albums for the Balladeer of ballads.  Thank you"  Cheryl

Yes, I love the Paradise album as well.  Unfortunately, like most of his work for Capitol Records, it has never been released on CD.  Two songs from the album ('Minute By Minute' and 'I Love The Way You Love') were included on the terrific Anthology set released a couple of years ago.  There are definitely used copies of the original album out there, in fact that was how I got it.  You may want to check some web sites that handle used LPs and cassettes.  You may also want to check eBay.

"I happened to surf the internet late at night (while studying for my midterm exams) when I ended up on your website. I'm 25, yet, Peabo Bryson's music is some of the deepest and most profound music I have listened to for a long, long time. I don't know the Artist himself, but every time I listen to songs such as 'Tonight I Celebrate My Love' or 'Where is the Love,' and many others, I feel love, peace and calmness. He is a great man of great talent. I wish more young folks of today would appreciate that kind of music."  Michael Arison

"I've been a fan of Peabo Bryson's for years and was sad to hear about his troubles with IRS.  I  saw his new album in stores, but haven't gotten around to picking it up.  I'm still searching for one of my favorite Bryson albums All My Love.  If any one has a clue on how I can acquire that one I'd really be appreciative.  To Mr. Bryson , keep your head up .  I love your music.  Having heard you sing, I can't imagine life without you."  Sharen M. Smith

Last time I saw Mr. Bryson (in December) he seemed to be in good spirits. It was a difficult time but he is moving on with his life.  While All My Love is officially out of print, it is still pretty widely available used. I just checked Amazon.com and they had some copies of it available. You can get it from them at the following link: Peabo Bryson-All My Love.

Peabo did a live video in 1999 called Unconditional Love.  It is no longer in print, but you can still find it at some stores and websites.  In fact, it looks like Amazon.com has it at this link.  PEABO BRYSON-UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Peabo also appears in Celine Dion's The Colour of My Love concert video, and his music video for "Beauty & the Beast" (with Celine Dion) is on the DVD version of the film Beauty & the Beast, and the "A Whole New World" video will undoubtedly be on the Aladdin DVD coming out later in the year.

"Dear someone I've never met, I read your article by chance this afternoon, and actually I was touched. I have loved Peabo's sweet voice since I was 10.  I love his great performance with Celine Dion in 'Beauty and the Beast'  and I love his charming voice in 'A Whole New World.'  I've decided to cover the hit 'Beauty and the Beast' this Saturday with one of my friends before our school.  Honestly, I've got a voice rather like that of Peabo although not as wonderful, and my friend's voice is just like Celine's.  Thats all I can tell you now. Thank you again for your lines of passion.  Yours sincerely,"  Dragon

"Thank you so much for the article on Peabo Bryson.  I pulled it up many moons and and just decided to read it.  Fantastic and informative.  I've followed his career from day one, but I haven't completed my collection of his music yet."  Topaz Music

"I just had the pleasure of seeing the wonderful Mr. Bryson on a cable television show along with Ruben Studdard.  It was an awesome treat to see these two generations together on stage blending their mellow voices together in harmony.  I've had a crush on Peabo since I was I young teenager.  I am now a woman of thirty-something and I still love him.  He is a wonderful entertainer.  I don't know him as a man, though I did meet him once, but there seem to be a humility and grace that come through even as he speaks.  I once wrote and asked him to marry me, but he never answered.  I was about 17 at the time.  Peabo, my prayers are with you.  You are gracious gift to the world.  May our life be a sweet savor to the nostrils of God."  Zina Rhone

"Hi.  This is what I think about Peabo Bryson.  Everyone is talking about how great he was with Ruben Studdard on TV. Can we please talk about that and not the IRS so much?  I just know you all can do it.  Maybe a letter from him letting his fans know that he is okay and he is doing fine.  I konw that he is, because he is so fine!  Keep up the good work.  God bless,"  Patenta 

I saw Peabo briefly in December after one of his Colors of Christmas shows and he was in very good spirits. I'm sure he just wants to move on with his life, and I know that he does appreciate the outpouring of support he has gotten from his fans.

"I'm a huge fan of Peabo Bryson and haven't heard from him in a while.  Is he working on a new project?  I know he's not with Windham Hill, but it would be nice to hear new music and see a new show.  I hope he writes more songs like the one he wrote for his granddaughter on his last album as it was very pretty."  Jess

Last time I spoke with Peabo (last holiday season) he was working on new music, but not signed with a new label yet.  He has also been touring extensively, between his own headlining shows, doing some gigs on the Standing in the Shadows of Motown tour and his annual Colors of Christmas tour.

"Good Morning!  I am a fan of Peabo Bryson and would like to write to him via fan club or personal if possible.  Can you make this happen?  Any suggestion or information you can supply would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time and cooperation."  Janet

Sorry, I don't know of any fan club, nor do we have personal contact info.

"Hi.  I would like to know if Peabo Bryson made the record 'On My Own?'"  Jennifer Zakariyyau

If you are talking about the duet with Patti LaBelle, no, that was Michael McDonald.

"I just wanted to share some special insight into the Fabulous performance that I enjoyed last night in Davis County Utah, where Mr. Bryson was the program at the Grand Opening Gala of our Convention center.  What a phenomenal singer!  I've always appreciated his music, but never felt it the way I did as I felt of his love for what he does, his enthusiasm and his showmanship!  What a treat it was to share such a fabulous evening with the consummate professional!  Thank you, Peabo for your wonderful gift to the world! DeAnne Hess

"That was a perfect interview.  It really let me inside the head of Peabo Bryson.Gambine

"Hi! I am desperately searching for a song that I'm pretty sure Peabo Bryson sang.  I was married in 1986 and had a line from a beautiful song of his engraved in my husband's wedding band - but I can't for the life of me find the song, remember the name etc.  The line I remember (and used) is '... love means forever and a day.'  Anyone know what song that is??  Thanks so much!"  Toni

Yes, that is Peabo Bryson.  The song is called "Love Means Forever" and it is the final song on his Straight From the Heart album.  That record was just released on a single CD together with Peabo's Take No Prisoners album earlier this year, so it shouldn't be too difficult to track down a copy of the CD. 

HiCould you please tell me if Peabo is doing a new albumRegards,"  Gof

I'm afraid I haven't heard anything recently.  He is currently doing a lot of touring (his annual Colors of Christmas Tour is starting up), so I don't know how much time he has had to be in the studio. 

"I recently bought a CD with 'Can You Stop the Rain' at a garage sale (for $2) and absolutely fell in love with his music. I play it to death! I love his voice - so much depth. Your article was very informative with regard to his start in music. When you know the background of folks you like, it brings you closer to their music. Thank you.Jo Smith

"I would like to know if Peabo has a new song out, I heard he has one called 'l'll Always Love You' or something like that.  Please let me know, if not maybe in the future he'll have one. We need his voice spreading the love that's in his heart so it can heal some of the broken hearts and broken relationships that are everywhere these days. Tell Mr. Bryson we miss him and we love him and we need his beautiful voice all over the airwaves again. I'm waiting."  AceBlondie

I haven't heard of a new song by him, but I'm sure one will come out eventually.  We'll let you know if we get any news.

"I recently saw Peabo Bryson with Norman Brown and Brenda Rustle here in Miami and it was a wonderful show.  Hopefully Peabo will have new material soon."  jess

"I agree with everything you mentioned in your article.  When I first heard 'Feel the Fire,' believe me, I felt the fire.  Peabo is one of a kind balladeer.  He's handsome too!Kovack Ishikawa

"Any recent info on Peabo? I ran across your site while searching for any upcoming appearances. I last saw him perform on Aug. 22, 2003 at the Carter Barron in DC. Outstanding! Ironically, I read a few days later that the IRS had seized his Atlanta home that same day. He is such a pro that you never could have guessed he had all those personal problems. Also, during his concert he joked and bantered about being a single dad to his daughter, and is now raising his grandaughter...and how he had been 'engaged to as many ladies as he had sung duets with'... However, I read somewhere within your 'letters to the editor' that he has a 'wife named Juanita & children & grandchildren'. He also referenced his 1992 relationship with Juanita Leonard (Sugar Ray's ex) & the fact that their dating mostly took place in the DC area (DC suburbs is her home town)...etc, etc. I'm curious, Is Peabo married or not? The same Juanita? Just one daughter? or more kids?  And most importantly, when and where can we expect another concert?  Thank you!" Chicest3

It is the same Juanita, though apparently they never married.  That was our error.  She married baseball player Otis Nixon in the 90s.  Peabo's daughter was from an earlier relationship.  To my knowledge, Peabo is not currently married.

"I think the article was wonderful. Like Mr. Bryson, I support the notion that classic R&B should be not only preserved but also promoted."  Hillery Robinson, Jr.

"I am a Peabo Bryson fan from way, way back.  I adore the man.  This is a wonderful article!"  Teresa Barriteau

"Is there a Fan club site for Peabo Bryson?  He is my favorite artist."  Tammara Mullins

No, I'm afraid there isn't.

"I am here chilling out on 'Lost in the Night.'  Can you direct me to Peabo Bryson's concerts tour dates?  I would really like to check them out.  Thank you."  Mike C.

Currently I know of no sites that have running coverage of Bryson's tour dates, but you can periodically check the online ticket sites to see where he is playing.

"I am probably one of the biggest fans of Peabo. I have been listening to his music since the 70's. A man that in my opinion has not gotten his full due. A true pure gifted talent. I do not hear many male artist trying to duplicate Peabo's sound. Being a vocalist and musician myself, I understand why. He does so many unbelievable things with his voice and range, many artists would not dare imitate him, because they can't. I see the tributes to Luther, Stevie, and well deserved... but where is the TRIBUTE to Peabo for the many lives he has touched with his amazing gift?  I would be the first to sing one of his songs because I can really relate to Peabo as a true artist. I have worked personally with many artist in the entertainment field and Peabo is my favorite. My website is www.noizentertainment.org You can check out my group and a little history about us. I also work with Bret Carter who fills in for Peabo with Regina Belle. Thanks POP.Mike Smith

"I can’t wait to purchase another CD by Peabo. I believe I have every song he has ever made in my music collection. When he was in town, I always came to his concerts. I don’t know if he’d ever remember, but once when he was at Sunrise Musical Theater in Ft. Lauderdale, I faked being a press rep to get a glimpse of my idol. I thought damn, not only can he sing like nobody I’d ever heard, but he was a goddess to look at. Peabo has one of the greatest male vocal ranges I have ever heard. I discovered this press regarding his new CD looking for an upcoming concert of his in my area. I await another Peabo Bryson concert. He is the greatest in concert. He is yet to get his due rewards and recognition. What a talent. Peabo is a talent whose songs make you want to love and make love to somebody. No doubt he’s fathered a lot of kids thru his music. We love you PEABO. Keep going. What the world needs now, is music that make you want to love someone, not kill someone.H. Ford

"I love Peabo and everything his music stands for. He's real, he's passionate and his music will never be out of date.  He's my all time favorite. We are the same age and I have never stopped listening to him. Now my adult children listen to him. Their friends listen to him. My greatest wish is to someday see him in concert. He sings to your heart, he sings to your soul. He understands the human condition and it's need for love. He's so genuine and humble. After all these years he still appreciates the gifts God has given him to share with all of us. God bless him always."  Carol M.

"The interview with Mr Bryson was great. I read the page were a lot of his fans wanted to know information about him so I decided to email you with updates for them. He has a MySpace page at www.myspace.com/Peabo Bryson/music. He also has a fan club link if you go to www.soultracks.com. It's a link were you can join a fan club for Mr Bryson. He also has a new CD on Concord Records called Missing You. It was released on October 2, 2007. I also read on the editors page that Peabo was married to Juanita He dated Juanita Leonard after her divorce from Sugar Ray Leonard, but after they broke up she marred Otis Nixon the baseball player for the Atlanta Braves. After Juanita, Peabo dated Angela Thigpen an actress, and former beauty queen. for about ten years. She is the one mentioned in the media during the IRS  incident in 2003. His fans need the right information so that's why I am writing to the editor to give them this information. He has a lot of really good fans out there. Thank you."  Ms. Vickie Vale.

Thanks for pointing out the error in the letters page.  We fixed it.  We're more an entertainment mag, obviously we're not up on the gossip.  However, we are well aware of Peabo's new CD and are trying to set up a new interview right now to promote the new music.  We'll let you know what happens.

Michael Buble

"Who the hell is this Jacobs guy?  Michael Buble 'is nowhere near as seductively entertaining or as original as Jones'?......Michael Buble is absolutely incredible (and no I'm not 52, I'm 22 years old and I usually don't like this style of music.)  And why is he being compared to Norah Jones??  I just finished watching him perform on the Junos (yes-he is wonderfully Canadian) and it was one of the most entertaining performances I've seen in a long time. When Buble is incredibly HUGE in a few years, this guy will be regretting what he said.  A huge, Canadian, Buble fan"  Nicole Capstick

I'm sorry you didn't like Jay's review of Michael Buble's album.  I'm a little confused as to why you are so angry about it, because it was a positive review and he said that Buble did a very good job with most of the songs he performed.  However, if you want to focus on one of the marginally negative things he said instead of the whole story, that is certainly your complete right.  Honestly, as a fan of both artists (which Jay is too, by the way) I sort agree with you that discussing Buble and Jones is sort of apples and oranges, but Jay wasn't the person who started the comparison.  Actually, it was Buble's record label and many music periodicals who started that comparison, the story just reacted to the idea that was already out there.  Just because he personally felt Norah Jones was a better artist than Michael Buble doesn't mean that Michael Buble isn't very good at what he does, in the same sense that Norah Jones is not bad just because you prefer Michael Buble.  As far as the originality mentioned, Buble sings songs that other people have already made popular and does them in a style with roots in big band jazz.  That doesn't make him a bad artist, in fact he is a good one, but no one could really call him an original one.  Actually, Jay wrote the article because he knew with enough word of mouth that Michael Buble would become popular, and is glad that he has found an audience.  

"Hi there. Is it possible to get the song 'Fever' by Buble on a cd & g karaoke format. I would like to sing this song at a wedding. Thanks"  Rick Beaudoin

The song is considered a modern classic, so I'm sure it is available.  But I wouldn't know where to tell you to find it.  Check stores that carry karaoke tapes.

Tony Burrows

"Nice interview with Tony Burrows.  I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot about a well kept secret over here in the States.  Thank you."  Mike Seats

"Hi,  I perform with a band in New York called "AM" (as in AM radio), and we perform 70's pop one hit wonder tunes exclusively. Were all huge fans of Tony Burrows' music and we were wondering if there is a way to contact him (a message board, or some sort of Q&A forum). I have been all over the web and so far your article has been the most informative by far. If there is anyway you could help we would greatly appreciate it.  Thank You."  Bryan Gordon

Tony is living in England, and still recording, he does both studio work and has released a few albums with his own band, but to my knowledge does not have an official website.

"Have you ever heard the name Rory Wilde?  He claims to be connected to the Brotherhood of Man (of past years).  Thank you." Dudley

I don't recognize the name Rory Wilde personally, but it is quite possible he was involved with the group.  There were quite a few incarnations of the band over the years and lots of musicians came and went.

"With reference to the question re: Rory Wilde.  He owned a club in Calpe (Spain). Real name is Brian Westerby, and claims to have written 'Jesamine,' 'Love Grows,' and have been in the Brotherhood of Man at the time of 'United We Stand.'  He also used to relate the two simultaneous appearances on Top Of the Pops.  I would be really interested if any light can be shed on this.  I last saw him perform 10 years ago.  With kind regards,"  David Hammond

Thank you so much for giving us the information on the mysterious Rory Wilde.  I wish I could say it clears things up, but it just raises more questions, I'm afraid.  Rory Wilde is not the songwriter of record for either "Love Grows" (that was a pair of veteran pop songwriters named Tony Macauley and Barry Mason) or "Jesamine" (which was written by 1950s British pop idol Marty Wilde.)  Now it certainly isn't unheard of (especially back in the the early days of rock) for people who worked on a song not to get credit, but with such well-known songwriters involved it's a little hard to believe that this happened.  As far as being with the Brotherhood of Man in the "United We Stand" days... it is possible he was a studio or touring musician who worked with the band, but he was not an official member of the band.  The band at the time was made up of Tony Burrows, Roger Greenaway, Johnny Goodison and a pair of female singers who just went by their first names, Sunny and Sue.

"Great article; very interesting and true insight into a major pop talent." ~kd+

"I loved the Tony Burrows article. One of my favorite artists. I saw Tony at Retrofest.  He was great. I would love to see and purchase music videos of him from the 70's American Like American Bandstand or British Top of the Pops with him as the three bands. Any TV station playing them? Thanks."  Toonworld

Yeah, I'd love to get ahold of some of that stuff too, but haven't found it so far. Best of luck tracking it down though!

"Hey... I found your website interviews while searching google doing research on Don Kirschner.  I made arrangements to attend the Rhino anniversary event where Tony [Burrows], Ron [Dante] and even Tony DeFranco were to appear.  Unfortunately, due to business concerns, I ended up in L.A. two weeks before it and couldn't justify traveling back 'cross the country for it.  There is a lot in your articles... but a lot more that could have been asked... however... you have asked, in my opinion, the key questions. Kudos...." Tracy E. Carman, Executive Director, Media Preservation Foundation

"I have recently seen a video of Edison Lighthouse singing 'Love Grows' from 1970 and none of the band members looked like Tony Burrows . Any answers?  P.S. I think they should have released 'Every Lonely Day' as a follow up to 'Love Grows.'  Its a fantastic song which nobody knows"  Rick

Though Tony sang on the album and did appear on most television appearances, he did not want to tour with the band, so the producers put together a traveling band to send out on the road.  This was pretty common in those days, when a studio band would have a hit they would just put a different group by the same name on the tour circuit.  Perhaps that was the group you saw in the video.

"My favourite Tony Burrows song was 'Every Little Move She Makes.'"  Dave Linney

"Hi.  I've been a huge fan of Tony Burrows for many years.  Can you clear up a question for me?  Approximately twelve years ago I was on a boating holiday on the UK canals when I met a guy who was also on a boating holiday with his family.  He said his name was Tony and that he had been in a group called the Flowerpot Men.  He could certainly sing and play the guitar as he did an impromptu turn in a folk pub (this is where I met him).  He also bore a resemblance to some of the pics on the sites I've come across.  He said he was now an electrician.  Does this sound like it was him?  Unfortunately I was in a big group and I never got the chance to chat properly to him.  Do you have an email address for him?  From a fan,"  David

Honestly, I don't think that was Tony Burrows, but I suppose it is possible.  There were quite a few members of the Flowerpot Men, which was originally made up of songwriters Ken Lewis and John Carter who recorded their first (and best known) song, "Let's Go To San Francisco."  But Carter and Lewis weren't interested in becoming a band at the time so when the single took off, they got some session singers, including Burrows (who they knew from their previous band the Ivy League),  Robin Shaw, Pete Nelson and Neil Landon.  The singers went on tour with a band made up of Ged Peck (guitar), Jon Lord (organ), Nick Semper (bass) and Carlo Little (drums).  These are the only band members I know of, but there may very well have been more down the line.  The group was short lived since Burrows decided he was no longer interested in touring because he wanted to settle down with his family at about the same time Lord and Simper left to form Deep Purple.  It doesn't seem that the Flowerpot Men would be the band that Tony would pick first to tell about his music, since he didn't sing their biggest hit and he was much better known for his work with Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man, the Pipkins or First Class, but who knows?  As far as being an electrician, I know that Tony still works as a session and jingle singer and musician and I was under the impression that it was his full-time gig.  But session work is a tough game, he may have had to supplement his income down the line.  He wouldn't be the first.  He does still live in England with his family, but I don't have any info on email addresses or how to contact him.  So sadly, the best answer I can give you is I don't think it was him, but maybe...

"I just read your interview article on Tony Burrows and one thing leaves me wondering about his pop career as lead singer of all those different studio bands and those monstrous hit singles he sang lead on... Was he paid well to do all that? He didn't tour with any of them, as he says, but was he well compensated? That one detail leaves you wondering, considering the millions $$$ made by record companies at the expense of the artists. Thirty some odd years later, those songs are still widely played on OLDIES stations and are considered classics. I was 14 when Edison Lighthouse/White Plains/The Pipkins/Brotherhood Of Man were all storming the radio playlists and the singles were racing up the charts that spring-summer of 1970...they are amongst the most exciting pop-rock songs ever recorded, and are referred to as 'Goodtime music' on the radio. I actually bought all those "45's" and the LPs they they were featured on, except I've never been able to find the Edison Lighthouse Lp. I was 15 the next year when The New Seekers had the monster hit single, 'I'd Like To Teach The World to Sing' and I recall the song being featured on Coca Cola commercials, but I had no idea he sang on them too till NOW, 2003! [I work for Coca Cola now - 10 years.] I was 18 when First Class' "Beach Baby" was the summer hit of 1974, bought the single/LPs too. I started collecting vinyl at 13 in 1969, and still have all my records. Many I've replaced on CDs. Tony Burrows is one of my all time favorite vocalists in Pop music, and he holds a very special and quite memorable place in millions of peoples' hearts and memories worldwide in that era of The Carpenters/Bread/mid period Cher, etc. Tony's records are played A LOT on Houston's Oldies Station KLDE 107.5. I was so shocked when that Tony Burrows CD came out on Varese and I read about who he is. Hopefully, Tony made millions $$$!!! What a spectacular vocalist!  I just ran across this article online about Tony tonight as I was doing an artist research on him. Thank you for writing about him. Thank you for reading my e-mail. Sincerely," Hugo Berlanga

I don't think Tony became a multi-multi-millionaire from recording those songs – after all he was a studio musician who didn't write his own songs, and in the late-60s and early-70s artists' rights were not as well-policed as they are now.  However, he himself said in the interview that the songs (and in particular 'Love Grows') did good for him financially, so I think he's probably pretty well off.  Also, he has worked for years in studio work and advertising jingles, which, if you are successful, is usually a pretty lucrative gig, too.

"I really enjoyed the Tony Burrows article."  Linda

"My name is Joel Hirschhorn - composer of  the Oscar winners, 'The Morning After' from The Poseidon Adventure and 'We May Never Love Like This Again' from The Towering Inferno.  I also co-wrote, with Al Kasha, 'I'd Like To Be You For a Day,' the theme song from Freaky Friday.  I noticed that the Paul Karas record was called a Tony Burrows Sound.  I don't have a copy of the record, but I wondered if the same Tony Burrows you interviewed had produced it.  If so, is there any way I could get hold of a copy?  It would mean a great deal to me.  I don't think there were any other recorded version of the song – which, as you probably know, was a Golden Globe Best Song nominee in 1976 (when I was only ten, of course).  His background sounds tremendously impressive, and I wish him great continued success.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Best regards,"  Joel Hirschhorn

Thank you for your note.  We're all big fans of your work here.  I'm sure that you are right and Tony Burrows did probably produce the 45.  I did a web search and did find a little info on the recording by Paul Karas.  Apparently it was released in the UK on the Chelsea label (Chelsea  CHS3054).  I was actually able to find a website that says they have a copy of the demo 45 for sale for only $5.00 US.  http://www.rezoundrekordz.com/sevens/i.html  So I hope you'll be able to get it through them or another source with the serial number and label info.  Also, I'm not sure if it's the same song, but apparently Donny Osmond recorded a song called "I'd Like To Be You For a Day," too.

"Tony Burrows is an excellent singer who sang on some great tunes, especially the Edison Lighthouse, White Plains and Brotherhood of Man tracks."  Twodollarslide

"I am researching the Burrows family name. I am the granddaughter of Frank Burrows (brother of Tony's father Les) we know that Frank Burrows was born at Topsham in Devon in 1897. I wonder if you could assist us in updating our records.  Regards," Ruth Thomas (Burrows)

I'm sorry, I really don't know anything about Tony's family background, but we are huge fans of his music. He still lives in England, maybe some family members can help you track him down.

"I was searching the net trying to actually pull up something on what I thought was named Jimmy Pine.  He said he was the writer/singer with Edison Lighthouse and White Plains for the songs 'Love Grows' and 'My Baby Loves Loving.' I met him in the early 90's, outside of Corpus Christi, Texas.  At that time he was doing commercials.  He claims to of wrote several songs and I find it odd that the bio I read on Tony Burrows matches what this person said.  This person when I met in the early 90's was in his late 30's.  I find it strange this person seems to have assumed Tony Burrows identity.  Would love help solving this mystery... Let me know if you can help."  Michelle Bollom

I'm not sure who Jimmy Pine is, but I can assure you that Tony Burrows sang lead on the singles "Love Grows" and "My Baby Loves Lovin'." Now, it is possible, giving your Jimmy the benefit of the doubt, that Jimmy Pine could have been one of the studio musicians who toured with those groups... those names are pretty much lost to history... but he was not an official member of either band. The Edison Lighthouse was made up of Tony Burrows, Ray Dorey, Stuart Edwards, David Taylor and George Weyman. White Plains were Tony Burrows, Pete Nelson, Robin Shaw, Ricky Wolff, Roger Hills and Robin Box. "Love Grows" was written by Barry Mason and Tony Macaulay and "My Baby Loves Lovin'" was written by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway.  I did do a quick check of the internet and some reference books and I could only find one reference to a singer named Jimmy Pine ... apparently there was a 45 single of "Consider Yourself" (from the Broadway musical Oliver) and "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" that was recorded by Jimmy Pine & the Saturns, apparently sometime in the 60s. I don't know if that was your Jimmy Pine or not. It was not a hit (although if you could track it down, it apparently did have a picture sleeve and you could see if that Jimmy looks like yours).  Surprisingly, you're not the first person who has contacted us about people claiming they sang and or wrote Tony Burrows songs. We've heard from a couple of people in Europe who met a man named Rory Wilde who also claimed to be the singer and songwriter of "Love Grows." I guess since they were studio groups and few people know who sang or wrote the songs or what they look like it seems like an easy thing to claim. But it sounds like Jimmy Pine was stretching the truth at least.

"Hi! Loved your article on Tony Burrows. I am trying to track him down for a concert. Do you have contact information? Thanks," Marty Thompson, Program Director KQOL-FM

Sorry, I'm afraid not.  I know he lives in England.  At one point he was handled by Mars Talent (www.marstalent.com) but I'm not sure if he still is.

"Good morning!  Great article on TB...  Many thanks,"  Alan Brett, Derby.

"How about a listing of all Tony's songs and how they fared on the charts.  Thanks," BF

On the US (Billboard) pop charts, Tony hit #5 in 1970 for "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" with the Edison Lighthouse, #4 in 1974 for "Beach Baby" with First Class, #13 in 1970 for "My Baby Loves Lovin'" with White Plains, #87 in 1970 with "Melanie Makes Me Smile" (solo single), #83 in 1974 for "Dreams Are Ten A Penny" with First Class, #13 in 1970 for "United We Stand" with the Brotherhood of Man and #9 in 1970 for "Gimme Dat Ding" with the Pipkins.  In the UK (NME) pop charts, "Love Grows" made it to #1, "Beach Baby" peaked at #13, "My Baby Loves Lovin'" reached #9, as well as another White Plains single called "I've Got You On My Mind" which peaked at 17 in 1970, "United We Stand" reached #10, as well as another Brotherhood of Man single called "Where Are You Going To My Love" which reached #22 in 1970 and "Gimme Dat Ding" reached #6.

"I just read the Tony Burrows article.  Boy, I prided myself on knowing 70's music, but I did not know that Tony was the voice of these few groups.  What a gig!  Great article."  Neil S. Sandler

"Could you please tell me where I can obtain a copy of 'I've Still Got My Heart Jo?'  I now have a grandson called Joe and remember the song from the 1960s when I was a child. I would now love to play this to my grandson Joe.  Regards"  Lynn Pritchard

Tony Burrows recorded "I've Still Got My Heart Jo" in 1970 as the flip side to his single "Every Little Move She Makes" (Bell Records BLL 1124).  He also recorded the song again in 1976 as a single, this time calling it "Oh My Jo" (Bus Stop Records 1039).  You can probably find either of these singles from stores that specialize in used records and 45s.  (The "Every Little Move She Makes" single will probably be easier to find.)  I know the song was not on Tony's 1996 hits CD "Love Grows," but he has also released a couple of other CDs in recent years.  I don't believe the song is on one of those, but it is possible.  I did see a web site that called itself "The Lost Jukebox" which was selling a series of CDs of rare tracks from the 60s and 70s.  "I've Still Got My Heart Jo" is apparently on Volume 29 of the series.  On a guess, looking at their website, I would say that this compilation is probably a bootleg, not an official release.  But I am not sure that is the case, it may be a legit release.   Even if it is a bootleg, if you can't find the song any other way it's something to keep in mind.  Their link is http://lostjukebox.tripod.com/lj021-030.html

"Hello to all of you.  I'm Freddy from Flanders (northern part of Belgium).  It s just great to learn about a great singer like Tony Burrows.  God bless Tony and all of you.  Keep on rocking."  Freddie

"Good article about a fascinating man.  Thank you.  Has a film ever been made about Tony Burrows?  Are there any books about his life?  Please let me know.  Many thanks in anticipation."  Ken Worthington

No, there has never been a movie made on Tony's life.  While he has been discussed in many books about pop music, as far as I know there is no book only about him either.

"I played drums with White Plains for six months.  I love Tony.  He's a great guy, the best.  Tell him to take care.  I will see him soon.  I hope Tony and the rest of the guys make it back.  We had some fun in years gone by."  Paul the bike

"Hi thereThis is a long shot... but I used to be a nanny for Tony Burrows and his wife Vicky when their second son Charlie was born in the late 1980's.  I would so love to make contact with them again, and was wondering whether you would be able to give me a contact address or e-mail address that I could try?  I live in Cape Town - so won't be stalking them or anything!!  Many thanks," Clare

Hi Clare.  I wish we could help, but honestly we just don't know.  Last I heard he was living in England.  We have no further contact info, though.

"I think Tony is one of the best singers in the 70s and maybe still is!  I saw a documentary on British television about him, and I could not believe my ears.  I did not know he was the singer in all these bands."   Ron from Holland

"Very interesting.  I logged on to his name out of interest because I used to work for the Spencer Davis Management Co. in the late 60's and we agented the Flower Pot Men. In 1969 I went to live in New York and lost touch with everybody. I've been married for almost 32 years and now wonder how all the people I was close to are.  Spence and I have been in touch and I would love to be able to speak with Tony again.  Is he still married? He had a lovely little girl, as I recall.  Anyway, that is my request.  If you can contact him in any way and maybe give him my email address - that would be most kind.  I am now Wendy Lipton but  I  was Wendy Kingsley - so now YOU know! Thank you for your interview with him. I certainly enjoyed it. Sincerely yours,"  Wendy

Thanks for your nice note.  I wish we could forward your information to Tony, but I'm afraid we don't have any contact info. The interview was set up by his former record label.  All I know for sure is that he lives in England. As of the last time I spoke with him (a few years ago) he was still married and had more than one child.  Best of luck in tracking him down.

"Tell Tony that he looks like his dad ... and I think he's fantastic."  Roger Stevens

"Hi. I have just read the interview with Tony Burrows. I had been asked to find some information about him by a blind man here in England, as I do a lot of Braille transcription for him. He loves reading about 60s and 70s music and I know he will really appreciate reading this article, it is the most information that I have found on any web site.  Many thanks,"  Les Bassett

"HelloThanks for the interesting interview with Tony Burrows.  For YEARS I've been trying to figure out what he sings as 'Rosemary' fades out, and no one I know has ever been able to understand that last line.  Do you know of any way to contact him to see if he knows/remembers?  I'd depreciate it!"  Steve Milano

The last lines are "La la la, believe it when you've seen it.  Nobody knows like me..."

"I loved every song I ever heard him do but did not realize at the time he was the same guy with these different bands.  I'm a 1961 baby.  Is the new CD featuring him doing his songs or someone else doing them?Suzanne

The Love Grows CD has all of the original recordings of the songs with Tony on vocals.  The exact same CD was also reissued as Bubblegum Classics: The Voice of Tony Burrows.  We did the interview a few years ago, but I'm pretty sure it should still be rather easy to get a hold of the CD on Amazon or eBay or something, perhaps even in your local store.

"Just read your interview with Tony Burrows.  I thought it was very good.  I knew Tony when he was with the Ivy League and later when he was with James Last.  I was a singer in the sixties. I was also in the Merchant Navy and it was during one of my leave periods I became the Road manager for the Ivy League.  Tony lived in Bristol at that time and so did I.  He was a great person to work with. What a voice!!  The last time I saw him was at his house in Wokingham 1980 something.    I am now singing again after 30 years and go under the name of Big Ballad Ray. I started of singing big ballads, but now include Queen and Pink Floyd etc.  If you speak to Tony please give him and his family my regards. You have my email if you can pass it on.  Kind Regards.Ray Park-Delaney Conn (Big Ballad Ray)

"I was clearing out my attic recently and came across some old 45s going back to the late 60/70s.  Memories came flooding back when I came across a couple of Tony Burrows singles that I had treasured at the time and had played until the grooves were practically smooth!  I was very surprised to see that I could find out what Tony was doing lately, through the internet, and that he was still involved in the music business.  My favourite record at the time which wasn't mentioned in the interview was 'Can't You See, I've Got You on My Mind" which I believe was a White Plains song.  Others were 'Melanie Makes Me Smile' and 'Every Little Move She Makes.'  If Tony should read this email, he might be pleased to know that he gave me a great deal of pleasure through his music at that time!  With kind regardsPam

"I just want to say that Tony Burrows is a great talent, and I really enjoy listening to him.  I can hear in his voice a certain happiness that is infectious.  I can't help but smile when I hear 'Love Grows' and 'My Baby Loves Lovin'.  'In A Moment of Madness' is a favorite, too.  I was really young when his music was popular, but I've grown up with it and don't tire of listening to it.  Please let him know that we still appreciate all he's given to us over the years.  Love,Michelle - Golden, Colorado

"Where can I get a copy of 'My Melanie,' Tony's single? Thank you,"   Mary

I think the song you are referring to is probably Tony's solo single "Melanie Makes Me Smile."  It was on his 1996 compilation CD Love Grows - The Voice of Tony Burrows which was later re-released as Bubblegum Classics - The Voice of Tony Burrows.   Unfortunately both are long off the market, so you would have to find a used copy, which can be expensive, but are available – as you can see from these Amazon.com links.  Love Grows - The Voice of Tony Burrows Bubblegum Classics - The Voice of Tony Burrows.  Burrows also did a more recent rerecording of many of his hits with his band The Hit Squad, which has a nice version of "Melanie Makes Me Smile," though not the original version you remember.  Hit Squad disk 1 Hit Squad disk 2The Hit Squad remake of the song is also available on the download service iTunes.  Also if you still have a record player, there are many used record sites that might have a copy of the original single.  Good luck in finding it!

"Great article on Tony Burrows. What a voice he has. And so many groups he was a part of. I agree with what he said about music – it should be just pure enjoyment without so many agendas that music seems to have these days. Thanks for the great work!Richard Lowery

"Hey loved the article! Wish he and his Sunday Band would come out to Australia for a few gigs! The Hits were big out here too! Regards,"  Pete

Neve Campbell

"Good article - except - when [and where] is When Will I Be Loved coming out?Ed Smithy

It came out last year and is now available on DVD.

Steve Carell

"Where is this Charles Rovan from?  I am Kerry Charles Rovan, age 36 from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and I just wrote a screenplay and have some award-winning poetry out there.  Who is this guy?  Are we related? Sincerely,"  Kerry Charles Rovan (Moe), Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Thanks for your question.  I have to admit when we got your note, I had no idea who you were talking about.  We have thousands of stories and that name didn't sound familiar at all.  However after a quick search, I found you were talking about the producer doing the Get Smart movie with Steve Carell.  Anyway, you asking made us check on his bio info and realize that the writer of that piece had made a spelling error – the producer of Get Smart is Charles Roven, not Rovan.  Thanks so much for your help in our finding the error, even if it was inadvertent.  It has been fixed.

Rosanne Cash

"I have the greatest respect for Rosanne.  I have loved her music for decades and am very pleased she's still making beautiful, thought-provoking music.  My greatest wish would be to meet her one day."  Roseann Stys

Don Cheadle

"Don Cheadle played the role of his life.  He was wonderful and certainly should win the Oscar." Pearl McKnight

The Click Five

"I think it was a really good article.  Period.Matthew Adkins

"Hey, I'm Zoie and I have some more questions about the Click Five. Here is one to ask someone - Who is the biggest clown in the Click? Also can they change the song on their website like, every month or something? Same with the picture. Also can they make more music videos? Like one for 'Angel 2 U Devil 2 Me' or any other song on their CD." Zoie

"Hi.  I would love to have a copy of the Click Five CD but have not been able to find it.  Could you please tell me how to get one?"  Angela Hudgens

It is widely available and should be at most record stores.  It's also widely available on sites like Amazon.com.

Glenn Close

"Well done. That this great actress didn't win the Emmy for Best Actress in The Shield is a crime."  wwysn

Jessica Collins

"She's great.  The reason I watch The Nine. Robert J. Myers

Jennifer Connelly

"I was moved emotionally watching Out of the Dark, and I look forward to watching Little Children. Thanks Jennifer, Merry Christmas & New Year!!Douglas Fisher


"Received my prize today - Behind Hazel Eyes. Thank you so much. Sincerely,Ilene Mcvea

"Thank you very much!!!  Best Regards,Barbara Nolan

"Thanks for the notification of winning your Dave Matthews Band contest.Bob Barton
"Hi.  Do you have the contest winners posted on your site?  I have entered a few of your contests and was wondering if there is anywhere you post the winners. Thanks!"  Vicki

No we don't post the contest winners' names on the site, but we email all of the winners notifying them of the prizes as soon as they are ready to ship out. We've just ended a few contests for which we will be picking winners in the next few days, so good luck! Hope you win!

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Thanks for your interest and entering our contests.  The contests usually don't have any specific ending dates however in general they run about a month.  We basically add in new contests and remove older ones as we get new prizes.  We try to stagger the contests, mixing in new contests every week or so to keep things fresh.  However, that is usually dependent on the companies getting us out new prizes that we think will be of interest to our readers.  We've added eight new ones in the last few weeks and I know we have a whole bunch of things coming up in the next couple of weeks.  So, sorry I can't give you a more specific timetable, but we just run them as we get them.  I think if you check in every 2-3 weeks you'll find new stuff that will hopefully be of interest to you.

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There is no specific rule that you can't enter more than once per contest.  Many people do, but it really wouldn't help your chances that much because the computer bunches together the duplicate entries for each contest.  Best of luck though, and keep checking back, I know we'll have at least three new contests starting this week.

"That's FABULOUS!  THANK YOU so very much!  You folks are terrific!"   Heidi (Mynx)

Allen Covert

"I am so glad you wrote an article on him.  I still have pictures from when he attended the University of South Florida and lived in Fontana Hall (7th floor).  He was a good friend and I am glad success has found him.  If you do speak to him again, tell him TV Kathy from Fontana Hall says hello!  I am glad I hung on to his pictures – my kids can’t believe I went to school with him. Kathy Duff

Caprice Crane

"Caprice Crane's book Stupid and Contagious is funny and perfect for a movie. She is lovely and a brilliant writer. I can't wait for her next novel. Sincerely,Ken Macey, Palm Beach, Florida

"Ronald Sklar: Great story you wrote on Caprice Crane.  I totally related to her book, Stupid and Contagious and laughed out loud on practically every page.... (sometimes I laughed through my tears). Because of her book, I'll remember her nameAnd because of your story, I'll remember yours!Hermine Hilton


"Can you please tell me where the movie Crossroads takes place?  Thank You," lilpeach788

It starts off in Louisiana and the characters drive cross-country, stopping in places like Texas and Arizona before finishing up in Santa Monica and Hollywood.

Matt Czuchry

"What a great interview!  We really like Mr. Czuchry both as an actor and as a person.  He has brought so much to Gilmore Girls that the show would not be watchable without him now.  Matt seems like a very intelligent, classy and eloquent young man.  We are big fans of this fine young actor.  You asked good questions, too. Thanks again,"  Debbie & Family

"I love this interview. He is an amazing actor. He is the only reason I continue to watch Gilmore Girls every week and I will be keeping up with his career! Thank you for having this interview!ButDrPhilSaid

"Just wanted to thank you for that wonderful feature on Matt Czuchry. He comes across as a well-grounded and overall great guy so it's always refreshing to read stuff like this about him since Logan has quickly become my favorite character on Gilmore Girls.Nadine

"Thanks for this great article. Matt Czuchry must be the best young actor in all of television.  He nails his role totally and Logan is the most interesting character on Gilmore Girls.  I've bookmarked your site for future use.  My whole family and everyone we know just loves Matt Czuchry.  Your interview was especially good because it asked good questions about Matt and about Logan's future on Gilmore Girls.  We can't imagine that show without him now.  What a terrific, beautifully acted character.  We are actually in awe of Matt's acting.  Keep those good articles coming!  Thanks again from all of us." Debbie & Family - All Matt Fans

Glad you enjoyed the interview.  He's a really nice guy, too.

"Hi your interview with Matt was great. He answered a lot of questions with in depth and interesting answers. Was the interview in 2005? I'm from Australia and we are up to the end of the fifth season. How are the Gilmore Girls looking over there at the moment? Will there be many more seasons to come? Are they in the seventh or eighth season over there? Thank you."  Kristen

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview with Matt. The interview was done in early 2006, towards the end of the sixth season. The show is currently almost finished the seventh season, which, sadly, they have just in the last week announced will be the last one. In fact, the final episode of the series will be airing in the US this upcoming Tuesday. But you apparently do have two seasons of catching up to look forward to.

Alexandra Daddario

"The interview with Alexandra Daddario was fabulous! Hope to see her interviews more often... Just a small question. Is Percy Jackson 2 happening? Waiting for reply.  Regards,"  Dilip Ug

The second Percy Jackson film, tentatively called Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters, is still in early development, but planned to be made with Alexandra returning as Annabeth. Before that, you will be able to see her next year in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D. 

Ron Dante

"I recently received a video of 'Tracy' by the Cuff Links from a show called Something Else hosted by John Byner.  The band are on a golf course (probably Palm Springs, Ca.) riding around on the golf buggies.   Then they perform another tune (think its 'When Julie Comes Around').  If you speak with Ron again ask him who that band was on Something Else... it doesn't appear to be Ron. Thanks." Anthony

I'm not familiar with those performances, but I do know that after "Tracy" was released they put together a touring band of studio musicians without Ron (as mentioned in the interview, they even made up fake bios for the group).  Ron apparently didn't even hear about it until later.  I'm pretty sure that was probably who you saw on the show.

"Hi.  I know Ron Dante.  My uncle is Paul Vance (ed. note: songwriter and producer).  Ron is a great performer.  Back in the 60's and 70's, we all hung out together.  He is a very special person.   Thanks for your article.  It was great!" Paula

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the article.  We're all big fans of your uncle's work too!

"I have been looking for the answer to a question about this song for about a month and can't find an answer. Maybe you can help me. Who sang 'Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' besides Brian Hyland and Timmy Mallet? A friend of mine said a duo sang it, but can't remember who they were. Is this true and if so who were they? Thank you very much."  Vickey

Thanks for your question.  Actually, "It's Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" has been recorded many times over the years.  Obviously the most well known version was the hit by Brian Hyland, but it has also been done by Brian Hughes, Xavier Cugat, Frankie Avalon, Sha Na Na, Tommy Roe, the Muppets and Mud. It was also done by Devo in the 80s, became a British dance hit by Bombularina (a stage name for Timmy Mallett) in the early 90s, also recorded by French singer Dalida and most recently has been used as a commercial jingle for Yoplait Yogurt as recorded by Ron Dante.  I don't specifically remember a duo recording it, but in the early 60s when the song came out it was pretty standard procedure for groups to record other artists' singles as album tracks, so it could have been done by any number of duos or groups beyond the ones I've mentioned. 

"The Ron Dante interview was terrific. I've been a fan of his singing as long as I can remember. I have modeled my vocal style on several singers but mostly on the style of Ron Dante. I think he and Mickey Dolenz are the best rock singers ever and are sorely under rated and under known. As an aspiring recording artist with my debut solo CD out in Japan I have looked to emulate artists who seem to be gracious and magnanimous and after reading the Ron Dante interview I see I have chosen a good role model.  Thanks," Sun J R

"I want to thank you for this website.  I am in my early forties and have all of the Archies' Albums.  I play them all the time.  I have searched for years for CDs.  I am so tickled to find out about Ron Dante and the CDs that are now beginning to come out.  I must admit I feel sort of silly!  I knew someone actually sang all of those songs.  Mr. Dante explained so wonderfully about the song, 'Sugar Sugar.' I was a little girl whose daddy was in Vietnam when that song came out.  My childhood memories are happy ones, partly due to the music that always was and is so dear to me.  The songs were hopeful, happy, and fun.  Thank you for the interviews, the photos, and the links.  Hopefully, I can make it to one of the concerts.  All the best!VJ 

"Hi. I just finished reading your cool interview with Ron Dante. Could you please ask him what were the words for the Tang commercial that he sang. It was one of my favorite commercials from childhood. Also, I would really appreciate it if you could find out where I can get a VHS copy of that commercial. Thank you so much. Again, enjoyed the interview. Sincerely,Bob Scardaci

You may want to contact Ron's official website, www.rondante.com.  They'd probably know more about that than we do.

Darren Daulton

"Awesome ….I give him credit for allowing his spiritual and metaphysical side to be exposed."   Monica Ranieri

Julie Delpy

"All I can say is Wow!  This is the best acting I've witnessed in a long time.  Both actors deserve awards.  When I think of some awards that (hollowood) Hollywood gives out for a lot of crap acting, it really makes me appreciate this film [Before Sunset] that much more.Gerry

"Please convey to Julie, Rick and Ethan that they must do another film.  Both Before Sunrise and Sunset are two of my favorite movies.  Julie is my favorite actress.  She is truly beautiful and talented.  I have seen many of her films.  I am looking forward to seeing her in future films and most especially another Before – that maybe takes place in New York, right around NYU.  I'm a graduate NYU Graduate School of Social Work.  After reading about Julie's discussion with one of Hollywood's leading directors relative to politics she has become one of my heroes."  Mike L Jazz

Jenna Dewan

"I really enjoying this, and other interviews on Jenna Dewan. After reading about her new movie, Tamara, which I would love to see, she seems very warm, down-to-earth, and sweet. I wish I could contact her, and get an autograph."  Eugene S., Washington, DC

"This afternoon I went to go see the film Tamara, and I loved it! One of the main reasons is the film's star Jenna Dewan. I thought she gave a great performance as the tortured girl who rises from the dead to become a mind-controlling witch. I read Jenna's interview on your website, and I think she has a great future ahead of her in feature films. She should seriously consider playing a hypnotist, because she certainly has the eyes for it.  Thanks for a great interview with the star of a great movie! Sincerely,"  Dexter Williams

"Jenna Dewan is the most seductive woman I've ever laid eyes on in many years. I'm not a viewer of videos or MTV so when I rented her move Tamara, I was riveted to the screen every time this leggy goddess came on screen. It is a credit to her, and possibly to her alone, that a c-grade horror movie was made watchable to the end to see more of her in that ultra short shirt! This girl has the hottest look I've seen in 15 years. Please pass on my congrats to Ms. Dewan and I hope I see more of her curvaceous form in more films to come! A new fan.RG

Emily Deschanel

"My friend insists that a couple of weeks ago Emily Deschanel was in Two and a Half Men.  I say no.  What’s the truth?"  Joli

I can't find any evidence that Emily was on Two and a Half Men.The show is not listed on Emily's filmography on IMDb.com, so it is unlikely it was her. However, I suppose it is possible she have done an uncredited cameo on the show, because her best friend Melanie Lynsky has a recurring role on the series as Rose. Without knowing which episode or what character she played, it's hard to find out if it was a different actress.

Bo Diddley

"The article was a nice read.  I enjoyed his line of questions and, most importantly, Bo's responses. The historical introduction was a good forward. Yours," Toby

"Bo is fantastic, I just got to meet him, in a small bar on Fort Myers beach. He is the best!Lois Hill

"Would like to know when Bo might be around this area again. Last saw him in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, small town in NW Arkansas. Love this man!!!! No matter his age, he is still sexy.Linda Winter

"Did Bo Diddley have any big problems in life? If he did how did he overcome them?Doug Pardo

Of course he did.  I'm not sure how to answer that question as it is a little vague, though.


"Great article...!  How about another one since their third album is being released in a few months???  Please?"  Tami

Sure, we'd be happy to do another interview with the guys.  We haven't gotten any info on the new album yet, but we'll keep an eye out.

"Could you please send me the lyrics to "Somewhere in the Middle?"   I really like that song.   Thanks." Tracey

You can find the lyrics on Dishwalla's official web page at http://www.dishwalla.com/albums.php?album=2002&track=03

"I heard "Counting Blue Cars" the other day for the first time in a while, and I realized I had forgotten how great that entire CD is! I agree, if songs like 'Explode' and 'Haze' had been released also, there's no telling how big they'd be now! I'm gonna check out their newer CD ASAP....Those guys ROCK! (And they're all such babes! )"  Susan

"Huge Fan!!  I met the guys in Milwaukee State fair at their concert this past summer, and it was such an honor...  I have loved the guys since their OLD hit, 'Counting Blue Cars,' and think their new CD is absolutely awesome!   Keep up the good work!!  Thanks for making great music!!!  A fellow Santa Barbara Native  :)"  Sierra

"Hi, I was wondering about a band I saw on the late-late show the other night, and e-mailed the show asking what band that was. Anyhow they said Dishwalla, but these guys didn't look anything like the pictures I've found of them on the web. Did the lead singer recently shave his head?  Peace,"  Carrie

I haven't heard anything about JR RIchard (Dishwalla's leader) shaving his head, but it's quite possible.

"Hey, I think Dishwalla is a great band.  We listened to them in our art class a lot, and I really got into them.   So, let that candle keep burning."  Kayla

"Hey there, guys!  This is Michelle from the Philippines.  I'm 21 and a rocker and love Dishwalla. Probably  this short epistle of mine is just one in a million mails that you've been receiving from their fans.  Well, listening to their music completes my day.  What I really admire most of all their songs is 'Angels or Devils.'  It's inspiring.  It's a sort of a reflection.  Thanks a lot.  I'm waxing too long...for now, good luck to the band and I hope they continue to create songs that really inspire people."  Michelle

"I love everything Dishwalla puts out, and J.R.'s voice simply melts me in ways I can't describe!  Keep up the great work!!!  Please tell the band to come to Portland, Oregon soon.  P.S. I first heard them on the Mark & Brian show, and that is when I first fell in love with them. Kudos to Mark & Brian and to L.A.  Love,"  Sherri

"I am from Baltimore and the last time I saw Dishwalla was when 'Counting Blue Cars' was out. When in the world will Dishwalla come back to Baltimore? Thanks."  Dacanavan

I know that the band is working on a new album, so they don't have any tour dates coming up currently.  You may want to periodically check their website http://www.dishwalla.com/.  That has tour dates.

"I just wanted you to know George Pendergrast is awesome. I'm glad Dishwalla didn't work out for him. George has taught me the art of drumming. He has inspired my life more than he can ever imagine. I am your average family man with three kids and a tough job. Drumming is the only thing that keeps me sane. You're the best George." Darrell

"I am sending this email to tell you that I love Dishwalla, have loved everything they have ever put out, I think they are one of the best bands ever!!! I been to a few shows and always keep my eyes open to local shows so I can go again. I think if there music was played more on the radio other people wouldn't be able to help but LOVE them. Sincerely," Kami McDaniels

"Hi - Can you please tell me when this was written?  Thanks! Christina Swatton

That is one of our older articles. It was done in 1998, when Dishwalla was releasing their second album ...And You Think You Know What Life Is About.

"I just recently came across their CD again and now I remember how much I effing love their 'Counting Blue Cars' song its great but it doesn't make me want them...the song's just very uplifting."  Iheartyoummhmm

Hilary & Haylie Duff

"I watched Material Girls tonight, starring Haylie and Hillary Duff; they were fantastic in their respective roles! I thought the movie was great! It's a keeper. Better than I thought it would be, too. What made it special to me was the fact that these two girls remind me so much of my own daughters that it's scary. Amazing resemblance in lots of ways!"  Scott MacPherson

George Dzundza

"My friends and family are huge fans of George Dzundza.  Whatever this guy's in we'll be sure to be watching!"  Mark Vee NYC

"How about a story on David Morse?  He's one of the best dramatic actors, but so often overlooked.  His fan base would love to see one of your great cover stories on a great actor!"  T. Fawber

Thanks so much for your nice note.  We would love to do a story on David Morse.  In fact, when we were setting up the Hack feature earlier this year, it was up in the air for a few weeks whether the interview would be with David, Andre Braugher or George Dzundza, but because the show was on break in filming at the time, George Dzundza ended up being the one that was available to talk to us.  Which worked out fine, because George had lots of interesting things to say and was a very nice interview.  Still, if Hack continues to do well on Saturday night we'd be happy to do another feature on the show if we can get an interview with David Morse or Andre Braugher.  Right now, CBS is setting us up for a couple of other interviews for other shows for the new season, but in a few months when those are done, we may try again to see if we can talk to David.  Thanks for your idea and feel free to let us know about any other actors, musicians, shows or movies you'd like us to cover.  We always love to hear what our readers want to see.

"Why isn't George Dzundra in Hack this second season?" Tim Herndon

Yes, we had heard he was no longer on the show a few weeks ago.  We haven't heard the exact reason, nor do I know if it was George's choice.  I think it is because CBS wants the show to be a little lighter (and frankly, skew a little younger) this season, so they brought in a woman (Jacqueline Torres) to be not only be Olshansky's moral compass, but a potential love interest.  They also are bringing in a younger kid (Matt Czuchry) to be a new friend for Mike.  It would be a shame if that is the reason, because Grizz was a great character and brought an interesting dimension to the show.  Then again, Dzundza does have a history of leaving shows after one season, so perhaps it was Dzundza's choice.   I also hear that Bebe Neuwirth also isn't likely to be back and Donna Murphy isn't in the first several episodes, either, and quite possibly won't be back at all.

"Why was Mr. Dzundza removed from Hack?"

Well, from what we hear, it was essentially because CBS wanted to make the show "younger."  They felt that younger viewers wouldn't watch a show where the three major characters were all over forty, and they wanted to get some new blood in.  So they wrote out George's character, as well as Donna Murphy and Bebe Neuwirth, and replaced them with the new young former-nun social worker and Mike's new con-man friend. 

"Please tell me that Hack has not been cancelled, I really enjoy the show every week but it hasn't been on for awhile now.  Please let me know if its cancelled on not." Jim Bond, Florida

No it hasn't been canceled.  A new episode will air this Saturday.  However, the show has not been officially picked up for a third season yet, either, so the future is still up in the air.

"Enjoyed the Jay S. Jacobs article on George Dzundza.  I used to know him as a youngster, growing up on New York's lower east side.  I frequented Orchidia - the bar/lounge where George was a bartender.  We played bridge together at Le Metro.  We also went to Suzy-Q, a resort in upstate New York.  Although I've seen a number of his movies, I've lost touch with him over the years.  Maybe you could tell me how I could contact him?  Or, perhaps you could pass on my contact info to him?  Thanks"  Zenko Balaban

I'm sorry we really have no way to contact Mr. Dzundza.  The story was set up by CBS, and since George is no longer on Hack I'm sure even they would not be able to contact him.  Best of luck, though.

"George is a fine actor who deserves his own series."  Taldot

"They keep changing things around.  I don't get to see Hack much any more and I haven't seen George in a long time.  I hope everything is alright with the show and with him.  I really like that show.  Sincerely,"  Linda Kolk

I'm afraid George was written off the show after the first season.  CBS decided that they wanted the show to have more of a youthful feeling, so George, Donna Murphy and Bebe Neuwirth were written off the show and replaced by new younger characters.  The episodes for the season have all been run, and it doesn't appear that CBS is rerunning the show right now.   It is very up in the air whether Hack will be renewed for next season.  The rumblings I've been hearing seem to point towards it not coming back, but hopefully it will get another chance.

"I went to grammar school and high school with George.  We were pretty good friends.  It has really been a pleasure to see him doing so well."  Zenonkur

"I love the Hack interview, its my favorite TV series ever. I also grew up in Phila, PA. I have seen some of the locations in Hack, but I'm at a loss as to what Church/Parish is used as St. Victor's in Hack. Could you tell me where the Church is that Father Grizz is Pastor of? I'm dying to find it, but haven't been able to. Please get back to me on this one? Thank you very much."  Ray

Glad you liked the interview. I actually asked George Dzundza that as well, because I am also from Philadelphia. He said the church where they filmed those scenes was St. Gabriel's. I never really looked into it after that, but just looking on Google, it seems there are two St. Gabriel's in Philadelphia, one in South Philly and one in North Philadelphia. I'm not sure which one it is, but I think it may be the South Philly one.

Zac Efron

"You know the interview you did with Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron?  The bit were you mention High School Musical - the Concert, and Zac says 'I didn't go to see that, but I saw it on DVD.'  Well, wasn't he supposed to be in that concert?"

Actually Zac had to miss the concert because he was filming Hairspray. All the other major stars of the movie were there. Also, when he said he hadn't seen it, I think he was referring the the theatrical musical which has played in several cities, not the concert, though of course he didn't see the concert either.


"The interview was great. If you had made the whole cast of Hairspray speak, it would have been more interesting. Next can you interview Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus? It would be exciting to see Miley Cyrus share her secrets. Of course interview Vanessa Hudgens - she rocks.Destiny C.

Linda Ellerbee

"Quite a review of Ms Ellerbee and her outlook on life.  I have never known a lot about Linda.  In fact, probably nothing would be an apt description for it all.  Yet, there has always been something about her that captivated me and held my interest. Her uniqueness in the way she delivered whatever she had to say, her feminism that I think would have remained strong whether she had worn a mechanic's coveralls or a floor length ball gown; all make Linda, Linda.  And so it goes......the world is a better place because she is in it.J.B. First

The Envelope Please... Academy Award Winning Songs (1934-1993)

"How do I purchase the above collection?  And how much does it cost?" Jenknicks

Unfortunately, the box set has been taken off the market, so it is difficult to find new copies, but if you look around it you should be able to find it used or older copies at stores.  The set cost about $60.00 when it originally came out.  Online, it does seem that Amazon.com does carry it as an import at $95.00 ($89.00 used.)  I also noticed the Amazon had the all the disks available for sale separately [as Academy Award Winning Songs (Volume I to V).]  It looks like it would be cheaper to buy the five volumes separately (they are $11.97 each, and Amazon has used copies at around $8.95 apiece.)  So if you don't mind not getting the box and the souvenir booklet, that may be the way to go.  Since the box was put out on Rhino Records, you may also want to check Rhino.com.

Melissa Etheridge

"I love Melissa's music.   Great voice, great songs!  Keep up the great work!!!"  k5mcgucks

"My name is Jenny. The last Melissa concert I went to she did a song called 'Secret Agent.'  It was to be on her new album which i have not seen in stores.  My question is does she have a new CD to be released and if so WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED.  Thank You."  Jenny

I saw her do the song in concert last summer, too.  Since then, she's only released the live video, so hopefully it'll make it on her next album, but I haven't heard any release date for it yet, or even how far along it is.

"I am a devoted fan of Melissa Etheridge's; I love all of her music.  I agree very much so with her quote about not putting labels on people, and letting them expand without only being placed in one genre.  I know many people don't like her music because of her lifestyle, or they think she is too repetitive with her lyrics.  I think she is great, and I hope to hear more stuff from her.  I am not sure if you are doing any interviews on her in the future, but if you are, I would appreciate it is I could be notified.  I just hope that the praises she, and other celebrities, receive are given to her.  It is like she says, 'It is nice to be noticed.'  Thanks,"  Paige Palmer

Thanks for your nice note.  Melissa is apparently finishing up work on her next album.  Maybe when it comes out we'll look into doing another interview with her.

"Melissa sucks ass compared to Greenwheel.  I don't care if Greenwheel gave rights, but she can't get that song nearly as good as Greenwheel.  I'm sick and tired of hearing her on the radio trying to replicate a song that's already perfect.  Request Greenwheel - Breathe AT YOUR LOCAL RADIO STATION!!!!! not her."  Mast Daniels

I agree that Greenwheel's original version of "Breathe" was terrific (in fact, their whole Soma Holiday album was.)  However, I think you are being a little short-sighted about it.  If Melissa's version (which I also think is terrific) is a big hit, as it is shaping up to be, that could only get people to check out Greenwheel who may not have heard of them otherwise.  Not to mention it will make the band a lot of money in royalties so that they will be able to record for a long time to come.   

"Hello, I would just like to thank you for this website.  I am an out-of-the-closet lesbian.  Actually, just getting started with that.  Only about a year.  I'm 19, and I've just been following Melissa Etheridge since I was little.  Grew up listening to her.  Not knowing at the time, how not so popular she was.  Because of the fact that she wasn't following the in crowd.  And I admit, I did that a lot when I was younger.  Her ambition to thrive on her instinct on what taste she wanted to play, blew my mind away and helped me threw my childhood.  Dealing with many things such as parents divorcing, restraints from seeing a parent, alcohol and drug abuse, let alone my sexuality going to a small-town school in IOWA doesn't really help any situation out... at all.  heh.  So I would just like to thank you for the article, and most likely I would love to thank her as well. Thanks. Amber

"I just wanted to express my support since just hearing Melissa has breast cancer.  I too was diagnosed last year right around this time and had numerous surgeries, chemo and continuing to “take one day at a time”.    This is a battle, and no one who has gone through it will tell you anything different.   I never smoked – doesn’t run in my family, but they tell me it doesn’t matter.  So wishes go out for a speedy recovery and let us know how she is doing?    Best wishes,"   Vonney

Yes, luckily it looks like it was caught early enough that she will make a full recovery.  But our prayers for good health go out to her and you, too.

"I will never meet this lady, I really wish I could such beautiful words coming out of that voice of hers. I just live here in South Carolina.  But her music makes me feel like I have some hope left.  Thank you."  Julie Grainger

Dakota Fanning

"That was a great interview with Dakota.  I really feel she is probably one of the best actresses in show business today.  She is wise beyond her years.Gail Katz

"Hello, I am a very huge Fan of Dakota Fanning. She is a very talented actress. I went to see her movie Dreamer. I saw in the interview that she has babysat her little cousin. What is her youngest cousin's name? From,Jesse Crowley

Sorry, we don't have any way to get that info.

Taylor Firth

"I just finished watching the movie [Ice Castles], and all I can say at this moment is I just saw my first miracle."  Phyllis Wheeler

Five for Fighting

"Can you please let the public know that they are truly helping the autistic community, which is HUGE.  Their new song 'World' is so beautiful.  They donate 49 cents every time someone plays the song with the most beautiful images of our 'special children.'  It's through autismspeaks.org.  Whether you or some one you know has been touched by autism now, you will soon.  Thank you,"  Georgie Carapella and family


"I was just writing to thank you for the Flickerstick article that was written.  There are too many articles out there that judge this band from the TV show only and I don't think they have even listened to the album or seen a live show.  They really are an amazing group of guys.  The first concert of theirs that I went to was after "Bands On the Run," but I had never heard of them.  I came out of that show a huge fan.  I think a huge misconception about Flickerstick is that they were made for TV like O-town or some other crap.  Thanks for setting it straight."  Gina

"Nice article, thanks!"  Patrick Munroe

"I think the Flickerstick guys are great. The best live show I've ever seen and the songs are damn good.  I've been to four of their shows, three in Orlando at the Social, Hard Rock live, and BackBooth, and one in Tampa at an Outdoor Festival.  I went to the last tour stop at the BackBooth and the show was awesome.  The guys played some new songs and they sounded good.  Brandon's vocals seemed to have gotten even better at that last show I saw.  They seem to always improve.  I hope to see them again in Orlando soon.  Keep rockin!!!!!!!!!!!"  Gavin

"Great article and it was nice to hear what the band is up to.  I have to disagree about the way the band was shown on TV, me and a few of my friends got into Flickerstick BECAUSE of the show.  Yeah it was funny seeing the band get wasted and all, but I know for myself and my friends that seen the show it was because of the music, not the so-called drama that was portrayed, that turned us on to the band.  Maybe Lea has the wrong impression of why people like the band from seeing them on the show.  I am sure that they get asked a lot of questions about the relationships in the band because of the show from people that seen them for the first time on the show, but people would not buy a ticket or there CD if there music was bad.  The sad part is the band had MAJOR promotion for there music only if they wanted to pursue the popularity that was generated from the TV show, or maybe VH1 didn't want to promote or was confused on how to do that for the band.  I myself wondered WHY they were not on MTV, Leno, Conan or Letterman?  They had the perfect opportunity to do some major self promoting and if VH1 was not backing them to do that, well shame on VH1.  Or Maybe the band didn't want to do that.  Well, in a fan's opinion after they won they should have been all over the airways.  Hell they won because of their music, not sales, music...  But like their video it went by the wayside.  Here today, gone two hours later.  I just wonder who dropped the ball on a promoters wet dream to get this band where they should be, out there for the masses.  Also I have both CD's and Lea, the re-release sounds better and it is more amped up.  I am a fan and hope Flickerstick comes out with something that will make not just their base fans, but everybody discover how good the guys are.  Your fan,"  Mike

"I just went to see the guy's in Boston the other night.  It was a wet and miserable Tuesday night and they nearly packed a famous Boston venue the Middle East (the Mighty Mighty Bosstones recoded their live album there).  The moment they hit the stage it was amazing the way the room filled with energy.  Here in Boston we are in desperate need of rock again and for one night we got it complete with roaring guitar, melodic lyrics and crowd energy.  I have just loved this band for a long time and just want to see them take off and be a huge success…just because they deserve it.  Good article…you did the guys justice with it."  Ben, Boston

"What a perfectly written and factual article by Jay Jacobs.  Please keep Flickerstick in the spotlight as they sure deserve it.  They are a one-of-a-kind rock n’ roll band and should be at the top of the charts by now.Karen Rega

"Hello, I was just wondering when the guys are coming over to LA? I think we are in need for a show soon! Hopefully Flickerstick can make it out here, it would be nice. =) Veronica

Fountains of Wayne

"To whom it may concern, This Fountains Of Wayne article describes Wayne, NJ as a 'tiny hamlet.' What kind of dribble is this?  Wayne is huge and has the population of many mid-western cities. This is why the Sopranos film in Wayne. You've done no research you putz!  Good luck with the Pulitzer!" Tom Shaw (Life-long citizen of Wayne, NJ)

Thanks for your note.  I'm sorry you were offended by the term I used in the article.  I'm also sorry that they seem to be the only two words that you noticed.  However, since you seem to have taken from these two words that I don't know what I'm talking about, I will say that I stand by the term I used.  I am very familiar with Wayne.  I have been there several times over the years and think it is a very nice town.  However, it has a population of 54,000.  It is not one of the ten biggest cities in New Jersey, a state not exactly known for its big cities.  I wasn't trying to suggest that Wayne was some backwoods area like Mayberry or something.  The word "hamlet" means town.  That is what Wayne is.  It is not in any way a knock on your hometown.  I like Wayne and some of my favorite places in the world are even much smaller than that.  I'm not sure why you take the fact that a town is not huge as a negative, but I don't.  Still, I apologize if you took offense from the term.  There was most certainly none intended.  As far as the Pulitzer, I'd never expect to get one from this story.  I interviewed a rock singer.  He was a nice guy and had some very interesting things to say, but it is certainly not worthy of a Pulitzer.  Let's try to keep some perspective here.

“The article was fine, I continue in my resentment to the term ‘hamlet’ when referring to Wayne, NJ. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, defines hamlet as ‘a small village.’   It defines village as ‘a settlement usually larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town.’  This source also describes town as ‘a compactly settled area usually larger than a village but smaller than a city.’  The terms hamlet, village and town are all cross-referenced and I would suspect that they were used interchangeably in the distant past. I believe your current use of hamlet is colorful and a bit of a stretch. Albany, the state capital of New York has a population of roughly 94,000. Charleston, South Carolina has a population just over 100,000. Logic would dictate that if Wayne is a “hamlet”, these two places are “villages”. Would you agree?  I understand artistic license and accept that this is not a life and death matter. My sincere apologies for nit picking and for calling you a putz. This was quite rude and totally uncalled for. I appreciate your timely, educated and gracious response.  Sincerely,”  Tom Shaw 

Okay, Tom, thanks for putting your argument so nicely.  Honestly I used the term because it sounded a little more evocative than just saying small town.  However, I'm not married to every word I've written.  If it bothered you enough that you'd write twice, and since it doesn't really change the meaning of the story, I have changed it to just "town."  I hope that sounds better to you.

Jamie Foxx

"I'm only 16 years old. Jamie Foxx inspired me a lot on that movie. I wish I knew how to play piano, but because of financial problem I don't know how. But GOD gonna help soon. I will be the best piano like Ray and Jamie."   mpho

Joe Franklin

"Great article!  I know Joe for over 30 years and spend a lot of time in his 'un-filed' office on 43rd Street.  All kinds of characters wander in (including me) and I enjoy watching Joe give them an audience.  Joe is a master spoof-artist, as he admits himself.  He has people calling him back ('get back to me around 6 PM' whereby he leaves by 5 PM) and even though these suppliants never (well, maybe rarely) have their wishes granted, they all continue to call back in order to maintain contact with this accessible legendary character.  His real name is Joseph Fortgang which means 'gone away.'  I hope Joe never goes away!"  Art

"I met Joe Franklin the other night for the first time. I always knew him and used to listen to his radio show in the Pocono's on WOR in the wee hours. Anyhow, I'm a stand up comic and Joe came to see my set at Joe Franklin's last Thursday. It blew my mind to meet him. I've met a lot of celebs but this was the best. I wanted to know more about him and I came across Ronald's interview. Wow! It was awesome how he got inside Joe's head and philosophy about show biz and his own career. I'm going to tell him how much I enjoyed it. I really feel like I know him so much better. A great read... Thanks so much," Tom

Stephen Fried

"The interview was short yet so insightful.  Hopefully, Paramount will make Stephen's book (Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia) into the truly fascinating, complex and poignant film that it should be. Colladoreb

From Justin To Kelly

"I just saw Dave Strohler's review of From Justin to Kelly, which includes the comment: 'The script was written by Kim Fuller, whose sole credential to write this is that she is the sister of American Idol creator Simon Fuller'  I think he [Kim] would be surprised to hear that."  Chris

Thanks for pointing out the error.  We will fix it!

Bobby Fuller Four

"Nice article of Bobby.  But his arm was not broken.  Some nitwit with a Texas magazine made that statement.  His body wasn't all bloody either. his head and face looked extremely swollen, red and deep purple.   I was there."  Rick Stone, Bobby Fuller Four road manager

Thank you so much for pointing out the error in our Bobby Fuller article.  Like you said, we'd seen info in articles on the mysterious death which did mention a broken arm, but of course we trust someone who lived through the events over someone writing about it years later. 

Teddy Geiger

"Hello.  Nice article on Teddy Geiger.  His music is impressive and I'm sure he will be quite a success.  I am hoping your website will do a follow-up article, now,  that his CD has been released, and let us fans (yes, I'm a Tedhead) know how well it is selling and how he is doing on the road.  Thank you!Daisy - Fort Wayne, IN

"I luv this kid. He is amazing!!! I just saw him in North Reading at Walmart and the same night at Harpers Ferry on the outskirts of Boston!!!! The harmonizing, poetic lyrics, bright blue eyes, amazing voice and awesome fan base is great!!! Hope this guy makes it to the top!!!!Lindz

"Teddy Geiger is now 18 and I'm 14.  That's four years difference, but I still say he's soooooo cute and fine.  I'm a tomboy type and I subscribe to Seventeen but I would wear a dress, perfume and high heels for him any day!"  Price

Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Hey, how many seasons [of Buffy] are there?  Seven or eight?  My friends and I don't knowPlease tell us !!!Marusha

Buffy ran for seven seasons.

Deborah Gibson

"I think that Debbie Gibson sounds a wonderfully kind and concerned person.  Keep up the good work."  Robert Lister

"Lets hear more about Deb's new album MYOB... Thanx..." Christopher Holt

We've heard great things about Deborah's new album, but honestly haven't heard it yet.  We wish her only the best of luck with it though, she's a very talented and nice woman.

"Thank for showing me your thing about Debbie Gibson. This girl has saved my wife and she is now saving me. Out of the Blue is the music that is the only thing that is saving me right now and maybe if I do this right I might be able to save the Earth. She is an angel. Believe. Take care."  Wilburn

Uhh... Okay...

"Hi!  I'm a die-hard fan of Debbie Gibson... but why does she change her image I'm very disappointed but it's ok."  Christian Agaceta

Lesley Gore

"Lesley Gore is one of the best. I have always had a great admiration for her. I was only nine years old, my Mom would go to a place in Fayetteville, NC with my sister and I called Steve's Drive-In and I would give the bell hop girl a request to give the DJ to play 'It's My Party' What great memories! Love You Lesley!"  KC Russell

Melissa Greene

"A fine job. Informative and very well written! Thanks.Norman Dietz

"A truly wonderful read. Great history on the missing years of a wonderful person. I'm glad to see Melissa has finally found her niche in life. She looks very happy making others happy. Great article! Many Regards,John Raabe

"Just read Melissa Greene's story on your site. Fascinating.Steve Gottlieb


"Hi, I am trying to find Apple Green Hubba Bubba chewing gum in London or New York, or order it online. Thanks for your help." Carol Stolz

You may want to try GroovyCandies.com. I'm not sure if they'd have it, but they have lots of older hard-to-find candies.

"My name is Peter, how can I buy the top 10 chewing gums in LA?  Can you give me their phone numbers?  Thank you."  Peter

Sorry, I don't know of any specific places in LA, but many of the gums are still widely available, others can be gotten at specialty candy stores or websites like groovycandies.com.

Chelsea Handler

"Great interview! Thanks so much for sending it to me. I'm really appreciative. There will a piece in the NY Times tomorrow as well: A NIGHT OUT WITH CHELSEA HANDLER. I've done tons of these interviews so its very nice to have someone do such a nice job!" Chelsea Handler

Jill Hennessy

"I really miss Crossing Jordan! The cast was brilliant and the special effects were superb...knowing that it wasn't filmed in Boston. Jill and Jerry had a real rapport together. The supporting cast really fit the characters. Sure hope they all went on to bigger and better careers. By the way...how is Jerry O'Connell dealing with his twins? He is a hoot!!! Sending best wishes to all,"  B. Healey

Thomas Hine

"Thomas Hine has a third eye - we look, but he sees. The Great Funk is as illuminating as Populuxe, and as good a read as his other books. He's terrific.Arlene

Anthony Hopkins

"Thanks for the article. Better interview than most. Now I feel that if I ever met him on the street I would think 'he's a real person. I can talk to him' and just go up to him and say hello. It amazed me to read that so many people only remember Anthony as the madman Hannibal, because I've seen him in so many other movies. He is always the character he portrays, so the article really gave a picture of a man, well, like my husband or my brother. That's more interesting to me than the usual stuff that is published about celebrities.Ark and N

"I have followed Anthony Hopkins throughout the years, and I think of him as being a really amazing actor, actually a genius in his field.  He leaves you with that ahhhhh feeling, awesome, whatever... difficult to explain and who cares how he did in school.    People are educated in different ways.  Anthony Hopkins is truly an educated man and a very gifted actor.  I still don't understand why Hopkins didn't win more Oscars, especially when I think of the actors who did....it's rather amusing....Maybe the people who vote on the winners are not qualified. (or it's just too political) I  know that there are only a few actors with his acting ability, magnetism and special gifts.  I hope he doesn't stop making films for a long time because he has a very, very large following.Kay Creedon, Litchfield Park, AZ

"In the movie The Edge, do you know the name of the book he received as a gift and then lost in the water when the plane crashed?"  Diane Adams

The name of the book in The Edge was Lost in the Wilds by D. Croyle - though it is not a real book. It is a fictional title that was made up for the film. The author's name is an in-reference to the film's director's assistant, who was named Darragh Croyle.

Sarah Hudson

"I'm really not too up on this rising talent, but what I know about her is, she is a real talent. An actual singer in the wave of image that is mostly what is marketed. I sincerely hope the industry lets her do what she does best, which is sing. I know she has a strong support system around her and that is good. She would be good enough in my opinion without all the modern bullshit that comes with trying to make it in the industry. I hope she just sings and doesn't worry about all the hype. I love the stuff I've heard. That is the real deal.  Sincerely,"  R. DeLuca


"Thanks for the info.  I really like Jewel's new video for 'Standing Still.'  Silly question... What kind of car is she driving in the video?  Thanks" BM

I believe it's a 1972 Ford LTD convertible.

"'Adrian' is one of my favorite songs. I was recently just introduced to the song, but I think it tells an amazing story. I understand that this song is not about a real person, but it really can relate to a lot of things in life.   I am so glad that I was introduced to this song.  What great lyrics!!!   Keep up the great work, Jewel!!  This type of song is so meaningful!!" Kate

"Recently watched Jewel concert on Direct TV in which she opened with a song in a language I didn't recognize, no music to back her up, a capella and it was beautiful.  I would like to find out what the song was, she never said, and what language she sang it in.  I have searched high and wide on the net with no luck.  Many thanks for any help," Hugh

I didn't see the concert, so I'm not sure, but she has opened some shows with "Per la Gloria d'Adorarvi," which is from the 1894 opera "Griselda" by Giovanni Battista Bononcini.  It should be in Italian.  Hope that helps!

"Hi.  I am very inspired by Jewel.  Her poetry and my poetry make sense as a whole...  My reason for writing to you is not to tell you how I admire her, because you will probably think nothing of it...  I live north of San Diego, in San Ramon, California on the East Bay.  I was wondering if you know if she's still living in San Diego or if she is back to her mountain getaway?  I understand she took a couple of years off and spent it in a cabin in the mountains.   Do you know where?  Did she move back to San Diego?  I am hoping you can send me some updated info on here, maybe a web site or some areas where she is doing some gigs.  I would absolutely love to listen to her angelic voice live.  Thanks a bunch."  Gina

Sorry, no we don't know where Jewel is living nor where her mountain cabin is. To get info on her career and touring, check out her official web page for her at: http://www.jeweljk.com/

"When is Jewel's date of birth?"  drsabat

Jewel was born on May 23, 1974.

"Hello, my name is Saira Marrero and I am a huge fan of Jewel. I admire her work and give her much credit for accomplishing so much in her young life. Right now I am a drama student and attend a community college. I am also learning how to play the guitar and Jewel has been my inspiration for that. I love her, because she seems like such a humble and sweet person.  Her music is tremendous and her words are deep. After reading that article on her that you had on your website it made me realize how spiritual she really is. Sometimes, I think if artists really do know how much they affect and touch people's lives... because she definitely has touched mine. I would love to thank her for everything and maybe one day I will be up on stage playing guitar with her. I wish her all success in the world. God Bless. Regards," Saira Marrero

"Do you know if Jewel has a husband and if so what his name is?"  Theresa Barr

Last we heard she was single.

"In her song 'Adrian,' is that a true story? If so what happened to him? Did he die?C. Ramey

Well, we have interviews with quite a few songwriters, but I assume you are talking about Jewel because I know she did a song called "Adrian." If so, then the song "Adrian" from her debut album is not a true story, but came from her imagination. I believe it said that in the interview, but if not Jewel did say in the interview that it was a fictional story and that she once met a fan who felt betrayed when he found out that Adrian was not a real person.

"Hi. The first song I loved was 'Foolish Games.' I fell in love with the singer's taste in music and how she performs her talented vocals in the music culture. Thanks,Vee

"My daughter would like the song 'Face of Love' from Jewel's Christmas sung at her wedding in June, 2006, however, we cannot find the sheet music for this song anywhere.  Can you help us out?  Is it a song written by Jewel herself or was it written by another composer?  Thanks for your assistance.Laurie Carl

Yes, "Face of Love" was written by Jewel.  I'm sorry, I'm not sure where to get sheet music for it.

"I am writing to ask when Jewel will be making another album. She has a lot of talent I listen to her album a lot and wish she would make some more songs.  I love her voice. She is a true talent.  Thank you."  Randy Corliss

She has a new CD called Goodbye Alice in Wonderland coming soon.

Jimmy Kimmel

"How can I get a copy of the clip of Uncle Frank and Aunt Chippy that aired tonight of the drawing class?  I never laughed so hard watching TV like I did today.  It was absolutely the best clip ever.Debby Arasi Boca Raton, FL 

I'm not sure how you could get a hard copy of it, but often they stream clips from the show on the official Jimmy Kimmel Live website.  http://abc.go.com/latenight/jimmykimmel/index?pn=video  Some stuff also makes it onto YouTube.  You could check with ABC to see if it is possible to buy episodes – they will do that for some shows.  Lastly, keep your eyes on the TV listings, the show will often rerun episodes a few weeks after their original run.

Perry King

"Liked the detailed write up on Perry King. Always one of my favorites. Glad to hear that he is healthy, and still working. Would like to see him tour in some traveling theatre somewhere.Obsqur

Peter Krause

"I still miss Sports Night and was really disappointed when it was cancelled."  Mary Thacker

"Really enjoyed your interview with Mr. Krause.  No bios we've read allude to Mr. Krause's marital status.  To settle a bet between several of us Six Feet Under fans, is Peter single, married or married with children?  Thanks,"  Fans

Last I heard, Peter is single.  He has in the past dated people like former Cybill co-star Alicia Witt and film producer Christine King, who as far as I know he is still with.

"I live in France and I watch Sports Night for one year. Its the same episodes but it's always fantastic; and I have the chance to look at these in English!  Thank you for this wonderful show!  I hope I'll see soon the other season."  Violaine

"I still miss Sports Night.  I wish, WISH very much, that it was still on the air.  It was fun to read your interview with Peter Krause."  Mary Thacker

Julian Lennon

"What I think of 'Someday.'  Absolutely amazing. A little bit of John, but a LOT of Julian. Love the Beatles nod and Steven Tyler's vocals. It is a beautiful song about life and i love it!.  What a wonderful surprise for my Friday morning!"  Deborah Weinstein

"Loved it!!  Would listen to it again and again."  Don Ward

"Beautiful video.  Absolutely awesome... I got goose bumps! Quality music and mindful thought inspiring!!! Thank you all."  Susan Miller

"Sweet, simple, great message. Yes!"  Donna Austin

"I’m almost 53 years old, I’ve been a fan of Julian’s since the beginning. Yes, John was my favorite, and yes, I did a lot of comparing at first. But Julian is his own person, he’s not his dad, he’s even better, because although you can hear the similarities in their voices, Julian’s is delightfully different. I love his songwriting and his lyrics. He has a beautiful gift, and I’m glad he’s still sharing it with the world. I wish him much success with this new album, but mostly I’m glad he’s found the peace and contentment he’s deserved for so long. Bless him :)  Would it be possible to email me info on his upcoming Photography exhibit in LA??? My husband and I would like to try to go.  Thank you for your time," Gidget Hall

"I love, love, love, it! And what a great combination! Two amazing artists."  Rose Amaro

"Beautiful people.  I loved it!"  Jmorob

"Love it!"  Eka

"Beautiful song, you must be listening."  Mark Adornetto

"I like this music. It has a continuity and flow to it that was cut off prematurely when the Beatles split up and John Lennon was murdered. It's a lovely feeling of peaceful meditations and the continuity of life. Want more, Julian Lennon!! So happy to hear your music, again. Very appreciated. Music is so important."  Judith Nappe

Richard Lewis

"I've loved Richard Lewis, from the first time I laughed at one of his angst moments. I look forward to getting his new CD and to laughing with him. I also love when he's on Curb. It's not the same when he's not there. I personally would like to see him in every episode. ML,Vicki Gailzaid

Toby Lightman

"Hi.  I really enjoyed your article about Toby Lightman.  She is wonderful and I can't wait for her CD to be released.  Thanks!"  J. Rosenthal

Laura Linney

"I love your interview with Laura Linney she is a remarkable actress. Send wishes to her from Sweden if you meet her again! She so good. I love to see her act. Regards" Birgitta, Sweden


"Lobo for me was the very best of the 70's easy listening singer songwriters. His music was well recorded and he had a fare of lyrics and instrumentation that really made you feel you lived in the song. He had a lot to say about how to live and how he wanted to live his life and it sounds from his bio he has lived the life of which his music speaks. I was in my late teens and early 20's when Lobo had his unforgettable hits. He hit at the perfect time of my life and the perfect time in the music industry to make his beautiful sounding wonderful statements in song.John

"Can you tell me if Kent LaVoie co-wrote 'My Girl Bill' with Jim Stafford?  I read an article on the internet saying he did, but it doesn't show up in his list of songs.  Sincerely,"  Dale

The official songwriting credit for "My Girl Bill" just went to Stafford, but the two were old friends and band mates in a group called The Rumours and Kent LaVoie (AKA Lobo) produced the album which that song (as well as "Wildwood Weed" and "Spiders & Snakes") appeared on, so it is certainly possible that he did contribute a bit to the writing of the song without taking a writing credit. Producers often do that. However, the article may have also just been confused and meant to say that LaVoie had produced the song. We just did an interview with Lobo, but we are in no way affiliated with him, so we can't give a definitive answer. Probably you could get a better answer from his official website, http://www.fansoflobo.com/.

Patty Loveless

"This interview by Mark Mussari was so fine - as sensitive as her music."  Mary Alice Dillard, East Tennessee

Joshua Malina

"Thanks for a great, great article on Josh Malina and West Wing!"  Rach

"I am older than Joshua by six years, but I think he is drop-dead sexy, and I am thrilled that he has joined my favorite show, The West Wing!  Thank you for letting me vent."  Susan Denault

"Hi.  I get up at 7:30AM on Sundays to watch Sports Night on Comedy Central.  My husband - a real Boston high school headmaster, who works 7 days a week, often 16 hour days - and I have had a standing date from the beginning for 9pm on Wednesdays for The West Wing.  We love the intricate writing.  I almost laughed, first seeing the shadow of John Goodman at the season's finale, but in a split second the power of his character took over.  Very very good use of television.  The only positive I can imagine with the brilliant Sorkin's departure is the possibility of actresses who are not Caucasian, tall, and fair-haired also getting roles."  Skidfam

Joe Mantegna

"Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed reading the interview with Joe Mantegna, re Joan of Arcadia and his career up to now.  Great article, great job!"  Linda

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.

"Thanks for keeping us updated on our favorite R&B performers. Great article – well written and insightful! Thanks,Rannie in Florida

Mint Condition

"Very much enjoyed the article on Mint Condition!  I've linked you from the official fan site http://www.themintfactory.com."   Lisa M. Stanton

"I'm glad Mint is back.  Looking forward to seeing the band in Ohio.Yvette M. Bell

"They are a great band and deserve mad KUDOS for this new effort. Livin' the Luxury Brown is an excellent work. Thanks for giving them shine.cm

"'I'm Ready' for a Philadelphia or South Jersey Mint Condition Concert, PLEASE !!!!!!FourtheSummer

Kathryn Morris

"I was wondering if Cold Case the show is filmed in Philadelphia.  My husband is a Philly Cop and he thinks that it is.  Is he right or wrongBy the way I love the show. Cop's wife

Cold Case takes place in Philadelphia. It is mostly filmed in Los Angeles, however they do come to Philly periodically, probably every month or so, to do scenes on the city streets.

"When will Cold Case be in a DVD box set?  I love this show and hope it comes out soon.Lori Hill

Unfortunately, from what I hear, not likely any time soon because of the great expense in licensing all the music that is used on the show.  Hopefully they will find out a way to work that out because the show really should be on DVD.

"Nice article by Jacobs.  Her parents must be so proud.Roy Fraser

"I am so happy that ION Television is showing Cold Case Wednesday's and Friday's. This is my favorite whodunnit on television. I hope the show is renewed for endless years to come."  John Nolan

Well, I'm afraid the show was cancelled a couple of years ago as far as new episodes, but there are tons of reruns which should keep you going for a long time.

Moulin Rouge

"Hi!  I am a fanatic about Moulin Rouge and especially love the songs.  I am planning on doing an audition for a musical and want to use one the songs.  The song I would like to use is "One Day I'll Fly Away" but I don't know the words.  So if it is possible could you send me the words or recommend a useful site.  I would greatly appreciate if this was sent by FRIDAY.  Thanks."  L.J.

You can get the lyrics to "One Day I'll Fly Away" at the following link:  http://www.xlyrics.com/nicolekidman/onedayillflyaway.html

Dermot Mulroney

"Thank you for your article about Dermot Mulroney.  He is a very fine actor... talented... artful... expressive....in possession of the great voice... I am yet to see Dante's Inferno, though I read the book.  So will be the judge of his work after seeing the movie.  Also....if you can....my congratulations to Mr. Mulroney on this honor.  Best wishes for the future projects.  And  he looks nice too...Danica

The Munsters

"Hello. Could you tell me if The Munsters DVD will be released in the UK. I've only seen it advertised to play on American DVD players. Cheers," marc

Actually, before your email, I didn't know that it hadn't been released in the UK.  I can't find any info on a release date, you may want to contact Universal, they have the rights for the show.  Maybe they will know.

Anne Murray

"I just wanted to compliment you on your article about Anne Murray. I especially was happy to see your words encouraging her not to retire - I don't know that she knows how much this old world needs her right now but she is a very great gift. We need to let her know how much she is appreciated. Thank you for joining those of us who appreciate her so much.Linda Fox

"Mr. Mussari, Your article about Anne Murray is superb.  By definition, superb is stately; majestic; magnificent; splendid; elegant; very fine; excellent; and grand.  They all wrap themselves around Anne Murray. My husband and I were fortunate to see Anne in concert in Lakeland, Florida in March.  We've been to her last two Christmas concerts also.  We were familiar with her signature songs like 'You Needed Me,' 'Could I Have This Dance' and 'Snowbird'... but not until I collected her body of work over the past three years, did I have a clue to this lady's talents and influence. Your article was wonderful.  Enjoyed it very much."  Carolyn Dickerson

"I first saw her when I was 16 yrs old at Disneyland in 1972 / 73. Anne Murray's music helped me get through the tough times of growing up. She is my favorite singer and wish she would come to San Diego, Ca."  Jeri

Anna Nalick

"Are you sure Jewel didn't just dye her hair dark brown and change her name? This girl sounds like Jewel, so much so, I thought it was Jewel. After hearing the song 'Breathe' I went to Jewel's website to find the song, and her new album, but only found old albums. So I thought that she hasn't released it to the public yet. I then searched for the lyrics of 'Breathe,' and up popped a page with Anna Nalick's lyrics. I couldn't believe it! I'm still denying the fact that it's not Jewel singing!Clint

"Such a beautiful young girl! With such a powerful voice! How can you beat it?" Landon

"What a great interview!  This girl is amazing.  If she doesn't end up being a big star then there is no such a thing as a star anymore.D. Nickelson

No One

"I'm 42 years old, this is the best music I've listened to in many years. I'm waiting for the new album."  Framus

"I really appreciate the article about No One.  I first heard them at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC with Spineshank and Fear Factory (I am so upset they broke up).  I was able to grab one of their demo CD's, and instantly fell in love with the lyrics and the balls to the wall sound they have created.  I bought the full length album as soon as it was released.  Almost all of the songs on that album touch me in a personal way, and I relate to their words so well.  You are correct, it is very hard to find information on them out there on the web. Thanks for posting what you have, and if you know how to contact the group, please let them know that they have a life-long fan out there!"  Christine (a.k.a. Deona)

"Well I read the thing on the band NO ONE. and I love it. I saw them about four years ago at the Pledge Of Allegiance tour with Slipknot. I was only eleven years old and was a metal head.  Now that I think about it I'm fifteen and realized that this emo scene took over all those good underground metal bands like NO ONE and those bands never really went anywhere. It sucks.Brandon Brassard

"Hey, I would just like to know what happened to NO ONE? Have they broken up? Do you know the band's website? Thanks.Dan

Honestly, we're not sure.  I haven't heard anything about a breakup, but they also haven't released new music in a while and their website is at least temporarily down.

"Still one of the great bands. One of my favorite CDs. What happened to them??????Sukabigfish

"I was recently trying to find out what happened to the band No One.  I've loved them ever since I bought their first CD and I can't find anything about them anymore!  I came upon your site and was wondering if you guys knew.  Thanks a lot!"  Gregg Katzman

Sorry, I'm afraid we don't...

Greg Oppenheimer

"Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez are very funny and I really enjoy seeing them on TV. They were very good actors and I wish I could have seen them when they were around. Everytime I go to school, I always take pictures of my favorite actors. My friends are always talking about how I love to see them. My wish is to go visit her grave and to visit her house in Jamestown and in Hollywood, CA. It was very good of talking to you, and it makes me feel better, because I got to say my word of Lucille." Lorena

"Hi do you have I Love Lucy scripts? Because it says you have them and you don't have them!!!"  Gingerpetals

Hi, no sorry, we don't. I'm not sure where you heard we did, maybe a search engine found us because we have a story with Gregg Oppenheimer where he discusses scripts. You might want to check out Lucylibrary.com.

"PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that they will release The Stone Pillow (ed. note: a 1985 TV movie starring Lucille Ball as a homeless woman and Daphne Zuniga as a reporter trying to help her)  to VHS!  Ask Ms. Arnaz and whoever might be able to make that decision. Her fans have been desperate for this release.  I personally have been trying to find this movie since the first time I saw it in 1985.  I hope you can make this dream a reality.  Thank you!"  Lee

I haven't heard anything about the movie being released, and like you I haven't seen it since it originally aired. Maybe you should make the suggestion at www.LucyLibrary.com. I believe Lucie Arnaz is involved with the site.

"Hello, I would like the opportunity to tell you how much Lucille Ball, meant to me.  I can't tell you how much I would turn sadness into laughter simply by watching one or more episodes of I Love Lucy.  Although I've seen each episode over a hundred times (I own all the episodes), Lucy, Desi, Vivian and Fred could always help me forget my troubles for a while and remember how wonderful life can be sometimes.  Thank you for taking the time to read my email."  Dan McCord

"Hello.  My name is Natalie.  I am in theater and my friend and I want to do the I Love Lucy episode where she is in the chocolate factory, do you know where I could find this script? Sincerely,"  Natalie

Hi.  No, sorry, we don't. You might want to check out Lucylibrary.com.

Our Lady Peace

"I'm a die hard OLP fan, but when Turner was in the band they were way better."  M. Reid

Erik Palladino

"Hello, I'm wondering when the article about Erik is from?"  Marissa

The interview was done in May of 2001.  Hope you enjoyed it!

"Hi, it's a fan of ER.  My name is Mehdi and I come from France, more precisely from Lyon.  I would like to say that this series is very good.  I try to see it everyday.  In addition, I want to say that the actors play very well and most of the woman actors are very cute (Dr. Cordet, Chen, Aby...etc.) LOL.  So I don't speak English very well.  I want to know if the serie is finished or not with Dr. Palladino?"  Mehdi, France 

I'm afraid Erik Palladino has left ER, he left back in 2002.  Most recently he had a recurring role on the new series Joan of Arcadia

"Erik Palladino is the sexiest man alive. He's well educated and a very talented actor.  I would love to see him back on ER, or at least have his own TV series, he deserves it!  Love,"  Lisa 

"Man, I love Erik Palladino.  I am his biggest fan."  Army1Babe

"I love the site on Erik Palladino, only wish there were more updated pictures. I think his hairstyle [shaved] looks great on him and I only wish I were as lucky as you to have that conversation with him.  Thanks."  Crissy

"Hey, there! I loved the Erik Palladino interview! He sounds so great and level headed. Is there any chance you can do another interview to get more recent info? Thanks!Marie

"I love Erik P.  He is my favorite actor!!Turkfam

Vincent Patrick

"Great to finally stumble on an interview with this highly unprolific genius. Good to see what he finally looks like, too. They should've given him a role as an extra in Pope – one of the best films of the 80s. The summer wind/Came blowin' in..."  Jason G


"Great article and interview on Pentatonix.  There is one mistake near the end though: their record company is Madison Gate, not Modern Gate as stated."  Shawn Bakker

Thanks for pointing out the error.  We've fixed it.
"One (if not THE) best groups out there! I've actually started to listen to current music because of them. ALL of their arrangements are better than the original in my 
opinion (but I'm prejudiced). Each member is a great artist in their own right and put them together and you have pure perfection.  Great article!"  Jim Lowary

Pauley Perrette

"Hey, I'm 16 years and from the UK.  I just wanted to write to you and say that I loved the Pauley interview. I love her so much, she's my role model. I was just wondering if there is any way at all that I could get in touch with Pauley in any way at all because I am wanting to get into the acting career and I know that Pauley kind of 'accidentally' got into the job. I need advice from her and I just wondered if you could make this dream reality? Please? Pauley is my guidance, I need some motivation. Please reply. Love to all.Rebecca Hunter

I’m glad you liked the interview.  Unfortunately, we don’t really know of any way for you to contact her directly. As discussed in the story, she no longer has an internet blog. You may want to try writing her via NCIS. I can’t promise it will get to her, but it is worth a shot.

"Love the show but the new blonde, hope she goes! Not a good mix. Too much friction to make it last. Romance is good, but don't interfere with cast as they are. A fan"  Joyce Wohn

James Pickens, Jr.

"I agree with every single word you said!!!  TV Guide should feature this show.  Any clue as to how to get them to do this?  The Lyon's Den is one of the best shows on TV.  And it's getting a bum rap...  Mr. Zucker should be ashamed of himself for treating it the way he does.  No Promos.  Taking it off the schedule.  Putting it back on then only to take it off again.  Kyle Chandler is the best thing on this show, and if NBC had any brains they would sign him up for something else once they yank this for good.  Thank you for your efforts.  I'm glad someone out there has a brain and is able to see what most of us loyal viewers see.  Too bad the Bigwigs at NBC don't see it."  Sharon Pucci, Charlotte, NC

"I just read your column calling The Lyon's Den the best show you're not watching, and I wanted to let you know that as a fan of the show and all of the actors involved with it, I appreciate your lone voice in the wilderness.  I was wondering though just when you spoke with Mr. Pickens, since his comments seem to imply that the show has a future.  That would seem to contradict every television writer I've read, as well as a recent quote from Rob Lowe saying he recognizes that 'the writing is on the wall.'  I have never understood NBC's stubborn insistence on keeping TLD in the Sunday at 10 PM timeslot, even after having it off the air for weeks.  Isn't it obvious to them that having it in direct conflict with another law drama would spilt the viewership, favoring the one that's been on the air much longer, and getting some renewed buzz?  I'll be really distraught if we never get to see any of the filmed episodes NBC has not aired yet.  I bought into their own early buzz, and allowed myself to become invested in this show, the characters, and the storyline.  At this point, though, I'd just like to know if I should let go and move on, or if there really is a snowballs chance that NBC is behind this show.  Thanks for the thoughtful writing!"  Abigale Peters

Thanks for your note.  I will forward it to Jay.  We've been getting lots of letters from people who are passionate fans of The Lyon's Den.  In answer to your question, Jay spoke with James Pickens, Jr. on October 22, which was about a week before NBC pulled the show for the sweeps month, as I recall.  We're all hoping the show gets another chance in another timeslot where it can catch on with a bigger audience.  But I guess that's all up to NBC.  We too have heard their execs and it isn't sounding too hopeful.  Their publicists are all very positive about the show, but of course that's their job.  The best you and the fans can do is keep contacting NBC and letting them know that there is an audience for the show.

"Hi.  Thanks for the Lyon's Den article, there's a lot of people out there hoping that NBC do keep the faith with this show.  Even to the point that they're writing letters and sending emails to all involved.  It's the most exciting new show that I've seen in a long time and I can't bear the thought that it might not get a chance to mature.  Thanks again for the great article and interesting interview with James Pickens Jr.  Best,"  Caroline

"Thank you so much for selecting Lyon's Den as the Best Show You're Not Watching.  As a fan of the show it has been a nightmare watching NBC's apparent lack of support or enthusiasm for the show.  I am a member of a fan group that has been busy emailing, writing and signing a petition.  I know that your article has cheered us all up immensely!  Thank you again for highlighting what so many others fail to see; the Lyon's Den is a great show with even greater potential.  Best wishes.  Here is a link to the petition:  Lyon's Den Petition."  Pam Ridgwell

"I love this show...I love the cast!   Intellligent, interesting, original, with a cast that actually knows how to act.  Please, please, please do all you can to promote it so that the people who haven't watched can see how good it is and what potential it has. Reality shows are old and below most people's mentality and we really need good drama like The Lyon's Den.  NBC should wake up and start promoting it heavily, not take it off the air so it loses its momentum and audience.  Thanks for listening!"  Baytripper

"I loved this article and agree fully that it's a great show that more people need to watch.  I hope TV Guide and NBC listen to you and promotes The Lyon's Den a bit more."  Dollene

"I agree.  I think The Lyon's Den IS the best show people aren't watching.  I would be thrilled if TV Guide were to choose it for that feature this season.  It might get more people to give The Lyon's Den a try, and encourage NBC to give it the time, promotion, and support that it deserves.  It has such a great cast, and the storylines keep the viewer wanting to find out what's going to happen next.  The Lyon's Den is a shining gem in a season that's otherwise pretty much just a pile of drab rocks.  Kindly promote it every time you get the chance!"  Nadine

"I am a huge fan of Rob Lowe and The Lyon's Den.  I haven't read a better article than yours. You really articulate what the show and characters are about rather then jumping onto the 'Rob Lowe story.'  This is a great drama with a great cast - and I can't believe there isn't more buzz about the entire cast! I love Rob Lowe and that's why I watched the series, but I can't believe NBC would let a cast like this get away.  I am part of a website that has sent letters and emails to Jeff Zucker and other powers-that-be in hopes of saving the show.  There is also a petition online to save the show that is now up to 1000 signatures.  Aside from trying to save the show, I just appreciate an article written by someone who has obviously watched the series and has done their homework.  That seems to be getting more and more rare in the media these days.  Thank-you for that!  And one big 'amen' to all your comments.  Oh, and one more thing - although I love Rob Lowe - it was great to read about another actor on the show.  P.S. Can we send your article to Mr. Zucker?  Your fellow Lyon's Den fan,"  Terry Burrell

Thanks for your note.  It's funny, the story has been up for a few weeks but just today we've started hearing from a lot of fans like yourself actively trying to save the show.  I'm glad, we were beginning to think no one else was out there as into the show as we are.  I actually signed the petition online that one of the fans told us about.  (I was number 1001, just missed the cool number!)  Anyway, anything we can do to help, we'd be happy to.  Yes, feel free to send the story to Mr. Zucker.  I hope he'll see that people like the show and give it a better chance, maybe in a different timeslot.

"I just want to thank you for the article on The Lyon's Den.  I'm very sorry that this show hasn't done better in the ratings, and that NBC doesn't seem to want to stay with it.  I agree this is a great cast, who are all doing fine work.  And, thank you for not jumping on the Jack is too good to be true bandwagon.  That's one thing (among many) that I like about the show.  These are flawed human beings.  Even the lead character."  Angela

"Please do everything you can to keep this great show on the air.  It's the best new show going, and the cast is terrific - especially Kyle Chandler.  He's one of the finest actors I've ever seen.  Help keep it on!"  Joan Gill

"Just a short note to thank you for taking the time to write such an articulate article on The Lyon's Den.   It makes a refreshing change to see an intelligent piece of writing that clearly reflects interest and  an understanding of the show.  Sadly, it seems that many of the show's critics only capable of seeing writing about the show as an opportunity to make a snide comment about Rob Lowe.  In contrast, your article was just a pleasure to read.  As a Brit who managed while visiting the US to catch this programme, I am astounded that it hasn't caught on more.  I can only imagine how disappointed the cast and crew are at the apparent lack of support from NBC and the masses.  Best wishes,"  Frances Clarke

"I agree completely with your assessment of the show's merit, and I hope that TV Guide picks up on it."  Roxane Murray

"Hi. I just read your article on The Lyon's Den and James Pickens. I am a big fan of the show and have been praying that it won't be cancelled for low ratings. What was NBC thinking placing it at 10PM on Sundays instead of letting it be buoyed and find an audience (before moving it) by The West Wing (as so many other networks do)? More over they bring it back the Sunday night after a holiday weekend... when people are just returning home/getting ready for the new week. This boggles my mind... I was head of programming and development at a cable channel for five years... everyone knows that time slot on an unproven show is suicide.  I am curious if TV Guide has already decided to run the article on LD as their pick as well for the best show nobody's watching... do you know? And when does that article run (month of year)?  Thanks,"  Claudia Wolfkind Run With The Wolf Productions

To our knowledge, TV Guide has not decided on a show for their "Best Show You're Not Watching" issue yet.  I believe that they usually do the issue around March or April, (definitely after the February sweeps) so I guess it all depends on how much a chance that NBC gives The Lyon's Den and if it is still on the air at the time.  If so, I think that the show has a real shot. 

"I'm writing about your article which was an interview with James Pickens, Jr. and his role on The Lyon's Den.  A friend of mine, Terry Burrell,  wrote and told you about our campaign to save this show and our petition we have circulating.  You wrote her back and said you signed as #1001 and we thank you for doing so.  Who the hell are you? you're probably asking yourself about now.  My name is Jesse Morgan and I'm the Den Mother (read: list owner) of LyonsPride, a discussion group for The Lyon's Den, and now, the driving force behind the campaign to try and keep TLD on the air.  When Terry showed me your article and your response to her note, I was thrilled.  We have forwarded your article on to Jeff Zucker and others.  You asked if there's anything you else you can do to help.  Could you write an article on LyonsPride and our campaign and print it on the popentertainment.com site, along with the link to the petition?  It would have to be soon, because time is of the essence.  That would give us even more exposure, and every bit helps.  Again, thanks for being 1001 and I hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks also for responding to my friend Terry.  Sincerely,"  Jesse Morgan - Den Mother "LyonsPride"

I appreciate your hard work to help save the show.  I truly hope your efforts pan out.  We don't really do stories on web groups, so I'm not sure it would really fit into the format of our site.  However, what we can do is put a link to the petition at the end of the James Pickens, Jr. story.  Frankly, it would probably get more immediate results anyhow, a new story can take a few weeks to make it onto the search engines.  Do you have any kind of banner you have been using for that in your group or other sites?  We can have it added to the page by tomorrow.

"I am a huge fan of James Pickens.  I lost track of where he ended up since the first play we were in at BGSU and his days in NY off-Broadway.  The article depicts him accurately and gives a behind the scene look at Pickens.  We are so proud of his accomplishments. Please pass along this information to PICK and tell him we (Dennis, Bruce and Dana) are watching for him along with our kids."  Dana Burke

"I hope you can get this letter to James. I went to Bowling Green with him and he told us all he would be an actor. Tell him if you can, I am proud to see him on so many things on television. I tell my wife every time I see him, 'damn there's James, he said he would be an actor.James, keep up the good work..."  Leslie Rose, Bowling Green 1974


"A friend of mine, David Harlow, just forwarded a review [of his album] from popentertainment.com.  It was a very well written review.   I would be interested in having my new cd reviewed on your site.  Where should I send a copy?  Thanks," Eric

You can send review copies and press info to: PopEntertainment.com - 1518 Grove Avenue - Jenkintown, PA 19046.

"Your reviews on movies are very critical, thus good. I do believe whoever does them misses some points on some but shows himself not to be shallow on his opinion. well done. As for your music... I really liked your interviewing Sixpence None the Richer and think that putting your interviews on your site is very good. i don't know why though you limit yourself to pop entertainment, and your 'you don't need any other entertainment' or whatever slogan just doesn't fit your site. I like your site and i didn't feel that it was a waste of time to discover all that it had, not like most sites i've seen. i'd just like to say, keep up the good work and don't stop just cuz not a bunch of people visit, do it cuz its fun, and make it where someone would feel proud that they discovered it or make it where you actually get "fans. good luck, God bless, bye!   P.S.. I truly do not understand the categories of music. Like what is pop? N'Sync says its their music while Sixpence...well...that's doesn't seem like the same as N'Sync. So what is what? Do you know?" Nathan

Thank you so much for your nice note. We appreciate hearing our readers’ opinions, both good and bad.  As for the name, Popentertainment, we really aren't talking "pop" as in pop music... though several of our writers are huge pop fans... but more to mean "popular" (i.e. pop culture). Actually, when Jay Jacobs and Ron Sklar started the site they wanted either the name Entertainment.com or Popculture.com. Both names were taken, so they split the difference. So we try to open ourselves to all kinds of music, beyond pop we have blues and roots rock (Chuck E. Weiss), metal (No One, American Head Charge), folk (Jewel), rock (Melissa Etheridge), alternative (Tori Amos), etc. And of course, we also have TV, movies, books, etc.  As for what exactly should be considered "pop" music, there are no real definite guidelines. It's just music that would be considered catchy, I suppose, to give a way oversimplified explanation. Hope you keep coming back to see what we add to the site, and thanks again for checking us out!

"Hello, I was just wondering how someone might e-mail one of your featured artists?  As in one of them we might want to contact?"

It would really depend on which artist you are talking about, but your best bet would be to contact their record label, publishing house or film or TV studio.  More often than not, we do not have information on how to contact the artists directly, but even if we do know how to get to them, we'd never give that info to a stranger on the internet. 

"Great job!!!!!!" SACD

Thanks!  I'm not sure what for, but thanks!

"I have a suggestion for a feature.  Brian Vander Ark (The Verve Pipe) has a new solo CD out called Resurrection.  Brian has had an interesting career with the ups and downs.  I think it would make an interesting read.  You can reach him through his website www.bvamusic.com.  Thanks,"  Anita Saliba

We'd be happy to look into it.  I like the Verve Pipe, and I know one of our writers even interviewed the band's guitarist A.J. Dunning for another mag when the last album, Underneath, came out.  Do you have any idea who is handling publicity for the album?

"I really like this page.1697

"This passage was very interesting I liked it a lot. Thanks for letting people read this on the internet."  Tori Cobb

Lisa Marie Presley

"Thanks so much for the Ken Sharp interview with Lisa Marie Presley. It wasn't bullshit. That's rare. The fans really appreciate it. Sincerely," Georgie Pendragon, Amherst, Ma.

Richard Price

"Loved the interview with Price.  I've been a big fan of his for many years.  I was wondering if you could tell me how to get an e-mail to him.  Thanks a lot."  Mitch Scott

Glad you liked the story.  No, we don't know how to get an e-mail to him, in fact he told our writer he was kind of internet illiterate.  Your best bet to get a message to him would be to contact his publishing house.

"This is a fantastic interview, the best I've ever read with Richard Price. He filled in to teach a writing class I took at NYU back in 1978, so I have always followed his career with interest. I learned a lot about him from this, though. Thanks!"  Laura

I forwarded your note to Ron, who did the interview, and he said you made his day.

"My sister's sister-in-law is a retired NY city police detective who the character, Yolanda, is based on her in his book, Lush Life.  Just found out recently, they are very good friends, and have known each other for many years.  Just wanted to mention this fact..."   Jeanne

"Just read your two Richard Price interviews, they were great.  Thanks!"   Jason

"I read those interviews and found the questions to be good, his answers compelling, like the two novels that I just read this week, Samaritan and Lush Life.  Not having TV means, of course, that I am unfamiliar with The Wire - a show universally acclaimed on NPR, in the NYKr, etc. but the interviews have given me insight into the author, his work ethic, veracity, etc. AND as a former New Yorker I marvel at his feel for dialogue and his sensitivity for the characters he creates.  Thank you."  Joan Marie Davidson

Quincy M.E.

"I agree with Jay Jacobs' review of Quincy M.E., however I used to call the show THE GIRLFRIEND OF THE WEEK SHOW.   Jack Klugman once said he had a face that resembled an unmade bed so how did he get all those beautiful women half his age?  And what would happen if you were a Coroner and went out on a first date and she asked you what you did for a living?  She' excuse herself to go to the Ladies Room and you would never see her again.  And I seriously doubt that any Coroner personally goes out on a toxic dump site or combs a field looking for a sick kid. Yes I agree it was a great show, but talk about taking liberties........jeez.J. Davis

Colin Quinn

"I am looking for Colin Quinn's roots in Brooklyn.  I know he grew up in Park Slope.  Where did he go to school (elementary, junior high, high school, college)?"  Marty Murphy

I'm sorry, our writer was interviewing Colin about his career, that kind of thing didn't come up.  You may want to check www.colinquinn.net.

"My name is Rose Schwartz and I'm 22.  I'm originally from Miami, but moved out here to LA to pursue my film/TV production career goal.  Anyway, I just want to say that I read your article on Colin Quinn (and Tough Crowd).  I happened to stumble upon it while looking for pics of Colin out of momentary boredom.  I always liked him but especially like him on Tough Crowd.  While looking on the internet (not to mention the Tough Crowd message boards!), I find soooooo many negative things about him and his hosting abilities.  I can't always argue with what they say, but they are really stupid.  I mean, that that is what I like about him so much: his absolute humanity.  His stutters sometimes, bombs, etc.  I like that he's not polished like Chuck Woolery.  If you haven't guessed, I also think Colin's really sexy.  I love the pictures in the article. :)  In any case, I just wanted to compliment you on the article and I'm happy that not everything about Colin on the internet is bad.  I wish you well in your journalism career.   Best Regards," Rose

"As a news junkie, I watch C-Span, CNN, MSNBC and occasionally FOX News.  At 11:00 P.M. I go for the lighter, comic view of the news from The Daily Report.  Unfortunately Jon Stewart's Show is followed by this Neanderthal Tough Guy show, hosted by Colin Quinn.  Normally, I change the channel immediately; but on Monday (5/3/04), I heard some of Quinn's show.  His  guests  were actually poking fun at the Iraqi Prisoner pictures... suggesting they did the same thing in their college days!  I wonder if these fun-loving college kids would find it so funny if their brothers or sisters, their mothers or fathers were photographed in such a degrading way?  I'm not promoting religion, I'm agnostic; I'm not promoting censorship, I'm progressive!  But in their quest to make money is their ANY LINE they won't cross??  Please tell Comedy Central to drop Colin Quinn from their line-up!"  Jill Dunn

We didn't see the episode you refer to, so we can't really comment on it specifically.  I will say that many shows in going for edginess can cross the line a bit.  However, I'm not in favor of trying to ban all of these people from the airwaves.  Bill Maher was dropped from ABC because he expressed an unpopular opinion... an opinion not on politics, but on semantics.  The great thing about the United States is that we do have the freedom of speech.  Even if we don't agree with what they are saying, we have to stand up for people's rights to say things.

"Why isn't Colin Quinn following Jon Stewart this week???!!!  I have TiVo... and that hour with those guys together is sacred scheduling!!!  Please make sure they put Tough Crowd back to its slot following Jon Stewart!!!  Tough Crowd is hot.  Tough Crowd following Jon Stewart is cutting edge brilliant."  Drawingman

I'm not sure why Comedy Central didn't show it that week, but the show is apparently still on.

"I am trying to obtain a copy of Colin Quinn's video, 'Going Back to Brooklyn.'  My grandfather was in that video.  Could you help me out?  Thanks,"  Michele

Sorry, as far as I know the special has never been released on video. It was made for MTV, so perhaps if you contact them they would have some suggestions.

"Hi.  Great article on Colin Quinn.  Thank you," Austyn

"When is Colin's birthday?  Thank you."  Dee

His birthday is June 6, 1959.

"Your Colin Quinn story needs updating: 'Now we know him as host of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, which has been happily renewed by Comedy Central through the futuristic year of 2004. The irreverent commentary forum, peopled by a panel of non-expert comedians, draws more than half a million viewers each night. This peanut gallery – consisting mostly of Colin’s comedy world cronies –  toss hilarious barbs at the world, and when the barbs are not so...'  According to my understanding, 2005 has been going on for some time and Tough Crowd has been off for no much less than that.Carle Groome

Sorry, it is just an interview from a time when the show was still on the air.  All interviews get outdated – particularly ones about television.  Unfortunately things change quickly in TV and it would be nearly impossible to update all of them on a continuous basis.  So instead we – and almost all other websites and magazines – offer them as a snapshot of a particular moment in time.  Most people understand that, particularly since the story does say Copyright 2003. 

"Is there any way I can get an address for Mr. Quinn?  He was in Kuwait, entertaining the troops, and had a picture taken with my son.  I would love to have Mr. Quinn autograph the photograph.  Thank you in advance."  Janet Hall

We don’t have any direct contact information, but I’d suggest you try contacting his official website: http://www.colinquinn.net/Hopefully, they will be able to help you.

Josh Radnor

"Is there any way to write to Josh Radnor directly?Harika Timur

Sorry, we have no personal addresses or contact info for him.  Your best bet is to write him through CBS Television in LA.

Robert Redford

"I love Robert Redford. I love what he says and what he does.Virginia

Elwood Reid

"I was working at West Side Book Shop in Ann Arbor and Elwood Reid was working at the Blind Pig...  Craig Nova, Uncle Tupelo, etc.  Anyway, I now own two used book shops in Knoxville, TN, and I just ran into his face and he's now a published author!  Congratulations to Elwood, and I will read his book as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.  Sincerely,"  John Coleman, Bookseller

Mimi Rogers

"Great byplay with Mimi Rogers.  She is really something!Capaldi30

Henry Rollins

"Henry Rollins is an absolute enigma; which is intriguing in and of itself. The man is an absolute genius! I have total respect for him...Ellen Pedone


"This is seriously the BEST interview on Rosey that I've read so far... you really did your homework!!  Sending it to her and to everyone working her record so they can understand her even better...  THANKS again!!   Cheers," Rey Roldan, Island Records

"I'm a musician from Istanbul, Turkey.  I may be asking it to the wrong person, but your article is one of the few things I could find in the net about Rosey.  So my request is; I need some information about the music of Rosey... especially the notes, chords, etc.  Thank you for interest..." Ersen Sener

Your best bet would probably be to check Rosey's official website at http://www.roseymusic.com.

"Hi, my name is Camilla.  I write you because I'm getting crazy: I cannot find the song text of 'Love' by Rosey. Could you help me in some way?  Thank you a lot for the attention.  Best regards,"  Camilla from Italy

The lyrics to "Love" are on Rosey's website www.roseymusic.com.  The following link should take you directly to it: http://www.islandrecords.com/rosey/01_ll_love.las

"She's fuckin' awesome. I really hope I hear more of her!"  Tashia

Rosey recently left Island Records and is starting her own label.  She is planning on releasing a new album in 2004.

Raphael Saadiq

"Tell me something a little personal about him; such as is he married?....How old is he?Jappo1

As of this writing (in September of 2007), he is 41 years old.  As far as I can tell he is single – I can't find any references to a wife and there were rumors that he was dating Joss Stone when working on her current album.


"In the Shakira article, her spanish album is called Donde estan los ladrones?  Not Dónde Están Corazón (Where Are The Thieves?)"  Dropcanvas

Thanks for pointing out the mistake.  We changed it.

"This is a really cool web site.  I am doing my research senior paper on Shakira but I needed a lot more information on her.  I couldn't find it before.  Thanks,"  Vanessa

"Hi.  My name is Tony from McAllen, TX. I'm just writing to let you know that I love Shakira's new video ["La Tortura"] as well as the new CD. I also wanna say that I love the fact that she did a song with Alejandro Sanz.  He is so F@#### n sexy.  Shakira U R still the best.  UR number one fan,"  Tony Macias

The Sisters

"Hi, where can I find or buy the screenplay of The Sisters and other screenplays by Richard Alfieri like Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks?  Thank you for your kind answer,"  Mario Debellario

You may want to check stores or websites which specialize in theatrical literature. One a quick search of Amazon.com it appears that Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks was released by the Samuel French Co in 2005, though judging by the high prices being charged I'd guess that it is no longer in print. Click the link if you'd like to try buying it off of Amazon.com. I am not finding any evidence that The Sisters is carried by Amazon, but perhaps it was still printed (many plays are printed in smaller, almost-pamphlet-like runs.) The only other title I could find by Richard Alfieri on Amazon.com is an older title called Ricardo-Diary of a Matinee Idol (1989) which is also apparently out of print but available at a much more reasonable cost.


"I have to agree that Spin City is a great sitcom.  I think the Michael J. Fox episodes were the best because of the cast, but the new ones [with Charlie Sheen] are great too.  My all time favourite sitcom ever, though, after Spin City, has to be M*A*S*H.  It may be a 70's show but it's really great. It is very funny, it has a great cast, and even when cast members left, their replacements we're just as good... Trapper John to  BJ, for example.  I've seen a couple of sites on the web saying M*A*S*H  was shallow and made it look like the war wasn't that bad, but I disagree.  I think that writing McLean Stevenson (Henry) out of the cast by killing him was to show that the war wasn't as nice as it seemed, and that nice innocent people got killed.  I think it has a lot going for it, and it should be at least in your top 6 sitcoms.  Thank you for listening to me ramble on about a program I am obsessed with.  Best Wishes."  Felicity McWilliams

Thank you for your note. You've got good taste in sitcoms!  Our article was more about current sitcoms, but one of these days we'll have to put together an article on the best sitcoms ever.  I'm sure M*A*S*H would be on there, as most of us are fans of the show, too. (Except for one of our editors, who is not as fond of the show as the rest of the world.)

"What you said about The Norm Show was a bit harsh.  The first series was mildly funny, and even sometimes very funny (at least parts of the first series).  Did you ever see the 'I Have An Excellent Hand' episode?  I think you were perhaps overly harsh, and should have mentioned it had at least a few quite good episodes."   Byron, Australia

I really do appreciate your opinion on the story.  Sorry if you felt I was too harsh on the series The Norm Show.  I do agree that it sometimes had funny stuff, but as a fan of McDonald's I was pretty disappointed by it.  I also was telling the truth about my feeling about the characters, they just seemed to be consciously made out to be bad human beings.  The fact that I disliked the characters so much probably made me less likely to overlook some things.  I don't remember the specific episode you mentioned, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if you were right and it was a funny episode.  There were some very talented people on both sides of the camera on that series and it did have great potential.  I personally never felt it lived up to it's promise, so that may be why I was tougher on the show than I might be on a show that I had no hopes for.  That being said, I am updating the story up to the current season and I have noted that Norm McDonald's short-lived new series A Minute With Stan Cooper was by far the funniest show of the new season.  Sadly it didn't last very long, but I laughed more watching that show than any other show of the new US season, with the possible exception of Arrested Development.  I don't know if Stan Hooper has made it to Australia, yet, but if you get a chance to see it, give it a try.  I think you'll like it.

"This is just a little note for the author on his opinion of UndeclaredYou say Undeclared suffers from the same problem as Freaks and Geeks, in that no one really acts the way the characters act and the supposed truths we all should recognize ring very hollow.  And, well, I have no idea where you're coming from.  I was in high school while Freaks and Geeks was on the air, and although I only caught a few episodes I thought it was incredibly accurate and funny.  Five years later I live in residence at university and Undeclared has the same effect.  It perfectly captures first year university and residence life; each situation on the show is "funny 'cause it's true!"  My friends and I all identify with one character or another, which is really the essence of a sitcom and its humour.  Maybe all the people who acted like the characters just went to my school instead of Jay's, I don't know.  But please,  re-examine what is one of the best shows about university life and growing up ever.  Come on, it was WAAAAY better than Whoopi, Coupling or The Chris Isaak Show, shows that ranked higher than it.  And Raymond and Will & Grace made the top of the list?  Hey, let's have watered down comedy-lite that won't offend anyone with a likeable star!  Let's build an entire show and every joke around the fact that two of the main characters are gay!  Huzzah, it's comedy gold!  Maybe it's just me, but without an edge, without pushing the borders, comedy wastes away and becomes tired and stale.  That's just my opinion, but Raymond is the PC and watch-with-your-grandma type of comedy that just isn't very funny.Peter

Sixpence None the Richer

"Hi,  I just read the Sixpence article on your webpage.  What a great interview.  Thank you so much for doing that!   They're a great band!  Sincerely," Evan Jasper

"Hi!  My name is Harold.  I'm a Christian, too.  I wanted to buy a CD of Sixpence None The Richer, but I was kind of double-minded about it, so I searched about the band.  When I read the interview with Leigh I was impressed about her last statement... That there is a GOD and that HE loves her.  So I decided to buy one of their albums.  I hope they can make more songs that are GOD-lined... Thank you and GOD bless Sixpence!!!"  Harold

"Trying to find booking agent for Sixpence None the Richer.  Can you help?  Thanks."  Louisa Hart

Sixpence's booking is handled by the William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills.

"Please help.  I just can't stop listening to the latest album.  Refreshing music with Leigh's angelic voice.  She's my superstar!!  I need more."  Hotrod

"Mind telling telling us where they're from?"  Hoyed

Sixpence was formed in Texas.

"Just read your interview.  Loved it!  I am looking forward to seeing/hearing Sixpence when they will be here in our studios.  Have decided that anyone who can mention God and Love in the same sentence is really refreshing in this day and age.  I'll try to get out and get a CD for them to autograph when they get here.  Thanks for the interview!"  Sheila M. Cornish, Executive Assistant-MHz Networks

"I love Sixpence None the Richer.  'Kiss Me' is such a lovely song!"  Noora

"I love Sixpence None the Richer. It has easy to understand lyrics, is inspirational, and is great to listen to in the shower! LOL! Anyways, I have heard two different stories about Sixpence None the Richer. One from this interview of course, and an old one in a CCM magazine. According to my friend, the CCM magazine interview said that the members of Sixpence None the Richer are not Christians and are only labeled under Christian music. That means that that isn't their true calling. I don't mean to make a fuss or argue, I just want to know the truth. So please, if at all possible please, reply and clear the situation up for me. It is sometimes hard to believe two stories at once."  IdentityJC

The leaders of Sixpence None the Richer are definitely Christians.  While they don't consider themselves solely a Christian group anymore, they still try to be true to their beliefs in their music.

"Bonjour, par quel moyen puis-je retrouver le clip de 'Kiss Me' que j’adorais???"  Standard  (Loose translation: Hello, where can I find the video clip of 'Kiss Me' that I love?) 

One way to get the video clip is that it is included as a bonus on the DVD for the movie "She's All That" with Rachael Leigh Cook and Freddie Prinze Jr. Online, I think you can find the video at Sixpence's website www.sixpence-ntr.com.

"Someone asked me what Sixpence None the Richer and Crowded House have in common. Any idea?  I am stumped."  Kehoe

Sixpence covered Crowded House's song "Don't Dream It's Over."

"Hi, I recently went to Kentucky Speedway and saw Sixpence perform.  They were really great.  I love Leigh's voice.  There is something about it.  But she was expecting a baby, and I haven't heard if she has given birth or not?  Honestly, before I saw them, I didn't even know who they were.  But now that I have seen them, I'm hooked on their music.  Thanks so much."  MShort

Right now (November 2003), Leigh and her husband are about eight months pregnant, so I'd say the baby boy will probably be coming in about a month.

"Me encanta la cancion de 'Kiss Me' no me la podrian bajar porfa."  Lizya

I'm afraid my Spanish is kind of rusty, but I'm glad you like "Kiss Me."

"I think that one of the most beautiful songs in that album Divine Discontent was 'Melody of You' but it wasn't mentioned in the article."  Dropcanvas

Yes, that is a lovely song.  I'm afraid we couldn't mention every song on the album, though.  Sorry your favorite was missed.

"I would like to find out when Justin Cary was born."  W Robert

Ironically, you asked on his 31st birthday.  He was born June 21, 1975.

"Thank you very much for your great interviews with Sixpence None the Richer. My sons and I really enjoyed reading them and learning more about this band. We love 'Breathe Your Name' and appreciate the link to such a beautiful song. Sincere thanks again,Jeffrey S. Desmarais-Lakeside, California

Phoebe Snow

"I just saw her show last night at the Queens Theater in the Park and she sang as if no time has elapsed.  She was amazing.  If she hadn't stopped singing to take care of her beautiful daughter she would be up there and probably surpassed Barbra Streisand.  Her range is impeccable.  Her ability to relate to the audience endears her to everyone.  She is utterly raw in her emotions. Her rendition of 'Piece of My Heart' would have made Pearl proud.  I hated when the show ended.  She ended the show with a real tearjerker 'With a Song in My Heart.'  She truly makes my heart smile.  I am glad she's back and hope she stays.  I should also note that her band was excellent."  Lynn

Jill Sobule

"Jay, thanks tons!!!!!!!! And more. Love, Jill" Jill Sobule

"Caught her for first time Saturday with Billy Bragg.  She's fantastic!  Excellent article.  I discovered her via Lloyd Cole.  Regards,"  Laz

Ryan Star

"Great interview! It's so cool to read Ryan's thoughts about Supernova years later... I love Ryan. Hugs from Brazil!"  Solange Firmino

Joss Stone

"Excellent interview with Joss Stone. I can’t believe how stupid the very few negative reviews have been. They seem to single out her greatest strengths (bang-on pitch, for one) and call them weaknesses.  Thanks for taking the time to review this extremely deserving artist. Yours is the best and most thoughtful review I’ve read so far and I believe I’ve managed to track down almost every review." J.C. Reifel

"I think her voice is absolutely brilliant, but then I'm biased as I've known her since birth.  I am very proud of that and very proud of her.  She really is as sweet and lovely as she appears and has always been one of the nicest kids I know.  Her whole family are wonderful.  Thanks for the opportunity to say these things.  Yours faithfully," Netta Goodban

Thanks for your note.  Your friend is very talented!  I hope she goes far.

"I have been a musician for over thirty years and it is mind blowing to see how incredibly talented and beautiful some very young people are.  It is like they are old reincarnated souls."  R. Siwicki

"I purchased Joss Stone's CD, The Soul Sessions back in October of 2003 after hearing inside of a Circuit City store and I fell in love with it.  It was the first I had ever heard of her and I just could not believe that that powerful voice came from a sixteen year old girl.  I was a fan after hearing it right then and there and I have turned several people on to her music.  I think the CD is very nice."  Mia

"I am listening to the album as I write. If this young lady does not make superstardom then something is wrong in the world.  Cheers"  Bill

"YIKES!   Just heard her for the first time on Kennedy Center Honors, honoring James Brown.  I think I felt the earth move under my feet."  Josh David Whitmore, President-Windeagle Records

"I heard about Joss Stone on Public radio one day.  I really enjoyed the clips they played from Soul Sessions.  I heard her voice and was totally shocked when they said she was only fifteen or sixteen years old.  My surprise was elevated even more when they said she was British.  A sixteen year-old British girl is doing this?!?  Oh, and she is White?!!???  I couldn't believe it.  First of all I thought she was too young too really feel the music she was singing.  I was reminded of the Showtime at the Apollo TV shows where they would sometimes bring on a kid with a very good voice.  I thought to myself, 'If someone is blessed with a good voice, then can be trained to sing with feeling.'  I thought Joss was probably one of those trainees.   About two weeks later I was going through the CD section of our retail store on a military post ( I'm in the US Army) I noticed Joss Stone's Soul Sessions.  Remembering the radio article I decided to try it out.  WOW.  This girl can SING!!  I truly enjoy the CD and I haven't taken it out of my car CD player yet.  I have a 25 minute ride to work every morning and I do a little driving in my duties every day, so I listen to a few of the songs all the time, but whenever I'm in the car Joss is who I'm riding with.  Great Job, Joss.  I also want to send a shout out to the Clean Up Woman for her input on this project.  ALl is SPOTLESS."  Isaac Peterson, Jr.

"Greetings from Switzerland.  I am wondering  where the name of JOSS  comes from?  Is this her family name or from what base is the name chosen?  I have published a book about the Joss name and ended up with 1280 in the Castle of Ringgenberg in the famous Berner Oberland - see www.joss.ch.  Your details will be appreciated.  Many thanks."  Henry Joss, Basel Switzerland, President of TTE The Tourism Expert

In Joss Stone's case, Joss is short for Joscelyn.

"I was given Joss Stone's CD for Christmas 2003.  I agree that this young girl has the voice and soul to record all of our favorite Divas from before the days of Britney Spears.  After listening to her CD once through, you know this girl is feeling what she is singing.  This CD can bring happiness, comfort, tears, and feeling you need.  I am anxious for her next CD to come out.  More importantly, I look forward to Joss Stone coming back to the USA and doing tours, even if it's small places.  She is destined to take the world by storm with not only her voice but her personality."  Mackenzie Cogan

"Joss Stone is a FABULOUS singer.  I love her.  She is so soulful and its something new coming from such a young girl.  Joss is beautiful and a excellent singer and I hope that she goes far.  She has the star quality to do so."  Sarah

"I think that Joss Stone is a really good singer and that she will do well in the future!  I hope she does!  Not many people know her now, but when they do they will like her and her new single that is out now is excellent!  Good luck for the future and hope she does well and will become big in the charts!"  Nina

"She's really really up herself which kind of puts you off, but her voice is good.  So what if she's 16?  There's loads of amazing singers at 16."  David Howarth

"Just recently heard Joss on late night TV.  My husband and I loved what we heard, so I bought her album.  We are both waiting for a new album to listen to, can't wait!!  Please e-mail  if you know when this will be!"  A new fan

Right now, the plan is to release Joss' first album of originals later in 2004.

"As I write this, I have Joss real loud on the old HI FI!  I can't stop listening to this girl. I call her a girl but her pipes screams a woman who has been on this earth before (for want of a better phrase).  I am a 40 year old woman who has dabbled in the music industry and failed miserably compared to Joss,  I have brought CD's by various artists in recent years but this is the only CD I have not been able to stop playing.  Every time I feel I want to skip a track I hear her voice and I get drawn into her wealth of experience.  I could go on and on forever about how this young lady has captivated me but I won't, I just want to say Thank you Joss, you are really a breath of fresh air to the music industry.  You deserve every little bit of sucess you are about to get."  Diane Shaw

"I think Joss Stone's debut single is absolutely brilliant. It has such an original style and will be a top-seller."  Becky Thompson, County Durham

"Joss Stone is fantastic. After hearing her for the first time on a Montreal radio station, Q92, I went out and got two copies of her CD. I love how she sings what she sings and I'm looking forward to her appearance at the Spectrum in Montreal on April 19.  Regards," David Robertson

"I think that Joss stone is the best thing out there right now. I think that she will go really far. There is something in her voice that is so enjoyable. She won't have to sell her body and make herself look like a slut. She has so much talent she won't have to do that. She also has a very pretty face it has this innocent look and a natural beauty. If I had to rate her album on a rate of 1 to 10: I would give her an 11."  Ethan 

"Ok, honestly, if you would REALLY like my opinion, then here it is. This page is a waste of good internet space. I have no reason to like this Joss Stone girl. She is a waste of skin, bone, and FAT. She really needs to think about things like this before she does them. The 'Fell In Love With A Boy' shit has got to stop. She took a really awesome song and made it crap. And she cant sing. The White Stripes are better than she will ever be. Did she even take the time to think of what the audience might think of her when she made this awful music? No! I don’t think that she did. If people actually listened to the White Stripes a little more they would so like them a hell of a lot more than her. Think of this as a complaint, and you might want to actually do something about it, since I'm not the only one who thinks Joss Stone sux big. Well, have a great day"  Alyson Aleska Boujoun

You are certainly entitled your opinion.  Truth is, I love the White Stripes, too, and think their original version of the song is first rate.  However, I don't see it as an either/or thing like you apparently do.  Personally, I think that Joss' version of the song will make more people seek out the original and that can only help the White Stripes build their audience, but if you feel that their version is so precious that it can't be reinterpreted, then that is your choice and I respect it.  But you aren't helping your argument any by saying Joss Stone can't sing.  It is widely agreed that she is an exceptionally good singer, so you just sound like you are being spiteful when you say things like she can't sing and is a waste of skin and bone.  If you don't like her, fine.  Don't listen to her.  Other people do like her, and they have the right to enjoy her music as much as you have the right not to.  

"Hi.  Great report on Joss Stone.  I'm gonna see her March 6th in Paradiso, Amsterdam.  I want to take some pictures then. Do you know who I can contact by email to ask this question?  Thanks,"  Peter

Your best bet is to contact the venue.  They will either be handling photo passes or will let you know who is.

"Just bought the CD Soul Sessions... absolutely blown away!!!"  Tom

"I love her.  I think she is great it is nice to hear music like this.  Very relaxing."  Nessie

"Thanks for the review of Joss Stone.  After listening to the Soul Sessions CD, I am once again excited about the release of an album. namely Joss' album of originals. This girl is dynamite, gorgeous, killer voice and totally grounded as well.  Exactly what music needs right now.  Thanks again,"  Kevin

"I think she rocks.  When I heard 'Fell In Love With a Boy' for the first time, it made me smile.  I think she sings great.  She really has a strong good voice.  From a fan,"  Nuzzer5 in Denmark

"Really great CD, so soulful! Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,"  Dik Zorgman 

"Hi.  I'm Anne Sophie from France and I just wanted to say that Joss Stone is simply amazing!  I'm 16 like Joss, and I really adore her.  Is it possible to mail her by any way? Thanks," Anne Sophie

Your best bet is to check out her official website at http://s-curverecords.com/home/artists/joss-stone.

"When is Joss Stone releasing another album/CD?  I love her voice in The Soul Sessions."  Nohitter45

I haven't heard an exact date yet, but her new CD is supposed to come out later this year.

"I think Joss Stone is retarded for copying the White Stripes song... they are my favorite band and I think she should get some better songs than those soul ones and find her own ones too!"  Twisty31

Wow, deja vu.  White Stripes fans are apparently very protective.  Well, I don't think the fact that Joss Stone re-imagined the White Stripes' song lessens what the White Stripes did.  But you're allowed to feel that way.  As for the songs she plays on The Soul Sessions, just because they are old doesn't mean they are bad.  In fact, I think most of them are pretty spectacular.  However, we'll all see what Joss' songwriting is like when the new album comes out.

"The article on Joss Stone was informative. I told my daughter that Joss was only 16 and she could not believe it. I pointed to the article. I listen to what I could with the little 30 second clips and what I heard sounded fantastic. I'm heading out today to buy  the CD. Hope to see Joss in concert in my area. Sometime in the near future in the San Francisco Bay area. I live in Pittsburg, CA."  Gary Brigham

"Hi.  I just wanna know does Joss Stone by any chance have a little sister?  I know it sounds stupid but I HAVE to find out in order to figure something out for this musical project I'm making.  Thank you and sorry!"  Crysel

Sorry, honestly we just don't know.  She discussed her parents in the interview, not any siblings.   However, there was no real reason why she would in our discussion, so that doesn't mean anything.

"She is the hottest British singer we have heard since the Beatles!  I just bought the CD online and now I'm officially a huge fan!  You go girl!"  Syleena Walden, Andrews AFB, MD

"What I think is that Joss Stone is among the VERY BEST Blues/Soul performers I have ever heard.  I've NEVER had an artist bring me to tears like she has done.  Her music is in my blood and it's amazing what it does to me when I listen...I cry, I smile, I dance, I laugh...she's AMAZING!"  Cathy Lowe, Everett, WA

"I saw Joss Stone on the top 20 countdown on VH1 today and I was in awe. I am definitely going to get her CD and keep up with her career in the future.  I have three grandchildren who love to sing and I think she is a great role model for them.  I have become so disappointed in other young girls who 'sell out' to what the managers and supposed 'people in the know' tell them to do.  I hope she will remain true to her own identity and her soulful music. She will be a classic when the Britneys and Christinas are long forgotten."  Pam

"Absolutely love Soul Sessions by Joss Stone."  M.K. Johns

"My brother turned me on to her, very hot.  An excellent cross with Christina A. & Teena Marie."  Kim Knotts

"Soul Sessions is divine.  Best album I possess.  Looking forward to Joss 'originals.'  When can we see Joss perform in UK?"  Deb Hinde

As far as I know there aren't any dates planned right now. However, I'm sure Joss will play in the UK about the time her new album comes out in September.

"Hi there!  I heard about Joss Stone from the guitar player in my band.  He gave me the CD Soul Sessions to listen to - WOW! Fantastic!! I am blown away by the incredible talent of Joss Stone.  Just purchased the CD, and bought one for a friend's birthday - Love ALL the songs on the CD, and will tell all my friends about Joss - she is so young, but has such a mature voice! Am looking forward to hearing more from Joss, and look forward to her next CD."  Janice Pez, Vancouver, B.C.

"We absolutely LOVE Joss Stone.  Saw her on a commercial, heard a few notes, went to HMV to listen further, bought her Soul Sessions CD and now we want more.  She is incredible.  Most talent we have heard in a long time, especially from one so young."  Terri & Howie McIntyre

"I'm blown away by this kid!  To listen to Joss is an experience in itself!  She sounds amazing anyway, and then you have to put it into perspective that she's only 16 years old!  WOW!  I love being introduced to new artists and appreciate her that much more because of her age!  My prediction is that she'll be the opening act for The Stones next tour!  Do you know of any shows in New York that she has scheduled?"  Krissy aka Crazy Mama

"I bought this CD two weeks ago and I really enjoy it.  So nice to have a new voice on the block.  Very soulful.  I look forward to seeing Joss on Divas Live."  Henrietta E. Green-Fairnot

"I am listening to the Soul Sessions CD by Joss Stone for the first time, and I am not even to the end of it yet.  She is unbelievable.   It's like Janis was back with us, but better!  Please girl, don't do what Janis did, and sing for us for a long time!  You have a gift, that's only given to a very few people, and you have been chosen.  The CD just ended, and I want more! WOW!!!"  Lee Pultz - Music for Kid's Learning Center, Founder & CEO              

"Well I did hear Joss on the Belgian national Radio 1 while I was ridin' in my car up to my work.  'Super Duper Love' was on the radio and the first thing that came up to me was : WWWHAAAT a voice !!  I stopped the car and noted the name the DJ gave.  Never heard of her!  All day long I kept thinking of that magnificent singer with the melodie still playing in my head!!  I thought it was a Black or at least a coloured lady.  But when I got home, checking the internet, then I discovered a young blond British girl that was presented as JOSS STONE!  Since then I have become a big fan.  I hope that her family and the people she is working with guide her into a beautiful career so that we can enjoy this Lady and her singing for a long time.  Respect!"  Hein Cannie - West-Flanders Tielt, Belgium

"I just got the Joss Stone Soul Sessions CD.  Who is keeping her in hiding and why isn't she getting more press or have I been asleep?  The CD is great, start to finish!  I just pop it in my CD player and press repeat!!  I love finding great talent  and can't wait for her next album.   Another artist that doesn't get the press she deserves is Jaguar Wright.  Hope to hear more on both of them soon!!"  Yesenia

"I saw her at House of Blues in New Orleans last night.  Great young new artist.  She's gonna blow them away at the Jazz Fest this weekend!"  Sandra M. Schott

"I just bought her album. Can't wait for another one. She's great."  S.J. Olive

"I have been listening to Joss for several months now.  I make everyone in my path listen!  I was also fortunate to see her yesterday at Sunfest in West Palm Beach.  Wow, wow, wow!  I am speechless.  Everything about this girl resonates soul, beauty and groove!  I think September is way too long to wait for another CD, but I will patiently wait.  A fan for life.  Peace,"  Sandra

"One of the best soulful voices since Lydia Pense.  I wish her a lot of success."  Losmx5

"What are Joss's plans for forthcoming UK venues?... i.e. where will they be?  A lovely voice, much admired by my DJ friend and me!"  Ken

"I think Joss Stone is fantastic, I'm so glad to hear some soul music back in vogue shall we say.  I am a soul singer myself and I love to sing along with these tracks.  Unfortunately my chance has passed me by as I am 40 now, and work as a session singer.  But I can really relate to Joss.  I used to sing a long with the likes of Aretha, Betty, Gladys Knight, Mavis Staples, Tina Turner etc when I was Joss's age, while my friends were into David Cassidy, Donny Osmond and other 'pop' groups etc. I hope she takes the US by storm and that the UK welcome her too."  Lorraine Day - Manchester UK

"I love Joss Stone.  She is the best singer I have heard in my whole life.  No lie!   I tell you she will make it bigger than Pink, Britney Spears and all of them dumb girl singers she's the BEST.  I wish her all the all the world's best and greatest luck in the world.  Her #1 biggest fan!  Love,"  bigdogg9

"She has the most amazing talent.  What a voice!!  Wow.  A star performance on TV on Motown 45 last night.  I've never seen anything like it."  C.B. Brooks

"Wow, what an album!  Soul Sessions is a must have album.  Totally blown away!"  Becnco Doyle

"I use this as a motivational tape.  Sound quirky?  I bought her CD the very next day after watching the Diva show.  Just a kid, she carried her weight.  At 46 I have let life pass me by, her music has come into my life at the right time.  I hate housework, (and can't dance!) but I do listening to her.  I bring lip-sync to a new level.  (Remember those guys?)  As a kid, I asked God to bring me back next time, something close to Ann Wilson, now I changed my mind.  Am so looking forward to hearing some more from her."  Subrad

"I think Joss Stone is very talented and just plain amazing!"  Jobs

"Joss Stone has an incredible voice as well as stage presence.  Bass guitarist Pete Sebastian is one of the best out of Berklee Music School (Boston) and the Miami scene."  Linda Rose

"The first time I heard Joss - I knew absolutely nothing about her. I clicked a song on my computer and when the song came on I pictured black middle aged... bar-smoke  voice. Since I was wondering why I had never heard of her, I did a quick search. When I saw what came up, I thought this isn't right. I went back to where I clicked the song and sure enough it said Joss Stone. Well, somebody has screwed up... I went back to her website and began to read more. All I can say is, it still is hard to believe, but I am enthralled with the gift of this girl. I selfishly hope she has continued success."  Carl

"I was watching MTV and VH1 last night (I flick between the two depending what's playing) and heard this deep soul voice and was shocked to see it came from a pretty, slight white girl.  It was as if she must be miming another star's voice, as often happens in these music videos.  I looked for the name at the end of the song and noted it as Joss Stone.  I checked it out on your web site and was even more surprised to find out her age and that she is British, and not only British but from a part of England where I grew up.  It is a small world and it is amazing that this girl has such an incredible voice.  I can understand anyone thinking it a joke.  Like Tom Jones, she has an amazingly natural gift and will, I am sure, still be belting them out in Las Vegas just like old Tom, in the middle of the 21st century!Wendy Roy, Colorado

"I think she is phenomenal.  The first time I heard 'The Chokin' Kind' I was moved.  I thought who is this woman?...like many it blew me away when I found out she was a 16 year old blonde girl.  Yes, she does have a deep sensual and playful voice.  I've fallen in love with most of her songs.  I personally do prefer the more soulful jazzy ones.  She reminds me of a Janis Joplin spirit...a white woman with lots and lots of soul!  

Refreshing new talent.Angela Sestito

"Fabulous!  What is her album called please?"  Joni

Her first album was The Soul Sessions and she has just released a new one called Mind Body & Soul.

"Hey, I'm from Holland so my English will be not very good!  I'm sorry!  I just want to say I like Joss Stone sooooo much!!!  If I got the chance (I don't now if that's right) to sing a song with her... oh my God, that's my dream.  Greetz and hugs,"  Lotte

"I think that she is the best singer in the world and she will always be my fave singer."  Chloe

"Hello.  My  hair stylist first told me about Joss Stone.  He was listening to a song from The Soul Sessions and asked 'Who's the sister?' and was told, she's not a sister.  She's white.  Well, he was floored.  I was interested.  I purchased The Soul Sessions about two weeks ago and all I can say is WOW.  This girl has so much soul it's unreal.  I waited patiently for Sept. 28th and purchased Mind, Body & Soul and it has everything you would want on a CD.  I am now a fan.  Keep up the good work and keep it real.  Thank you for the article on Joss Stone.Donna 

"Just saw this gal perform on GMA [Good Morning America]... You guys have got to get hold of somebody in the industry and let this gal play and sing in a movie of Janis Joplin's life, or at the very least...cover some of Janis' songs.  Please let me know what you think, or give the E-Mail address of somebody in the music business where we can get this process started....she just has to do this."  Ken

Yes, I agree that Joss could pull off a Janis Joplin song.  Sorry, I have no names to give you to contact on the idea.

"I purchased Joss' new Mind Body & Soul CD today.  It's absolutely awesome.  After reading comments about this incredible young lady, I am moved to go back to Best Buy to purchase her Soul Sessions CD as well.  I have been telling everyone that I encounter all about her talent.  I saw her perform 'Super Duper Love' on The Ellen DeGeneres Show almost a year ago and have loved her ever since still amazed about how young she is.Rebecca LeBlanc

"Is there anyway I can be on her mailing list, and get concert info?  Thank you," Leslie

Check her official website, http://www.jossstone.com/.  Perhaps they have something like that.

"Mind Body And Soul is HOTX20. It is like going to a southern church on Sunday, but then it's like going to Chi Town and listen to some of the greatest singers to ever sing . This girl is a star and I plan to buy many more CD's how ever many she decides to put out." Tom Henderson

"Hey my name is Rachie Hill and I just want to say Joss Stone is ace. I went to see her in concert in November and I loved it live. I think that the review on the site is interesting about her. She has got such talent and I love everything she does! Thank you very much." Rachie

"Wow! I am a 37 year old man who does not really like much of the female singers we have today, but that all changed when I turned on the tube and on MTV I seen an angel sing, This girl is awesome... Why? well it's like this I love Janis Joplin and Joss Stone music is like hers, soulful and straight out original. I can not get my eyes, heart, off her voice, not only she sings like her she basically dresses like her, and because of those qualities Joss just made another fan here. I hope she does not simply get caught up in the rap scene... her voice is gold and i would like to see her her fame soar to stardom. She is greeeeat! Janis Joplin was my favorite female singer, and after her only a small few caught my interest, but ever since Joss came about I have been very excited to hear the spirit of Janis sing inside of her She is the Millennium Joplin. Great article you have on her also keep the good work up. One question I like to know about a male singer who dropped out of the music scene.... Billy Idol. Whatever happened to him? Can you answer that for me. Thank you, a Joss and Joplin Fan." Roland Gauthier

Billy Idol actually just released his first album in over a decade, called Devil's Playground.

"I would just like to say that I think it was a great gesture to not release Joss Stone's real name.  Of course everyone would be curious to know but it's better left unknown!  That was showing much respect... appreciated by your readers as well.  Thanks for putting out an article of Joss Stone.  I absolutely love her voice!  She is at the top of my list of vocalist.  Thanks," Melissa

"This girl really has a great voice!! I'm sure she'll go places with it.  She's up there with Tina Turner and some of the greatest soul singers I know.Rhonda Washburn

"I own the CD The Soul Sessions, I love this CD! It is an absolutely amazing CD without comparison on the market today. The fact that a woman can sound as Joss does and still keep a feminine feel and groove proves there is still much to be proven for women in today's music market. Personally, I listen to this CD about twice a week but, the thing that got me looking into her show dates and this website was the concert aired on PBS last night (Shreveport , Louisiana)... Bravo to her! She has style, femininity, class, charisma and a voice that is breath taking. Norah Jones is great but I can say without a shadow of a doubt by seeing the show last night on PBS Joss Stone holds her own and is definitely going places."  Tanya Shelton - Co Production Manager for the James Burton International Guitar Festival

"WOW!!  What a voice...  I remember when I first heard her voice, she reminded me of Janis Joplin and oh if she would record 'Bobby McGee,' I know that would send her over the top."  Robert Krafft - Ontario, Canada

"Joss is truly amazing! I think that where she was influenced by soul music and her being from England with her sweet voice, gives her powerful soul singing voice a tasteful twist! She is beautiful and talented and is true to herself and enjoys singing in her true natural way, her next cd will be genuine it comes from the heart, that is the only way. I am 43 and have been singing and writing songs for a long time ,its fun but more fun when you are young like Joss and your life revolves around the gift that is yours!Shelley Johnston - Halifax N.S.  

"This girl is phenomenal.  When I first saw her on MTV, I thought, this can't be for real.  That voice!  Coming from this teenage kid.  I am a huge fan of Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin.  Josh Stone combines the two and tosses herself into the mix.  Soul perfection!Angie D.

"GREAT voice!!!  Is there any possibility of her doing a jazz CD? Suzanne V. Mack

David Strickland

"Can you tell me the name and the artist of the song that was in Suddenly Susan's tribute ('A Day In the Life') to David Strickland – the last episode of season 3?  if you are unable to do so, can you tell me where I might find out?  Thank you."  Deb

The song that played during the montage of clips of Strickland was Fatboy Slim's 1999 single "Praise You."  It was on his album You've Come A Long Way, Baby which also included his dancefloor hit "The Rockafeller Skank."  It should be widely available at record stores or you can get it at Amazon.com by clicking this link: Fatboy Slim "You've Come A Long Way Baby"

Swimming Pool

"Hi. I read your brief review of this movie and enjoyed it.  I too am perplexed by the ending–was the writer suggesting that Julie was not the publisher's daughter, but merely a cunning girl who found an empty house, used it as her own and played along with the story of being the daughter? To explain the so-called phone call that Julie received from her dad chastising her for disturbing Sarah's work, well, she could have made it up. If so, when Sarah realizes that the daughter is actually Julia, who is similar in appearance to Julie, why is she not more upset? Or, does he have two daughters (Julie made the allusion to her dad never wanting to abandon his wife and daughter in London.)  We never really get much insight into why Julie is so wild and troubled.  Also, why the freakish daughter of Marcel? How did that factor in?  I am perplexed and eagerly await your thoughts."  A fellow movie buff

I believe, and I'm not 100% sure of this, Julie was all a figment of Sarah's imagination and what we were seeing was not actually happening.  I think what we were watching was actually Sarah's new book coming together in her mind.  When the publisher said early in the film that he quite probably couldn't come with her to the French villa because he had to see his daughter, that angered Sarah and she started imagining the girl who was keeping him away from her.  Sarah was making Julie so wild simply because it was so far away from what she had become that on the surface it repulsed her and strangely attracted her at the same time.  My theory is that Julie reminded Sarah of what she had been like in university when she had been wilder and when she could control guys by sheer sex appeal.  Still, the older, more repressed Sarah had to in some way make her imbalanced, a woman ruled by her desires, and in the end out of control to them.  That is part of the reason why Sarah made her a murderess.  Besides, Sarah is a murder writer, that is what she knows.  That is why Sarah never physically talks to the editor about Julie, because that would unravel the whole fiction in her mind.  So while some interactions Sarah had in the film probably were real, with her publisher, Marcel the groundskeeper and Franck the waiter (but just the basic early moments with those two, not the final scenes where they have been swept into where the storyline takes Sarah.)  I don't think there was any particular significance in Marcel's daughter being a dwarf, I think it was just a quirky imagination of Sarah's.  She is just smiles at Julia in her dad's office because she was so far different from the way that Sarah imagined her, and yet in some ways she was close (hair color and style, etc.)  The real Julia and the character of Julie will always be wed in her mind.  Well, that was my take on it.  Other people's different takes could be every bit as valid.  The filmmaker left it so open-ended because he wanted for the audience to decide for themselves what really happened.

"I think it means, the writer is fantasizing about her book, but none of it really happened. And since she didn't write Julie's name, but wrote her life, the girl would not be Julie but would have her life."  M. Dersch

Yes, I agree.  I believe that most of the film was basically Sarah's imagination and what we were watching was actually Sarah's new book coming together in her mind. 

"Hello, I just finished reading a review, written by Jay S. Jacobs, on the movie Swimming Pool.  Jacobs mentions the surreal ending and says he thinks he understands what the writer/director is trying to say.  PLEASE forward this email to him because I do not understand the ending.  I watched the movie over the weekend and was very entertained yet bothered by the  fact that I don't understand what the ending means.  Was Julie a figment of her imagination?  Was the other daughter Julia, seen at the end at her Dad's officer, her inspiration?  I'm confused.  Can anyone, specifically Mr. Jacobs, tell me their view on the conclusion of Swimming Pool?  I would appreciate it!  Sincerely,"  Whitney

See above...

"Three of us watched the movie Swimming Pool  and none of us got the ending.   Please explain what you think it meant, or lead us to where we can read other's conclusions!  It was recommended as one of the best movies from last year by a friend who use to be a movie critic.  (I have also emailed her ....)"  Lisa Gunderson - Denver, CO

Again, see above...


"I loved the article written by Sheila Lussier.  She is an awesome writer.  I definitely want to read more from her.  Please let me know when she will be writing again.  Thanks."  Shawn West

Thanks for the note.  Glad you enjoyed Sheila's story.  Yes, I'm sure Sheila will be doing more stuff for us in the future.  In fact, I think we may talk to her about doing an interview with a Canadian band named Hot Hot Heat in upcoming weeks, so keep checking back.

"Hi.  I found a link to your article on Switchfoot through a Google search.  I was really hoping that you would've asked them what was meant by the line 'Like Al Pacino's cash, nothing lasts forever' in 'Gone.'  Do you have any idea?  Thanks!"  Angela

I'm afraid we couldn't ask about every lyric, so I don't have a specific answer for you, though it seems pretty clear that the song is an indictment of materialism.  On a guess, I'd say the line probably refers to the movie Scarface, but that's just a guess.

"I’m 44 years old and have heard a lot of music throughout the 70s-80s-90s-2000, from classic rock to alternative to Christian rock.  Some great musicians and bands [have been] emerging lately in the alternative sounds and Christian rock music.  Well I heard Switchfoot's 'Meant to Live' and thought, hey, that’s a cool song.  So I looked up their website and found that they were going to be in my area in March 2004.  I bought three tickets to the Boardwalk and took my son and his girlfriend.  Let me tell You!!!  These Guys can perform and every single song was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!   I was really impressed with their clean image and respectful decent attitudes.   I’m a fan for life now and really enjoy the music.  I bought four CDs of Beautiful Letdown and ordered two DVDs of their live performance.  Most of their songs should all be #1 hits compared to what’s on the radio.  The lead vocalist is one of rare quality.  I thought 'Mercy Me' lead vocalist had a great voice until I heard Switchfoot!!  I can go on and on about their music and talent but I want to listen to more of their music right now.  I would guess they are headed for bigger and better years to come.  They have earned it, with their talent and hard work.  I have a lot of respect for them and wish them all the best they deserve.  Thank you.  Sincerely,"  Tom Stover

"Hello, I'm writing to comment about the Switchfoot interview.  I think the band is great, their music is inspiring.    It does make you question yourself and your life, like realizing that we were meant to live for so much more.  If we just get off our butt and do something about it.   Their lyrics touch the listener on a personal level.  For me it did!  This a band that I will be listening to for many years to come.  So thank you,"  Channell

"I need a contact with Jon Foreman. My wife is a singer. We want record his song. I want ask Jon about permission to 'Only Hope.'"  jaroslaw

Contact his record label.  They will tell you how to get in touch with his publishing company.  They would be the ones who make any decisions on whether or not she can record the song.

"Hi, I was just wondering if you had the personal email address for each of the band members of Switchfoot.  I would kind of like to get to know them, if you don't that's ok, but if you do can you please give them to me? Thank you."  Flamesister

No, sorry we don't.  And, honestly, even if we did, we wouldn't give them out to strangers on the internet.

"Hey! My name is Tiffany, and I'm a foot soldier.  I love everything that Switchfoot is doing with their music.  They have inspired me to do what I've always wanted to do, and that's been to be a musician.  They have taught me to believe and that to never give up and maybe I can get up there where they are right now.  The band is so cool, and I love everyone of them: Jon, Tim, Jerome & Chad!!!!!!!!!  Thanks,"  SFrocker_girl14

"love Switchfoot to death!!!  I would kill to see them.  OK, well bye."  Volleyballchik

Luckily, you don't have to go to such extremes.  Just look for tickets.

"I think that Swichfoot is meeting their intention of trying to touch peoples spiritual souls.  Their songs have great messages in them.  We should listen to those messages in life and not go our own way, but go on the path God has for us.Trever Len McDaniel

"Hi.  I write for my school newspaper in Logan, UT and just attended the AMAZING Switchfoot concert, which I am writing about.  However, I didn't know I was writing on it until after the concert and therefore I don't have any pictures.  May I have permission to use yours, with credits of course? Chelsey Gensel

Thank you for asking.  Yes, you may use the picture for your school newspaper.  I'm not sure if you're interested in Sheila's picture (the one of them onstage) or the other one at the bottom, which is an official press shot distributed by their label and meant to be used in articles.  Either way, go ahead.  The photo credits are at the bottom of the page.

"HelloMy name is Jocelyn Mbayo, and I have to tell you guys that reading what you wrote has inspired me a lot.  Listening to Switchfoot's music has changed my life, and I am now appreciating music more than I did before.  Thank You."  Jocelyn Mbayo

"Your review of Switchfoot was awesome. I am currently researching music lyrics in my English class. I need to know what inspired Jonathan Foreman to write 'This is Your Life' from The Beautiful Letdown CD. Do you know or how can I find out?Tyler Knudson

"Hey I read your interview with Switchfoot.  They rock!  I love them sooo much.  They are my idols and I can't live without them!!!Hillary

Rob Thomas

"That was a great interview with Rob Thomas and I just stumbled on it... thanks :)Wibble40

Three Dog Night

"Good evening allHere we are decades later from the time I met them, along with the group Poco, when they both played Beverly Hills High School.  I was somewhere in between 16-18 and was totally enthralled with Three Dog Night.  Have thought of them of the last year after reading one of the members of The Rainy Day Blues Society, of which I am a member, has been involved with various events, including musicial acts like Jerry and The Stagehogs, and Paul Biondi. I believe I read somewhere that saxaphonist Paul Biondi played backup with Three Dog Night... is that true?  Our Lane County newspaper, The Register Guard, or our Eugene Weekly free newspaper were the ones that noted it.  I have heard Paul play, he is good.  He has done backup for Aretha Franklin, and Tina Turner.  Sometime over the last handful of years I saw a bio-like TV show and just got the very end of the snippet on Chuck Negron, the lanky good looking lead singer of TDN.  The show noted that he was clean and sober and was a grandfather.  I hope he continues to be in good health.  The remaining members of TDN, I would love to have come to Eugene, Oregon again.  Some years back, they did play our Lane County Fairgrounds, which I unfortunately missed.  Sincerely," Christine Louise Hutchinson

"Thanks to Three Dog Night for the great music. I am from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia then). I was in the 3rd grade (1971) and I remember my elder sisters singing Three Dog Night's songs. When I came to America in 2000, theirs was the first CD I bought (took weeks to find it). Thank you guys. GOOD & GREAT MUSIC! Nathan Simango

"I have been a fan of Three Dog Night since the early seventies. I have been through Kiss, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Skynyrd, etc. All great groups indeed. I'm 45 years old now and I still listen to their CDs on a regular basis. My daughter, who is 13 years old, loves Three Dog Night. When we listen to some of their songs, we look at each other and say 'Damn, those guys were unbelievable!.' The bottom line is that these guys simply 'got it.' Their songs are great. They will never be equaled."  Tom

Daniel Tosh

"Literally made me like him ten times more.  Nice job."  Katherine Clark

Brooke Valentine

"Hi, I am a big fan of Brooke and I love her song 'Girl Fight.'  Love ya!"  Maria

"I think she is buff and sexyyyyyyy!"  Mohamed Abdullahi

Bobby Vee

"I thought the Bobby Vee interview was great. I've loved Bobby since I was twelve years old.  He's awesome." Carol Fagundo

"Just got back from a 50's-60's cruise that had Bobby Vee as one of the entertainers.  He and his band were wonderful.  Some of the acts that you hear, the leads have lost their edge on the vocals.  But not Bobby, he sounds great.  His band featuring his boys is wonderful too.  They are full of energy.  Had a great time" Jed

"Enjoyed the article.  My wife and I saw Bobby, with Brian Hyland and Johnny Tillotson, last Saturday night.  A great time, in a small theater, so it was great.  Just like the 60s before the football stadiums.  Thanks for putting this on the web." Lorne

"Hi.   I am in Birmingham , England.  I compered at a club in the 70's for a week.   Bobby Vee had been my idol for all my teenage years (even wore the big sweaters in the summer!).  He appeared at the club and I approached my hero at the bar, frozen with fear, I asked when his next LP was out.  He was so shy and unassuming, stuttered a   'September, I think?'  I wanted to buy him a beer and talk about his 'b' sides... like 'Remember Me Huh.'  Just to find out about his double tracking techniques.  A real missed opportunity.  I realize in retrospect, his hits were muchly due to Carole King's dexterity as a lyricist.  But I still hold him in great esteem in my past.  His song 'She's Sorry' was a complete rip off of  'She Loves You' and really ended my interest in his work, but maybe he was just panicking over the English Invasion."  Ron Bowden

You're probably right about that. Bobby and most of his fellow fifties singers like Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Chubby Checker, etc. were pretty much forgotten when the Beatles came along (even Elvis disappeared into a series of bad movies) so they probably did feel the need to stay relevant with "the kids."

"Nice review of Bobby Vee.  One correction.  You state that the plane, a Beechcraft Bonanza, FAA number N3794N was named 'American Pie.'  That is a myth that evolved out of the title of Don McLean's song."  Paul Hobbs

Thanks for the heads up.  We'll check into it and make the necessary changes.

"This is SOOO COOL!  Thank you for creating this website and allowing me to catch up on the career of this American Icon who's music has followed me throughout my 55 yrs.  I grew up in that America of dreams with my personal soundtrack.  Bobby Vee was a part of all that.  I first recall 'The Night Had A Thousand Eyes,' while I was visiting my favorite cousin in Bessemer, AL in the summer of '62.   Anyway, I loved Bobby's voice, and the fountain of youth vulnerability.  Then, of course I discovered 'Devil or Angel' and 'Take Good Care of My Baby.'  Being a vocalist of 'not ready for prime time' talents, I sang along with every note.  Music has always been a major piece of my life force.  I appreciate almost every variety, from jazz to classical, to R&B and pop.  When I reconnected, via this Internet medium, with my first true love from '65 & '66, in the autumn of 2000, I stated in one of our first communications, how music had been the 'soundtrack of my life.'  She recounted to me how she had played an old cassette of oldies for her daughter when she was very small, and told her about a beautiful boy who sang that song to her when playing 'Take Good Care of My Baby.'  Broke my heart, cause I, too remembered vividly that very moment.  Thanks again for the memories.  Sincerely,"  Dee Keith

Thank you too for the nice thoughts and the memories.

"I enjoyed your bio on BV.  I only saw one obvious error.  Bobby Vee and The Shadows first record was 'Suzie Baby' b/w 'Flyin' High' on SOMA then on Liberty.  Then came 'What Do You Want?' b/w 'My Love Loves Me' on Liberty."  Jim Kleinfelder, Fergus Falls  MN

Thanks for letting us know.  It looks like you are correct.  We'll fix it.

"Hi. I enjoyed reading the history of Bobby Vee.  I live here on the North Wales coast in the UK.  We have a great theatre overlooking the sea here in Llandudno, a lovely Victorian seaside resort.  I have seen many of the 50`s and 60`s artists on tour, and the music lives on so many years after it all started.  I send you my best wishes."  Ken Lloyd

"I really enjoyed reading the story, so dig down deep in the 50s and come up with some more pioneers from when rock'n'roll first started."  cagbtg

Thanks, we plan to keep interviewing singers from all points in rock history!

"Hi there, could you please pass on the text of Bobby Vee's 'Rubber Ball' to me?  Me and our 8-year old daughter want to surprise our dad by singing this song and performing a little bit on his 40th birthday. Your help will be incredibly appreciated!.. Regards,"  Monika Cordick

You can find the lyrics to "Rubber Ball" at the following link.  http://www.lyricsxp.com/lyrics/r/rubber_ball_bobby_vee.html

"Where have the good guys of rock gone?  I love Bobby Vee, Buddy Holly and that whole generation.  I don't understand this latest garbage they call music. Bobby Vee and a whole contingent of good entertainers I will continue to listen to on oldies stations..."  Dick Rivett

"Thanks for the article on Bobby Vee.  I enjoyed it very much."  wfrelage

"The first time I heard Bobby Vee over the radio I was 11 years old and in the fifth grade.  I remember vividly hearing him sing the songs 'Rubber Ball,' 'Devil Or Angel' and 'Take Good Care Of My Baby.'  I enjoyed listening to all those songs in my childhood.  The memory that I have of Bobby Vee will forever be immortalized to me because he was part of my childhood.  Sincerely" Pedro A. Gamez, Jr.

"Hi. Very nice work. I found your site through a search on Bobby Vee, and I bookmarked you because of the fine variety of artists you have listed. I will be back many times. This Bobby Vee piece was the most informative and real one I have come across. Thanks."  Sean Dwyer, Waite Park, Minnesota

"Can you tell me the name of the LP that Bobby did with The Shadows and when did this LP come out and the LP number?  I would greatly appreciate this very much.  Thank you."  Bob

Bobby Vee and The Shadows (Bobby's brother Bill Velline's group), famously had their big break when they filled in for Buddy Holly on the first show after his fatal plane crash.  The Shadows recorded four songs in 1959 for Soma Records.  They were mostly instrumentals, but at the last minute they added Bobby's vocals to two.  Their best known song was Bobby's first single "Suzie Baby" b/w "Flyin' High."  After it became a local hit, Liberty Records offered to release the single nationwide, on the understanding that if they could have a long term contract if it did well.  The song was only a minor success, but Liberty had signed both Vee solo and the Shadows as a group.  They continued recording separately and a bit together, but when a follow-up to "Suzy Baby" wasn't hitting by the end of 1960, Liberty hooked Bobby up with well-known producer Snuff Garrett, opening the door for Bobby's biggest hits.  The Bobby Vee and the Shadows sessions were rereleased in 1995 on CD as "Early Rockin' Years" on the K-Tel label.

"I have been  a Bobby Vee fan since I bought his album Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets in 1962. I thought he had a distinctive vocal style - despite the double tracking and the Buddy Holly influence.  I have seen him here in England several times- once on a tour with the Searchers back in the Beatlemania era - several times on his '88 tour with the Crickets - at Hayes, Wimbledom and Bristol.  I saw him a few years back here in Bristol. Little (not so little now!) Eva and Brian Hyland (who surprised everyone with a killer version of 'All Along the Watchtower' which belied his rather wimpish early 60s image!) and the Vees - plus a man I wasn't too familiar with - believe he had a hit with 'Running Bear' way back - somebody Preston?  (ed. note: That was Johnny Preston.)  At Hayes, Bobby was sat out in the theatre lobby eating a meal and looked up at me as I came in.  If I hadn't been so reserved and reluctant to disturb him I would have asked for a request - 'Keep on Tryin''  - a Motown song?  Sounded like it anyway - he issued it on a single circa '65 - backed as I recall with Bacharach's 'True Love Never Runs Smooth.I remember at the time big Crickets fan (and maybe Bobby fan too for all I know) Paul McCartney saying that the Crickets were not the kind of guys to demand `Where's my Limo?!'    I'm sure the same is true of Bobby.  I'd also like to hear more about the time he fired Bob Dylan from his backing band - that really is the stuff of rock n' roll legend!  (Don't worry Bobby - I mean WHO KNEW?!!)  And anyway - his piano playing may well still be as bad as it obviously was back then!)Alan Netherwood, Bristol, England

"Hi.  My name is Colin.  I was brought up in the 60s.  I used to go to Bobby Vee shows, me and the wife.  Still do when he is over here.  We spent about ten minutes with him in the Wooky Hollow where we live in Liverpool.  It was in his dressing room.  Anyway, enjoyed your story about his early years.  Thank you."  Colin Murphy, Liverpool, England

"Dear Sir; I would like to know more about Bobby Vee and Bobby Vinton.  Would like to know where they did grow up, went to to schools and how they did get into the recording business... or just anything of interest concerning these guys.  Is there a web page that I could go to, if so let me know soon.  Thank you.  Will be waiting for your reply."  Curtis L. Skatvold

Bobby Vee's official website is www.bobbyvee.com.  Perhaps the information you are looking for is there.  I do not know of a site for Bobby Vinton.

"Hi!  I'm a huge Bobby Vee admirer.  I must credit and give thanks to The Carpenters for their 1973 version of his 'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes' on their '1963 Medley' on their classic Now & Then album.  I was 17 when that Carpenters album came out and 'Yesterday Once More' was their tribute to their fave 60's songs and the ongoing Rock Revival.  [Credit must be  given to the appropriate instigators, LOL!]  I sought out Bobby Vee records immediately and discovered I was already in love with his music from radio songs such as 'Take Good Care Of My Baby' and 'Devil Or Angel' which were also spun on all my teen cousins' record players circa the early/mid-60s when I was a mere  6 or 7 years old.  I also became quite exposed to Buddy Holly because of Linda Ronstadt's 70's versions of his songs, and also became a Holly addict - must say I became obsessed and even bought Buddy Holly LP Box Sets/CD Box Sets after Ronstadt 'did her tributes,' even though I already had a couple Buddy 45's way before she covered him...again, The Carpenters opened up a doorway which I have explored much deeper to this day.  I always am inspired to go and seek out the 'originals' to my content and amazement because they were 'before my time' and almost always are incredibly superior to 'remakes.' All these years later, I still love Bobby Vee's music and occasionally seek his sites out online.  THANK YOU for this site - it's awesome!  I have several Bobby Vee vinyl 45's and a few of his original U.S. Albums and a very treasured Bobby Vee's 20 Greatest Hits album import from England - also have the Ricky Nelson/Eddie Cochran/Fats Domino/Gene Vincent versions from that series which were issued in England in the early 1980s(possibly).  I bought them all in 1981... and a couple Bobby Vee CDs.  I just want to thank you for the site again.  I would like to comment that a bit too much emphasis is made about Bobby Vee 'replacing' Buddy Holly on that show after that tragic 1959 night flight... nobody will ever replace Buddy Holly... Bobby nobly and humbly 'stepped in' and thus, he was blessed with an opportunity which possibly changed the course of his life and even though it remains a milestone in his career.  Bobby Vee is quite a unique vocalist on his own, despite the Holly influences. I have always [as millions of other Vee admirers no doubt also do] heard Bobby Vee's voice on his records and that alone is the attraction to his music to music lovers the world over. That is how I feel and 'what I think.'  Bobby Vee & Ricky Nelson were the two most successful male pop artists of the early 1960's. As much as I adore Ricky and collect his music also, I really believe Bobby had the edge over him. Thanks for this great site and tribute to the one and only BOBBY VEE!  Sincerely," Hugo

"I would like to know if Bobby Vee sang a song called 'Beautiful People' in the late sixties. Thanks, and PS your page is great."  Barb

He certainly did. It's a great song. Very hippie.

"Enjoyed the bio of Bobby Vee. He had so many great songs in my era which was 50s early 60s. His songs never get old as i know hear them on CD or Sirius gold radio. They play a lot of his hits which I really appreciate. Please let Bobby know he has a fan in Yorktown, Va. and I hope he still keeps up his same style of singing which is the best.Jim Moore

"I remember Bobby Vee when I was an aspiring disc jockey in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in the late fifties; the song that always got to me was 'Run to Him.'  It was always a hard song to find later on (before the internet), so once you got a copy, you tried to keep it safe. It is nice to hear that he is still going strong, and I wish him continued success, his songs like many others keep those old memories stirring up inside of us all. Cheers…Trevor Roberts

"I grew up with oldies and Bobby was one of my favorites.  My favorite song by him was 'Walkin with my Angel' and till this day I still play it along with his other songs on my album.  I saw Bobby live at the Monroe County Fair years ago and he was still great.  Thanks for the memories Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Donald Raymer

"No one believes me that he sang 'Bashful Bobby. What was the 'A' side please?"  Len Hopkins

It was the B-side of "How Many Tears?"

"I have been on the Oldies Rock and Roll Cruise on three separate occasions!  Bobby and the boys were on two of them, and I spent a bunch of time visiting with him and Tommy.  These are not only fine entertainers, they are very fine people.  Bobby was my hero as a kid in the early 60's, and you always wonder what kind of person they really are!  Bobby and the boys are true gentlemen, and still incredible entertainers.  There was no one in the audience who didn't have a great time.  Bobby didn't hide, like some of the others we've gone to see.  He has no problem coming out there with the audience who adores him!  To me, and quite a few of my friends, that puts him way ahead of the other so called 'super stars!'  I live in Oregon, and would really welcome them to come here and entertain us again!Jesse Anderson

"Great artist. Loved his music. Would love to see him in concert. I live in Florida. Would love to see him at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FloridaM. Valle

"Hello, just browsed your site, and enjoyed it very much.  I surfed onto it whilst looking up a question on Bobby Vee.  I am trying to find out the names of the guys that back him (the Vees).  Could you help me with this please?  Thanks,"   Lynn Thompson

Thanks for visiting our site. The Vees are made up of Bobby's sons Jeff and Tom, guitarist Ar J. Stevens and pianist Jeff Olsen. Here's a little more info on them: http://www.bobbyvee.com/thevees.html.

"Thank you for this great story!!! I have delightful memories of his great music 'way back when'!! :-) An avid Dylan fan, I had no idea the two had crossed paths so long ago!!!"  Carol

"Hi, I have just read your article on Bobby Vee and found it fascinating and informative. The Buddy Holly connection is ironic in as much as Vee's career was kick started by the demise of Holly and I wonder if Bobby would have made it without Buddy's premature departure? The Dylan scenario is also a strange one given what Vee played and what Dylan became famous for. I have seen Bobby Vee many times over the years and he is still a class act. I wonder why he never mentions the above in his act as I am sure the audience, like me, would find such information a fascinating insight into Bobby's career. Regards and keep rocking!"  Roy Gibbons

Tom Verica

"Great interview.  Great character.  Great show."  Captain Chaos

"Excellent article - wonderful show!  I am looking forward to the new season."  Nancy Lent

"My name is Louis Moore.  I also was a regular on the show Dancin' On Air in Philadelphia. Tommy... I mean Tom... and his sister Erica and I were good friends.  They lived in Havertown, Pa.  I lived in the next town over Drexel Hill.  We used meet up after school and go to the show together.  First class Family. The first time I really knew he was going places was when he started doing commercials.  I believe his first one was a Three Musketeers commercial. Would love to hear from them."  Louie

"My wife and I never miss an episode!  This is the best weekly show we've seen in a long time!  What a great role model in Jack Pryor.  He always does the right thing.  When running my own business I try to reflect back on Tom Verica's character and always try to do the right thing.  Many years of success to the show."  Jim Bouffard  

"Hi.  My name is Christy Thomson & I live in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada.   I just have to say that I love American Dreams.  I have never missed an episode.  I think that Tom Verica is a fantastic and yet a sexy actor.  Everyone on the show is great.  I really enjoy Roxanne character.   I look forward every Sunday to just laying back & relaxing to watch my show American Dreams.   I thought that when JJ became friendly with the Asian nurse that he would end up marrying her.  Both me & my husband said I bet you he will go home & when he arrives home he will say I like you to meet my wife.  I guess we were wrong.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you,"  Christy Thomson

"Is it a coincidence that actress Daphne Zuniga who acts as the neighbor in American Dreams also acted with Tom Verica in 800 Leagues Down the Amazon?Gary LeRoux

As far as I know, yes.

Tom Waits

"Your Tom Waits book Wild Years is amazing. I cannot put it down."  Kevin

"I'm reading Wild Years and love it. I'm a Tom Waits fanatic and have been since the early 70's. is there anything along the lines of more current info available about the 2 cds he just released?"  Leonor

I'm glad you like the book. I'll forward your note to Jay, I'm sure he'll be glad to hear it. The book does touch a bit on the Alice and Woyzeck (which spawned the Blood Money disk) projects in the later chapters. I know Jay just got review copies of the albums yesterday and I have no doubt he will do stories about them in our record reviews section. Waits has been doing lots of press on the albums so you may want to check around to find some interviews directly on the albums too. One great place to get links to current stories is on the Raindogs mailing list at http://listserv.heanet.ie/raindogs.html or the Tom Waits supplement at  http://www.keeslau.com/TomWaitsSupplement

"Hi all, I'd just read that Big Time (the 1988 concert film) by Mr. Tom Waits may be made available on DVD in the UK...  Is there any truth in this or just another tall story?  Be nice to get some kind of response to this matter.   Thanks."  Martin

Apparently they are working on putting Big Time out on DVD in the US, and I assume it'll be available in England too.  I haven't heard any hard dates for the release, but a few months ago I did see some interviews with Chris Blum, who directed the film as well as Tom Waits' 'Blow Wind Blow" music video, saying that they were working to get together a lot of extras for the release.  I would guess it'll be out later in the year 2002.

"Being a huge Tom Waits fan, it was a treat to read Wild Years. While I don't have anywhere near the talent of Mr. Waits, I have my own musical twist. At the age of 51, I finally recorded my first CD (in my trailer) which has gone absolutely nowhere so far. I would be honored if you would check out my site; www.richardtrible.com  P.S. I like your site"  Richard Trible

Your site looks nice.  Good luck with your CD.

"Hello, I just read Wild Years ... Fantastic book, so much better than Humphries [bio of Waits, Small Change] if you ask me.  I was wondering whether there is a German version of it in the making.  Also, I am working with two colleagues on a concept for an event dedicated to Tom Waits' work, and I need to find out an address where we can send a proposal to, to have the concept approved once it's finished and thus akquiring permission to organize the event.  Any input from you on any of those topics is highly appreciated!"  Tommi Eisele, Stagecraft Entertainment

Thanks for your nice note.  I'm glad you enjoyed the book.  I don't know if it is going to be translated into German, but I wouldn't be surprised.  That's handled by the publishing company.  I know that so far it has been released in Czech, Spanish and Japanese (and of course, English.) 
As far as contacting Tom's management, your best bet would be to contact Tom's record label, Anti/Epitaph, and I'm sure they'll be able to help you.

Christopher Walken

"I am 16 and I love Walken.  He is very sexy, even at 62.  He has the most amazing voice ever."  Zoey

Sigourney Weaver

"My son Georgie  is 11 years old. He has Autism, (aspergers syndrome). I read any and everything to help my Georgie. I saw a clip re: this movie [Snow Cake], but cannot seem to find any info on it. Autism strikes every 21 minutes in the USA. I have 4 other 'typical kids.'  This is the worst plague in the our history!!! Without knowledge, research, compassion, major funding from our government and a lot of media attention what will happen to this country's future?  Our children are our future, so if AUTISM strikes every 21 minutes, 1 out 95 boys and 1 out of 55 girls are being diagnosed EVERY SINGLE DAY. What kind of future do we havePLEASE HELP! I would appreciate if you could get info in this movie, so i can share with as many families living AUTISM EVERYDAY.  Thank you,Leslie and Georgie Carapella

I haven’t found a US website for it now, but here is a link for the UK site: http://www.snowcakemovie.co.uk/  I spoke with Sigourney late last year when the movie Infamous came out.  We were talking about other things, but she did have a little to say about the movie, 'I was about to play a part where I had to transform… I was about to play a woman with autism in a movie I had coming out, Snow Cake...'  When we mentioned it was at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival and asked if it would get wide release, she said, 'We’re still looking for an American distributor.'  Of course, that was about six months ago, so that may have been found now.  Best of luck with everything.

Jimmy Webb

"I am trying to find out the meaning behind Jimmy Webb's song, 'And someone left the cake out in the rain.' If you could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you."  Steve Polley

That song is "MacArthur Park," and to put it simply, it's a semi-autobiographical song based on a period in Jimmy Webb's life when he lost a great love of his life. At the time he lived near MacArthur Park in LA and he and his love used to go there together. But in the song, the hero is going back there alone after she has gone, thinking about where they went and what they did, replaying everything in his head and mourning the loss of the relationship, wondering if he'll ever love anyone as much or if this was love of his life. People tend to take the line "Someone left a cake out in the rain" a little too literally, it is just symbolic of something wonderful and sweet that has been destroyed because of neglect. The lyrics can be a little overly romantic and overwrought, but that just captures the way love and loss can be blown completely out of proportion by the person involved. Hope that helps.

"Hello from a lover of good music.  To me, 'Didn't We' is the best song ever written by anyone, at anytime.  When I request this song - and believe me I only ask musicians/singers who are gifted and versatile to play it, they always smile, and say they had forgotten that one, but will try because they love it, too.  Last week I saw Glen Campbell in concert in Bay St. Louis, MS.  He mentioned Jimmy Webb often, played many of his songs, but 'Didn't We, Girl' was not one of them.  Hope you will let me know if Glen Campbell ever recorded this song, how I can get it, and who Mr. Webb thinks made the best recording of this classic. I want to buy whatever is available .  Did Jimmy Webb ever record it?  Thank you, Jimmy Webb, for many happy hours of pleasure."  Fran J.

I too think "Didn't We" is an amazing song. Glen has recorded many of Jimmy's songs and he has done "Didn't We." A live version of the song was on the 1995 CD Essential Volume II. It has also been covered by dozens of artists, including Richard Harris, Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers, Astrud Gilberto, The Supremes, Lee Greenwood, Johnny Mathis and many, many others. Jimmy Webb has also recorded the song, it is on his 1996 CD Ten Easy Pieces.

"A penny for song... Words that people remember, what they may have been doing at the time those words had changed their lives, and the sounds that will be fixed in their minds forever.  Try and forget one...  I have wanted to express my words to the world.  I have had two heart attacks and may never get there, but I will not stop because of people like Jimmy Webb.  God bless you, Jimmy."  W.C. Brunswick

"Thanks for the info on Jimmy Webb.  Very informative and he is a talented guy.  Regards,"  Glendy from Western Australia

"In about 1969 while at U.C. Riverside, Jimmy Webb was associated with a group named Otto's Organization. They recorded a Christmas single titled 'The Wassails Song.'  It received local air play and is a wonderful song. Is it possible to track down the music and lyrics?" John Wilson

I'm not familiar with the song, but perhap you should contact Jimmy's official website at http://www.jimmywebb.com.

"Hi, love the site.  Would you happen to know where I could find the guitar chords for the song 'The Moon's A Harsh Mistress'?   Thanks,"  Daniel

Thanks, we appeciate the nice words.  Like with the above reader, I'd suggest you check the official Jimmy Webb website to find out if his songbooks or sheet music are available.

"There was a South American pianist who died young.  He recorded 'Montage from How Sweet It Is' by Jimmy Webb.  Can you provide me with his name and the name of the album?  I gave my entire vinyl collection to a radio station a few years ago and I find I didn't make a copy.  If you can help with this limited information I'll appreciate it."  P. Mullin

I'm afraid I'm not sure whose recording that is, the only version of "Montage from How Sweet It Is" I'm familiar with was the single version by the Love Generation. Maybe you could contact Jimmy Webb's official website.

"The Jimmy Webb article was very interesting - fascinating to see things from a songwriter's perspective."  Tabakoff

"I enjoyed the story on Jimmy Webb.  Has he ever said exactly what his words meant in 'MacArthur's Park?'  I have copies of it by: Waylon Jennings and the Kimberlys; Frank Sinatra; Richard Harris and Donna Summer. They're all great."

Yes, Jimmy has often discussed "MacArthur Park," most recently that I've seen in the current special issue of the British music magazine Q called "100 Songs That Changed the World." In it, he said "It's clearly about a love affair ending, and the person singing it is using the cake and the rain as a metaphor for that. Okay, it may be far out there, and a bit incomprehensible, but I wrote the song in the late 1960s when surrealistic lyrics were the order of the day."

"I think there cannot be enough praise or attention to Jimmy Webb.  His talents and skills are so vast that your article and recognition do them great justice.  I am a girl who grew up in Southeastern Oklahoma in the 60’s listening to AM radio and watching all the censorship –strained television there was to be had.  For me the best venues for music were shows like The Smothers Brothers and The Glen Campbell Show.  Of course there were the late night music television venues, but somehow it was The Smothers Brothers with the writing talents of another great Oklahoman, Mason Williams, that brought the music I wanted to hear to the people of my generation.  It was during my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma that Land’s End came out and I was in love.  Hearing the songwriter perform his music as he felt it and wrote it was the purest way to understand Jimmy Webb.  Thank you so much for your article.  It was succinct and well written, needless to say, it made my day.  Thanks again."  Gina M. Sherwood

Thank you! Your letter made OUR day.

"Hi.  How do I start?  I knew Jimmy back when my family lived in Oklahoma.  His dad was the preacher at the church.  In Lavern, Ok. his mom and dad and my parents were good friends.  I was Linda McDaniel.  I have a older sis Jan Temple.  She and Jimmy were friends.  We wonder about  how he is doing.  I have seen him on TV a few times.  It brought memories of the times in Lavern with his other brothers and sister.  We would love to say hi to him."  Linda Horn McDaniel

I think you may be able to get a message to him through his official website, www.jimmywebb.com.

"Will The Yard Went On Forever (a 1969 record Richard Harris made with Jimmy Webb) ever be issued on CD?"  Ahabooa

I don't know if it will eventually be released or not, but I believe that most (if not all) of the songs from the album are included in an imported Australian Richard Harris compilation disk called The Webb Sessions 1968-1969.  You may be able to find it at a local CD store if they carry imports.  Otherwise, you can find it online at sites like Amazon.com.  In fact, here is a link to get it from Amazon if you're interested.  Richard Harris: The Jimmy Webb Sessions 1968-1969.

"God bless Jimmy Webb.  His songs make me cry."  Steve

"Hello.  I must reluctantly admit that I hardly knew the name of Jimmy Webb or what he had accomplished, until I became a songwriter as a hobby about seven years ago.  It really is a shame that many Americans like myself have enjoyed the songs of Jimmy Webb by good singers but really have not given the proper credit to the writer.  After listening to Jimmy Webb's CD lately, I have become a fan of his creative work and the way that he personally performs them. I would willingly go to a concert that he would perform much quicker than an accomplished singer doing his songs.  He is fantastic, and I hope that little by little, I can move to a higher level.  A writer once said,  'It is easy to write a good song' and I agree.  Then he said,  'It is very very difficult to write a great song' and I agree with this, too.  Jimmy Webb has written several great songs.  He is fantastic."  E. Richard Ratledge

"This morning I took Glenn Campbell's Greatest Hits along for my morning drive to work.  Listening to Jimmy Webb's songs simply remind me of what a great songsmith he is.  It is easy today to loose track of those artists that created songs that have had such impact on were we have been and where we are today.  Music allows me to go back into 'life's files' and retrieve special memories.  I thank your website and the Jimmy Webb article for today's inspiration and fond memories.  Happy Thanksgiving,"  David  

"Just happened upon this website as I was looking for an update on the career of Jimmy Webb.  Really enjoyed the article!  I think I'll be buying his book.  Thanks."  Diane S.

"I love the song 'Didn't We' so much.  I've been looking up on the web who sang it.  I'm 49 years old and I distinctly remember this song so much.  I understand that a lot sang this one, but I also remember that the version I adore was not by Perry Como nor Frank Sinatra.  If I'm not mistaken, it was a group who did it.  Can you please help me on this?  Pleaseeeee?  Thank you and hoping to hear from you soon..."  Jasyana

Well, you're right, "Didn't We" has been recorded many times.  It was actually released as a single by at least four artists that I know of between 1967 and 1972.  The biggest hit version (the one that got the most airplay) of the song was probably the one by actor Richard Harris (it was his follow-up to "MacArthur Park").  James Darren, Robert Goulet and Barbra Streisand all reached the AC charts with the song as well.  As far as group versions, perhaps if it isn't one of those you are thinking of the version by Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra or Henry Mancini and his Orchestra.  It was also recorded by Motown groups Diana Ross and the Supremes and Martha and the Vandellas.

"I took time to 'surf' out Jimmy Webb, myself a life long music appreciator and baby-boomer who uses some idle interludes to look up admirable people of my life time. I was listening to four free songs from  ...Renegades, played (I think) and sung by Mr. Webb, complex things, morose and melodic, that probably won't go too far commercially, but Webb must be appreciated on deeper levels, as his statements about his art imply. I have missed out on most of Webb's music after the timeless songs of the 60's, but a great Webb song is an Amy Grant rendering of "If These Walls Could Speak," typically introspective love song with a hauntingly beautiful melodic line, a favorite song of mine.  Does he ever write a happy, light song?  Probably not; its not his nature. Just look into his eyes. Genius is what makes every man unique (we mostly misuse the term) and is only truly understandable by one's Maker.D. Coppinger

"Reading your article on Tunesmith touched me deeply.  To hear someone describe the anguish and love in writing songs by oneself is quite enlighteningYou justified my feelings of most music today... bad.  I recall a statement made by an art teacher in college forty years ago, 'Don't limit your art, make it a happening.  Forget the rules, make your own.  The fault with this statement is, learn the roles first, then take license to enhance them.  We need foundation in order to improve them.  I do remember his songs, but now I know their creative author!"  Rocco A. Scavone, AD  (auto didact)

"I'm going to Jimmy's concert on 10th November here in Manchester. I hope his songwriting book will be on sale.Ed

"Your blurb hit the nail right on the head. Webb's music really does speak to the people of my generation who were kids in the 1960s when his songs were popular.  Yes, few and far between, but every one of them memorable in some way.  You could always tell a Webb song. I have degrees in music theory, I still can't write a tune like him, but I can tell people what are the 'signs' or better said 'sounds' of a Webb tune. He has an ear for subtle chromatic inflections (using a minor chord where one would expect major, or vice-versa), modulations by 3rd, rather than 5th; surprise chromatic endings to his songs, avoidance of the 'truck-driver' end-sequences. Definitely a cut above! I hope some date to devote some more time to study his music.  Will I buy his book? Probably! Thanks for this.Thomas.

"I'd be grateful if you could steer me in the right direction to buy Jimmy's book.Douglass Bishop - Tenderhooks Music

I'm assuming you're asking about Jimmy Webb's Tunesmith, we have interviews with quite a few authors but he's the only one I can think of off the top of my head named Jimmy.  Anyway, to my knowledge the book is still in print in trade paperback, so you should be able to get it through any book store.  (If they don't have it in stock, I'm sure they'll be happy to special order it for you.)  If you prefer to go online it should be widely available, too, in fact on the interview page there is a link to purchase it through amazon.com.  Best of luck and enjoy the book!

"Hello, I am wondering if Jimmy Webb ever went to Jr. High at Jackson Jr. High in Oklahoma City. The picture in my yearbook looks a lot like the songwriter Jimmy Webb and the age matches.  We are both 60.  Hope to hear from you on this, thanks."  Mel Hardeman - Oklahoma City

Well, I'm not sure where he went to high school, but according to his bio he was born in Elk City, OK, so it is a very distinct possibility.

"Your article about Jimmy Webb was very good. If you have the time could you spare a thought and give me an idea where I could see some of Jimmy's lyrics?  There are two songs that mean a lot to me. 'The Highwayman' and 'If Ships Could Fly.Although spending many hours listening to these songs sung by the Highwaymen and Scott Walker my hearing lets me down and I can't make out all the words in the second verses of both songs. I've hunted the internet but never came near.Joe, London

You can find the lyrics to "The Highwayman" here: http://www.lyricsdomain.com/10/johnny_cash/highwayman.html and the lyrics to "If Ships Were Made To Sail" are here: http://www.lyricsspot.com/scott+walker-if+ships+were+made+to+sail-lyrics-964335.html

"'Someone left the cake out in the rain and it took to long to bake and I'll never have that recipe AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ohhhhhhhhhh no.....'  Loving that song forever and being from Oklahoma I never knew what he was talking about. Are there any interviews about it telling us what he means by that?P.R. Nelson Woodward, Ok.

You're not the first person to ask about that song and its lyrics.  See above for an explanation and Jimmy's own take on it.

“Jimmy Webb's ‘MacArthur Park’ is one of my favorite pop songs of all time. You either love it or hate it. That place [the actual MacArthur Park] near downtown LA is really beautiful and should be surrounded by million dollar homes, not the ghetto.  Anyway, that song has deeply touched me and I never get tired of hearing it!!!”  Bob, Portland, OR

Chuck E. Weiss

"This kind of music is the best!!!!  If someone could give me a list with names to look up of that kind of music I'd be sooooooooo thankful." Bram

Well, if you like Chuck's music then I'm sure you're familiar with Tom Waits and Rickie Lee Jones but they'd of course be the first suggestions.  Chuck has a great love for many of the great bluesmen like Howlin' Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins and Muddy Waters.  You'd probably also appreciate Dr. John, Ron Sexsmith, Leonard Cohen, Los Lobos, Patti Smith, Sparklehorse, Jeff Buckley, Chris Smithers, Ryan Adams, John Hammond, Kinky Friedman, The Beat Farmers, Ben Vaughan... The list goes on and on, it's always great to discover new artists, check them out.  And keep your eye out for Chuck E.'s new album Old Souls and Wolf Tickets which will be out in early 2002.

"I just love Chuck E. Weiss' music.  I believe Old Souls and Wolf Tickets is even better than Extremely Cool, and has a fantastic New Orleans flavor.  Will Chuck E. ever come to Denver/Boulder area?  We see Waits every few years and it sure would be nice.  Keep it up."  Steve Sabo

Thanks for the note and I'm glad you liked the Chuck E. Weiss interview. I'm sure Chuck will make it back into the Denver area periodically... it is his hometown after all. The problem is Chuck doesn't tour too much because he doesn't like to fly and all the current dates I can find are in the LA area. You may want to check back at his record label Rykodisc's tour page at: http://www.rykodisc.com/RykoInternal/Tours/Tours_01.asp.

"He's just the coolest cat around, I've known him for 28 years and shared a best friend with him."  Narayan

Mary Wilson

"Mary is a class act and your article exemplifies this. She is the ultimate Supreme. Now if she could only find a way to reunite with Diana And Cindy. A tour is and should be achieved for all the fans who still want to see The Supremes. I still have my first ever purchased Album. Where Did Our Love Go? was my first purchase in 1964 for $3.57. I still play it. Go, Mary!"  Wayne

Kate Winslet

"Hi, I just read an interview of Kate Winslet conducted by Brad Balfour and I just want to say that it is among the best interviews that I have ever read. I am working on a paper on The Reader and this interview has really helped me. Keep up the good work. Many thanks,"  Kuhu

Lucy Woodward

"Great article on Lucy. She really is one of the most talented people in the business and doesn't get the credit she deserves. Thanks for writing about her and keeping us informed on what this unbelievable singer is up to. Thank you,"  Don Harger III

Tom Wopat

"This is probably one of the most well written and entertaining articles I have read in a long time.  Kudos!"  Lisa Ronk, West Virginia

"Thank you for the great article on Tom Wopat.  How'd you get him to talk so much? He is one of the most reserved  entertainers I've ever met. However,  he his great with his fans, taking the time to sign autographs, pictures and make small talk.  I will bookmark your site.Laura

"My, goodness!   As I forwarded your article on Tom Wopat to fellow fans as well as his assistant, I prefaced it with, 'This is the best written Tom-article I have ever come across' and was met with rounds of total agreement.  His assistant's response was 'I agree 10,000 percent!His fans are at a loss as to why this incredible Broadway leading man is so often overlooked.  We hear a lot of 'Tom who?'  I first met his talent in Annie Get Your Gun when I recognized his Playbill photo saying, 'Isn't that one of the guys from the Dukes?' (a show I didn't watch) and darn near fell out of my seat when he opened his mouth to sing.  I wanted to stand up, stop the show and ask all the audience, 'Am I the only one that didn't know this man could do THIS?'  It continued in 42nd St and Chicago also on Broadway and we've frequented his cabaret shows including the one coming up this Sunday at The Zipper.  Your article encompassed it all and when someone asks me 'Tom who?' I'll show them your article and tell them it has everything you need to know!  Thank you,Donna Roberts

Thank you for your nice note.  I forwarded your note and the others sent by Wopat fans to Ron (the writer) and they made his day.

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that as a fan of Tom Wopat's, the article on him was excellent and informative.  Please keep up the good work.  Thanks for reading this,Debbie Pole

"Thank you for the terrific article on Tom Wopat. I've been a fan of Tom's since his Dukes days, and had the pleasure of seeing him on Broadway.  Your article provides some extra insight into this private man.  You must be very good at your profession getting him to open up the way you did.  Yours truly, a Wopat woman,"  Laura Galbo

Dwight Yoakam

"Hey Guys, think you might want to update your music review of Dwight Yoakam's albums?  You still have Under the Covers as your reviewed choice.  He's had at least two new releases since then... the most recent just a few weeks ago called Population Me.  How about doing a review of Population Me?  Let me know, ok?"  Jesse

Okay, we've done it.  It's on Yoakam's reviews page now.  Thanks for your interest!